Monday, February 14, 2011

Visitor Ville

First off, the fun stuff.

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Share the love with your loved ones. Let those you love who know it, know it some more. And let those know you love them, who do not know; if possible.


Have you heard yet about Visitor Ville? Okay, I'm not sure if this should be under entertainment, or business, curiosity, or commentary. I just found it interesting.

I hadn't either. But then I did. They call themselves, "Sim City for Traffic Nerds".
Visitor Ville

Now granted, this isn't a site for everybody. I'm really still not sure what to do with it, but it does seem that in some way, its kind of cool. It's like the Matrix for web analytics, or something. I'm not even sure who WOULD use this software. But it has potential, especially as the Bandwidth really picks up, the possibilities are pretty interesting.

  • It's SimCity® for traffic nerds... The software appeals to users on visceral and pure business levels -- Wired
  • I never thought I would be this excited or this amused by a statistics program! VisitorVille takes your normal, boring traffic and brings it to life. -- Lockergnome
  • This is the sort of product that'll get people huddled around your desk... Traffic analysis to amaze your friends... The concept is fantastic. -- Internet Magazine
  • VisitorVille is one of the best examples of complex visualization I think I've ever seen --
  • Everything you need to know about your traffic can be seen in one of the most visually appealing interfaces I have ever seen. -- Scott Swedorski, former Editor-in-chief, 

Here is their blurb from their front page:

VisitorVille: Fun, Accurate, Professional Stats for Your Website
One Animation Is Worth A Thousand Graphs

"Since 2003 VisitorVille Has Been the One and Only Visual Website Analytics Tool
In real-time, VisitorVille translates raw traffic data into visual insights. It's easy: each building represents a web page; each bus a search engine; and each animated character a real visitor to your site. Just paste our tracking code into your web pages, then launch VisitorVille for Windows to watch your traffic in real time, analyze your stats, and provide Live Help. VisitorVille also collects visitor data 24/7, so you can play it back at any time, at any speed, with our Virtual VCR. Perform A/B analysis, plus track your Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and email campaigns, accurately and with ease. In less than 10 minutes, start seeing the visitors to your website."

Well, I don't know, but it sparks my creative side. I don't have a comment good or bad, I just find it interesting.

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