Quotes Along The Murdock II

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Anger, I get. Fear, I don't. Anger can work into action. Fear only works into stupidity.

There is no greater joy than to be in the company of someone vastly more intelligent, who suffers my presence.

How is it useful to be the wisest person in Fool Town, when you know you're in the wrong town to begin with?

Parenting is merely choosing a path through which to raise a child and walking that path with them, all while being more clever than them.

The only problem I see with electing a conman to the oval office is, you really can't cheat an honest man or woman. Which means as president, you instead simply rip off good people.
Of course in previously being a "businessman" one was also actually dealing with essentially honest people. So in ripping Them off, you're not really even entering the oval office as a conman. So then, exactly what would that make you?

Do not use violence against speech. Use better speech and coherence in both speech and action.

Trust Your Teachers. No wiser words were ever spoken. Other than, choose your teachers well.

Sometimes pride tries to spend currency that achievement hasn't earned. Sometimes achievement lulls one into beleiving one's efforts carry over to where they simply do not belong.

The inmates have not taken over the asylum.
Things would be running much better, if they had.

Whenever you see the world's population as a disparate whole or as mere numbers you begin to see equations, and so you become more aware.
When you begin to realize those numbers and equations are also equal individual human existences, human social structures, potentially a separate universe of a sort for each individual human being, only then do you become enlightened.
Republicans, conservatives and capitalists follow an agenda that indicates an aware viewpoint.
And yet, we need also to become enlightened.
Otherwise we become merely an intricate part of a greater evil. One that leads us to see ourselves in an elevated position, when actually we are merely a part of an ignorant, self absorbed, and rather childish point of view.

"There are three sides to every story:
Your side, My side, and the Truth.
And no one is lying.
Memories shared serve each differently." -Robert Evans
The difference in a person's quality and worth is found in the spirit of their truth. In one's meanness or humanity. In one's selfishness or compassion. Those are what tells them apart as which, if either can actually be true outside of being the Truth, though even perhaps more so as to be useful to all humankind and all others, that truly defines if not the Truth, the person.

Remember, you can't forget what you simply ignored.

"People need to actually read the Constitution, not just react to things about it. Especially the 2nd Amendment. Actually it's all over history, semantics, language, intent and culture. But how many can actually speak to even one of those elements? And most of them in context?"

There is nothing more dangerous than someone who has delusions of grandeur, who has found themselves in a position that supports that delusion. Fascist dictators are prime candidates in that.
America gets smarter by the day.
We're now to the point where
we know enough to know
something we don't know we know,
that we know.
Perhaps for Christmas next year,
we will get enough,
an iota more than now,
of the mind to see beyond the tree
and info safe and sound.

Trump is an idiot.
Trump has been an idiot. Douchebag. Rich snob / bro type. NOT Joe the Plumber (if he even existed).
Money maker, marketing guru, sure, fine.
But an idiot nonetheless.
Trump becomes president.
Now calling Trump out for what he has always been, could be construed contempt, or dangerous to him.
Thus, stupidity becomes legitimized, legalized, viewed by some as, cool.
Shoot me.

I'm finding anymore that one doesn't have to earn respect, one just has to have an even rudimentary understanding of facts and reality. I used to just give people that respect right off, but have found now that I first have to wait just to hear a few relevant words coming from their lips or off the tips of their fingers.

It is good, if not imperative, to have accurate feelings about what your reality actually is.

Speak out as best you can on things, to the best of your ability, as loud and often as you can and when it's appropriate.
Sometimes speak out even when not.
Because if we all do that, even those who do not know what they are talking about, IF they too try to speak as well as they can, then eventually the truth, as it always does, will always win out. And the faster we can get back to reality out of the evil warping of it that ignorance and lies bring with them.
"Life is what it seems. If you can just, see where the seams are." - The Unwritten

Shakespeare has told us that "misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows." Indeed, peculiar times will also lead one to strange bedfellows.

Ignorance is the greatest threat humanity faces.
Beware always those whose words may claim even to crave knowledge, but whose actions deny it.

If only people would realize that their religion actually teaches them, or should teach them and is really quite defective if it does not teach them... that they should respect not only their God, but also (if not foremost) those others around them, as well as those different from them and all of those lower lifeforms, the world would be a very different place. Then so much of the pain people experience would be avoided all around this planet, and some day, on other planets.

There is and has always been an industry of memory.
King James knew that in revamping the Bible.
The Constantine the Great knew that and thus his Council of Nicaea in 325 built the first Christian Bible. Throwing out many parts that should have been included and including parts that shouldn't have, they sculpted who Jesus would then be to millions all through history and thus saved Constantine's empire, stopping it from falling apart. They were the leaders and they wrote history even before it happened, compiling it from what was available, eliminating what they didn't find useful, making the Bible in their image.
It is no hidden secret that the winners write history.
Knowing that, simply realizing that as a concept puts you far ahead of the game over all others who do not even recognize that.

Change requires no effort whatsoever but tends to bring with it chaotic, haphazard changes.
Effective change is effort. Voters electing Trump as president was simply expecting change without effort.
We choose our weapons well. As best we each can and soon enough so that we know which weapons are best to choose.over those which are chosen far too late into the game.

Conservatism as is with capitalism, has become a dry rot on human social institutions that people keep repainting.

Trump has damaged the American psyche like no other presidential candidate before in his attempt to win the presidency.
He has beat America down, cried destitution and destruction are all about us in his covert idioms speaking to many about racism and how they are better than those others. He now thinks he can not become the mask he has worn, as Shakespeare said we always will.
And what have we done for his efforts in his insane, disingenuous ways?
We have given to him on a silver platter, the highest office in our nation as his reward for these actions.
I think the confusion especially and reasonably from conservatives is a misapprehension of the differences between our two political parties.
You see it appears that they are both broken. But they are not.
It is true that the democratic party is defective, but that is really quite normal. Humans are defective and so their organizations are. The Republican party too was once defective. However that is no longer the case. For the Republican party is now quite simply pathological. - November 7, 2016
Honesty sees many men into the pits of hell out of ignorance.

Curses, varied through life
If nudged succinct
May bear one gifts
Bountiful, or indistinct.

You rush to a hospital because you're having a heart attack.
A doctor and a clown rush up.
You tell them you're having a heart attack.
The doctor says he is Dr. Johnson.
The clown says he is Dr. Johnson.
A nurse comes up and says you can have the doctor or the clown. Both have degrees from their associated disciplines, medicine and clownology, respectively.
Who do you choose? Remember, your life may be on the line.
Now, go and cast a vote in this election when the time comes.
And remember, you're life may be on the line.

"I'm not saying I'm trying to commit suicide or anything? But I'm voting for Trump." Averaged statement across all Trump supporters.

"Do also for others whenever you do for yourself", is not the motto of the Republican Party.

Doing nothing always helps nothing happen.

Remember. Don't forget. Unless it's better that way.

The only thing worse than being a bully, a bigot, a narcissist, is supporting one. The only thing worse than that is in doing that, believing you are doing good. And worse than that, is telling others you are doing good and convincing them of it.

Supporting someone like Trump as president isn't patriotic, it's.bleeding Americanism. And you're almost on empty.
Donald J. Trump has the elocution of a bullfrog in mating season.
The quality of GOP nominees in not even recent years has dropped to the elementary school levels.
August 2016

If there's one thing we should know, it's that we know we don't know. Sometimes we have to act like we know, so that sometimes honesty is the wrong answer. Sometimes we need to act on what we know as if we do know. Still, we need to never forget ourselves that we only know exactly what we know.

If it ain't one thing, it's another. If it ain't another, it's a second one.
In the cyber world, there's little more dangerous than a bored hacker.

I used to have a sign I made hanging over my desk at the University of Washington Personnel office when I worked there:
"Apathy, can sometimes be a healthy thing."
I stand by that to this day.
My boss told me one day that she always thought it was stupid... until one day it hit her hard on a particularly bad day and she realized just what it meant. Her life at work got better from that day forward.  
Yes you have to care. But you also have to know just when to not care. Or else you will eat yourself alive.

Religion, the great buffer in the sky.

Here's what scares me. In the 2020 election.
"Bet you miss Trump NOW, huh?"
God just called and said:
God does not send people to kill His creations.
If He does, ain't Him.
So stop doing it. Got it?
No, I don't know why he speaks in the third person.
But then, perhaps I do. Don't know why He ends His messages with a question though, either. Or for that matter, why He called me about this.
I just know I ain't ever killing any people in His Name.
Be more than you can be....not less.

Life is like riding a bike. If you don't know how to ride it properly, you're gonna crash and burn. So, figure it out.

On the June 27, 2016 SCOTUS ruling against the Texas anti-abortion law being unconstitutional:
It's a serious subject as so many of these are where conservatives have dipped their psychological genitals into the very hot waters of settled topics, personal rights and hard won national freedoms over these conservative's personally held beliefs. Beliefs which have room on the national stage as talking points but not as they have been in abuse toward the majority of Americans. 
What I'm saying is, it's hard not to laugh and cheer with glee at their disdain and misery and yet, it's a very sad and serious thing. They have however certainly asked for this. 
They have harmed millions. 
They have earned our disparagement and disgust. 
I wish them no harm,
Just appropriate returns on their investments. 
As finally, is happening. Because...
This IS, America.

Religion requires believers not to say, "What is there and how do I explain it?" Rather, "How do I explain what is there?" The difference being that one way requires one to find explanations in what exists, while the other requires explaining what exists... in what is found elsewhere.

When I was young I was angry. Angry about birth, about growing up, about being ignorant, about being abused. My anger was more self centered. Now that I'm older I am angry but I see more solutions, I see how being positive is more effective than being negative. I'm more angry about people who are now more like I once was. I'm angry about stupidity, about planned or sustained ignorance, about legislated ignorance. I'm angry about stupidity. I'm not angry about ignorance, per se, rather about people who choose to remain ignorant, who refuse to advance, who refuse to at least try to be progressive, to accept change and try to find ways to make that inevitable change, positive for all involved.

It is imperative in life to recognize what is merely the suffering in life and what is self induced. Of what is self induced, some is reasonable or necessary, but much can be alleviated and simply unnecessary if we can only recognize it.

What is religion but philosophy, while adding a deity to make it more demanding?

What is religion but philosophy with the addition of a deity, thereby losing physical based ethics for ethereal based morals?

The purpose of "never forget" is not about negativity, but a life affirming message to never let it happen again.

Easy answers are how one goes down the hill. Life however is mostly about going up the hill.

Religion is the Art of using Guessing and Desire to explain Ignorance, rather than trying to find and use Reality based Explanations for that which we do not yet understand.

In life one should strive always and with serious intent to not let one's ignorance make one stupid.

Our 20s are a grand bed of enriched soil we tend to waste.

Elitism can quickly degenerate into bigotry like water pooling under a duck in the rain.

The problem with disloyalty isn't in forgiving the past, it is in whether the future can be forgiven.

Religion serves the same function as cartoons did when they were first all the rage. They entertain, offer an emotional release, and act as a buffer to reality.

We have grown from ancient times as children into a brave new world. As newly leaving our childhood as a species, we are still enamored with the beliefs and fantasies, dreams and nightmares, heroes and monsters of that childhood beliefs. It is good we have imagination, but it is bad and dangerous to bring those fantasies into our adulthood and the real modern world. It is time to leave our childish things in our past and turn ourselves bravely to maturity and reason if we wish to continue to survive.

My right hand doesn't have a clue what my left hand is doing half the time. And my left hand doesn't really want to know about my right's dubious dating habits.

Theism was born when logic first failed.
Logic grew out of the observation of cause and effect and so came first. Since theism came second it is actually anti-atheism and yet both grew together but separately.
While the non-believers were merely following the historical reality they were eventually pressured under to the newer belief and the overwhelming passion of the believers.
Still, no such thing as atheism really exists except in hindsight and relation to the existence of theism and religion.
Religion came to be through the initial perceived failure of logic due to confusion, lack of information and an inability to explain and predict.
A need for organization of such a confused belief system required rules and therefore, religion was born. The discovery of the power of such a system gave an ordered and mostly benign system of governance.
Government came from religion. It is only natural that a combination of religion and government would seem initially to make sense.
However the power of religion as government was found to be too powerful. Absolute power corrupts even through religion and if it does not, eventually some will subvert it anyway. That is the nature of theism.
Until one uses logic to see back through to the beginning, religion will appear to make sense.
Logic however never actually failed in the first place and so theism and religion were never really needed.
Logic never failed. Humans did. And then they hid it. From themselves.

-- all by Murdock

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