Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sasquatch festival May 27030 - being panned by local artists

Sasquatch Festival has been around for a while now. My daughter has gone the past couple of years, as have her friends. However, this year, something has changed.
Make up your own mind, here is this year's lineup.

What I was told is that the festival has gone "commercial". Where are the cool small bands? I hear asked. It's like they have gone with "making a buck" rather than serving up the newest and coolest. It's not that the bands aren't good that have been selected, but that there in lay the problem, they are the tried and true, the already proved to be commercial. Why aren't there more awesomely unknown bands in the make up?

Like many festivals, actually like many a commercial endeavor that starts out "cool" or as a backlash against a previous now too commercial festival or event, once something becomes popular, once it really takes off, it dies in some sense of the word. By actually being successful, it signals its own demise. As anyone knows, to be cool, is cool, but to be TOO cool, is to become uncool, commercial, mundane, popularist and we all know that "cool" is not "popular" but well, COOL.

Comments I'm seeing go like this:

"Sasquatch went and shat allll over my favourite festival."

"One, maybe two goodones- but wow. Faaaaaaaiil."

"Burning Man > Sasquatch"
Meaning I suppose, "Burning Man this year, screw Sasquatch."

That's hard to argue with.

Still, there are some good bands going to be at the Gorge. But something has changed....

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