Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bar Karma, Current TV's new community show

There is a new show in town, called 
Bar Karma

So far, I like this show. From their web pages:

There's a place at the edge of the universe, a venue that's behind time and before space, a watering hole where the tab you run up may never be paid - in this lifetime, at least.

That place is Bar Karma.

Matthew Humphreys
Matthew Humphreys has appeared on a diverse roster of television shows including "Big Love," "Supernatural," "Burn Notice," "Medium," "Journeyman," "The Forgotten," and "All My Children." His work in films includes the Beyonce Knowles' thriller "Obsessed," "Chapter 27," and "The Good Shepherd," directed by Robert De Niro. 
 William Sanderson
Fans might recognize William Sanderson for his role as J.F. Sebastian in the sci-fi classic, "Blade Runner." The veteran character actor has worked steadily in film and TV for over three decades, making his mark with unforgettable roles in "Deadwood," "Newhart," and "True Blood."
and the lovely Cassie Howarth
In addition to being an actress, Australia native Cassie Howarth is also a professionally trained dancer. She was able to marry those passions when she appeared in director Bruce Beresford's film "Mao's Last Dancer." She has also performed in the short films "Deathclock," "High Rise and Afternoon," the feature film "Deranged High." 

Notoriously lucky billionaire Doug Jones wins Bar Karma on a bet. He soon learns that ownership includes more than pouring the perfect cocktail - a lot more. Every happy hour one lost soul wanders through the bar's doors, finding themselves at a karmic crossroads in his or her life. The Bar Karma staff guides their patrons using eerie glimpses into the past, present and many possible futures.

What would happen if you could change your fate? That's the question Bar Karma sets out to answer. The show may begin with "a guy walks into a bar..." but Bar Karma always ends with someone's life being changed...forever. 

A new episode of Bar Karma, the first community-developed TV show, premieres every Friday beginning February 11 at 10/9c on Current TV.

 But there is a bit more to this show, that's kind of cool:

You Decide the Direction of Bar Karma.

Harnessing innovative technology from the mind of video game legend Will Wright and storytelling expertise from television hitmaker Albie Hecht, Bar Karma will revolutionize the way TV is made.

And that's by including you in the creative process. 

Utilizing Will Wright's StoryMaker Engine, you decide the creative direction for Bar Karma, the first community-developed television series. Impress the Bar Karma producers and community with your suggestions, and your name just might end up in the credits.

Our characters may help decide the fate of others, but you decide theirs.
It's not reality television; it's real television made by real people.
Including you.

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