Monday, February 23, 2015

Fears of Immigrants and Religious AntiDiversity

During WWI America interred over 2,000 German citizens in country. Among the notable internees were geneticist Richard Goldschmidt and 29 players from the Boston Symphony Orchestra (Wikipedia). On top of that we required a quarter of a million Germans to register.

During WWII America placed over 100,000 Japanese American's in internment camps on our homelands and over 11,000 Germans. What made them internment rather than concentration camps? Spin? Locally to me on Bainbridge Island, just a few miles from where I live there was an internment camp.

During Vietnam many soldiers referred to Vietnamese by racial slurs, which is pretty normal during war time, dehumanizing the enemy to make it easier to deal with the thought that humans are trying to kill you and that you have to kill other humans. Then if you survive the war, you one day have to return to civilian life and not kill again.

War is hell. After war can be its own kind of hell.

During the Middle Eastern wars going back to the 1980s, many called the enemy as well as the civilians, by racial slurs. Because of Islamic terrorism we have begun to turn our attention and anger toward the Islamic religion rather than those who are actually attacking us as well as and actually mostly, other Muslims.

What does all this have in common? American exceptionalism at its worst?

Certainly a lower mental state of being, of compassion, of understanding, of comprehension, of essentially being human.

During the Bush Administration and the Iraq war after the attack on 9/11, even president Bush said that we were at war with terrorism and not Islam. Recently, President Obama has said the exact same thing.

It's interesting to note that some Republicans and conservatives have called Mr. Obama names, questioning his loyalties, picking and picking at his efforts rather than diving in and trying to help get things done, all merely because he has the higher mental state, the understanding, the comprehension to note that Muslims are really not our enemy (and thanks for that because there' a lot of them!), but the terrorists are.

Religion in general is a problem across all religions however, but really that is another issue entirely that we may well need to address sooner than later. One that we need sooner than later, evolve out of.

It's getting even scarier in the Middle East because the line between who are terrorists and who are citizens, is murky. This current trend of terrorist activities has also been very attractive to younger and younger people. They wisely cut the issues of their odd religious beliefs, supplanting them with more rational issues of camaraderie and adventure.

It's a mind worm overall, an addiction of concept, a call to action, to honor and other bullshit beliefs that are far more effective to draw people to the Middle East to fight in a stupid war against the people of the Middle East by lowlifes, criminals, murderers, terrorists, basically just the sad and disaffected.

Nations of the world need to get a handle on this quickly.

They are a cancer that is doing damage in many and varied ways, not the least of which are American citizens treating the Muslim community like second rate citizens, if not treating them as traitors to a country that for many of them is their's through and through.

The Muslim woman born in Brooklyn, is an American.

The Muslim man born in Montana, is an American.

Just as much as the Japanese Americans caged in America during WWII. As the Germans in WWs I and II who may not have even been American (yet) but were still loyal and very happy to be here.

We have to stop this kind of thing before it gets any more dangerous than it already is.

There are also Christian groups and people who are reacting against the Muslim community.

They are calling them names, interrupting their public (and peaceful) gatherings where the only non-peaceful people ARE Christians attending a gathering that they are not even invited to or welcome at.

They are saying we cannot abide or accept non-Christians, how the Islamic God is not the "real God", as if there were one to fight over which only makes them even more sad than they are to begin with.

Granted, many Muslims believe that about the Christian God, too, but many do not as there are actually very close ties between the three predominant desert religions of Judaism, Christian and Islamic.

But here's my point.

The issue here is not that Islam is the wrong religion, or that Christianity is, or Judaism is. Religion is wrong anyway and that is much of what is causing all this nonsense.

So in Christians making all this noise over how horrible Muslims are, it is on so many levels they who are the bad people. It's not that we don't need Islam in America, but we really don't need any religions here. We don't need their lack of paying taxes, their judgmental attitudes, their treating other religions who are not their religion, as something bad. What are you, two people, two years old?

American Christians need to stop acting like childish cretins, immature haters. Drop all this nonsense about religion and your favorite magic Dude in the sky.

That however is not the point here. It is not what this is all about and it is really, beside the point.

May who or what ever the God of your choice is, love you and help you in like kind to learn to love all others who are like and unlike you.

For those of you whose God wants you to do otherwise, may you and your God receive a deservedly long enduring and painful demise that wipes you both from human history for all of time, like so many other losers calling themselves either humanlike or Godlike.

It all doesn't have to be that way though.

This, is America. Remember? America.

"Land of the free, home of the brave."

Did you all fail your Civics class in high school?
Did any of you even finish high school?
Why are so many of you concentrated in the south?
In groups so frequently conservative and Republican?

You are an American too and though you may think you are a Christian first, you are still an American. You live here and here has given you the right to practice your silly religion in peace and safety. Why can't others do that too? What don't you get about let other's enjoy their silliness just as you do?

In America we have the right to live a peaceful life, to pursue happiness and pal, you're damaging people's calm for absolutely no reason whatsoever. You're ruining good citizens' pursuit to their happiness in their own ridiculous religion and ways which honestly, are no more ridiculous than your own.

So knock it off! Grow up. Be a good citizen yourself, first. Voice your opinion, but at least have an intelligent one and voice it at the right time in the right places and let others have their meetings as people aren't invading your meetings; and if they did, you would disingenuously cry, "Religious Persecution", when you seem to be the ones doing this the most.

Practice your silliness but let's get back to practicing our ridiculous beliefs in private where we can be less ashamed of our silly beliefs (because that's part of what this is about, in others having their ridiculous beliefs, it really shines the light on just how ridiculous your beliefs are that that always angers people).

Think your American Christianity is oh so different from Islamic Terrorists Islam? Really? ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools, just like so many Christians are pushing for in American schools. Isn't it interesting that both religions stem from the Middle East. So it really is just another middle eastern desert religion, after all.

Remember that common areas are for everyone, and not just you, not just the vocal minorities, not just the deluded and brain damaged ones.  Just let them practice their own silliness.

Otherwise, you may soon find out that we will all wake up to this nonsense overall, rid ourselves of religion altogether as we should, and you will find you have a very different kind of life than you wanted or intended. And none of you wants that. Right?

The more you push the differences between religion, the more you point out how different religion is from the direction humanity is headed, and the quicker you will bring about the demise of magical thinking as a "thing".

Although... a life, a nation, a world without religion, sure would solve a lot of our problems.

Either way, we don't need no American bigots here.

If you really don't like us being free for everyone, teaching science in schools, ISIL will surely welcome you with open arms, with a knife behind their back and one soon to be in yours too I'm sure.

So feel free to visit them soon, anytime....

Update April 22, 2015 - Earth Day.
From Salon magazine - 6 reasons religion may do more harm than good
Whether you're religious or not, is your choice, obviously.
But it's not a bad thing to review this list just to be sure this has no bearing on you and yours.
Religion properly handled, can be rewarding for many, as long as it doesn't get out of control. That is my primary argument with it. Those who allow it to become more than it should be, negative in nature, or abusing others. Think Middle East in ISIS or locally with religion getting into politics and how it has been affecting non religious citizen's rights.
This is America where we're all supposed to be protected for those things being perpetrated upon us, by way of another's belief system that disagrees with our own. And vice versa. Pushing an agenda, can backfire and does, and has.
So protect your beliefs, allow other's beliefs to also remain protected.
Also as this update is on Earth Day, here's my blog for this year's Earth Day.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Contained Weapons and the state of the Ignorance of Intellectual Knowledge

I've been thinking for years that we need more non-lethal weapons for police... and military. I couldn't figure out why that hasn't happened yet. I also noticed there are ways of thinking being demonstrated in public, rationales, agendas and ideologies that feel very foreign to me as an intellectual and an american, and that frankly are, stupid.

I think we've gotten to a point when it may be more necessary than desirable to examine these things.

Regarding weaponry, for police TASERs are great but we still need something better. The new sound devices that make your skin feel hot and can be used in order to disperse crowds is one interesting solution to a problem usually made worse by police and government officials.

For the military, we really need to stop the majority of these drone attacks. We may also need to start giving consideration to building contained weaponry.

What I mean by that is... take for instance, the missiles that drone carry. A drone fires a missile (OK, a drone pilot fires it, whatever), the missile tracks it's target, strikes it and detonates destroying the target. As well as unintended collateral targets. That's innocent people, usually.

Too frequently this ends in overkill.

But what if when a bomb explodes, rather than an uncontained explosion, it sets off a fragmentation weapon where the pieces remain attached to the center of the device? In that way there'd be shrapnel all of which would remain a part of the original central part of the device.

It still shoots through any people or metal within the length of the chains or wires that maintains connection to the primary piece, but they would stop within the length of that constraint. We are developing materials, new concepts, new ways of thinking, that just might be conducive to this type of technology.

Here is one example: ‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine Actually Works – NASA Test Suggests. We're on the crux of many new things, some of those we need to start carrying over into more practical applications.

There are many other examples out there today that could lend themselves well to visualizing my point. The more you look for them, the more you find.

Maybe the missile hits the center of a truck. It explodes, individual fragments shoot out from the source, punching holes all through the truck, killing all in the vehicle, but anyone who is say, fifteen feet from the missile, is safe (OK, safer anyway), excepts perhaps for some flying truck debris.

There be the possibility of the odd case of the loss of an eye or some minor burns or pelleting, but very much more possibly, there could be no unintended deaths.

This is the kind of thinking we need to start using. To think within the box as well as without, not allowing as in this case, for the shrapnel or explosive power to extend beyond the containment of the area surrounding the blast.

We also need more contained devices allowing for temporary disablement or minor destruction. We need to knock a crowd out, rather than killing if not dissipating everyone within range. We need to stop thinking in terms of attrition by way of destruction and start thinking of attrition by way of disablement or temporary disablement.

Benign war over the horrors of war.

We have entered into the age of  the "Ignorance of Intellectual Knowledge".

So much of our knowledge now is limited and offering us only a flat effect. Book learning limited in scope.. Information that shows us superficial meanings, with limited definitions or explorations of topics. Information in two dimensions when we need as a minimum four, maybe more.

Our ability to acquire knowledge needs to be expanded as our bandwidth permits. Which is another issue. We need faster speeds in order to access knowledge more comprehensively on the internet and more information needs to be made available, world wide, along with functional AIs that are compartmentalized to protect their user, but which can also be honed to give 4D examples of what knowledge is actually needed.

We are currently enhancing our knowledge into stupidity and we need to enhance it into wisdom.

Why do you think there is so much detriment going on around the world as opposed to enlightenment? People are remaining ignorant at a far greater rate than ever before. In the past, we didn't lean that much and so our ignorance to knowledge ratio was low.

Now however we are learning vast amounts about many varied topics and yet, we are still remaining ignorant to many integral issues about and related to these topics. We don't just need to know more facts about each issue, we need more quality information about them and more quality ways of disseminating wisdom.

Which brings us back to contained weaponry. Weapons that exert control without destruction.

We are surrounded by a rapidly changing world that we mostly aren't even aware of. If we are, it is only superficially. We need to raise the knowledge of each and every person on this planet, we need to wipe out ignorance and magical thinking styles of compartmentalized thinking and agendas (think religious terrorism).

We need people to better understand why those they have voted into office to protect and enhance their lives are only exerting controls to enhance their own lives and that of the ideologues (and oligarchs) who protect them. We need people invested in humanity and not just their small concerns, their tribe, their tiny areas of control.

There is much going on all around us and in many cases it would seem that most of us really have no clue about it all. We find people with vastly different interests and concerns and so generally speaking, as tends to happen we then find a reason or need to kill them.

I would argue that war is not our most powerful weapon. Proper and appropriate knowledge is.

Contained weaponry may just be the beginning and thinking appropriately in order to devise these types of things, to then create and use such things, could all lead us along the path that is much more useful and productive than merely breaking social contracts and then killing those on the other side of those broken contracts.

We need new ways of thinking about our world, about our actions, and about our concerns. America's priorities have been screwed up for years. We have tried hard to see what they should be, and to put plans into action to bring those things to fruition.

We have also had those in power, many of those who are rich and getting richer all the time, who control those in power, all of which have obfuscated things through a fog of too much information or not enough quality information, who have fed us mis and disinformation, and have abused their rights as human beings.

They need to be called to be accounted for, or to have their power (money) stripped from them. There is truly no reason for any human being on this planet to have over a billion dollars in a limited and closed economic system such as we have on this planet. Nations should have billions, people, and that include corporations, should not. Most especially if corporations are ridiculously to be considered people!

The first step to all that is to see what is really happening all around us. The second is to stop allowing power and money brokers abusing the systems in place, the tools they have to abuse against us and which in the end are against all people and not just our state or nation.

The first step of all that which may just be our first destination is to enhance the quality of knowledge available to us. And perhaps the first step to that is to change our ways of thinking in order to see what we cannot seem to see now.

NOTE Friday 2/20/2015: Oddly enough the fact that this article this week so far has gotten far fewer hits than most of my articles do, actually proves my point about what I'm saying here. No one cares. No one is really considering or looking into much of this. We are lazy on a point that is so prevalent as to seem unreasonable to even consider, to talk about openly, or to try to change our current path and way of thinking on. And we have to. We really, really have to.

UPDATE  Friday 2/20/2015: Here's another consideration....

I know they've done studies of prayer, and belief in God helping people to excel beyond their norm. I saw research where they proved that it doesn't take a belief in God but a belief in a considered source of power outside of oneself, which seems to be key. So you can believe in God, or Rock, or Dog, for that matter, it's all the same. But I wonder if anyone has yet done a study showing which is more effective the belief in God, or the belief in a properly considered source of power out there beyond one self.

Which basically is like saying, "I've been hiking for 20 miles and I can't go another, so I'll select that tree in the distance and make it there. Then when you make it there, select another road map up ahead and repeat. That method has gotten me through long hikes, forced marches and efforts all through my life (I'll just write one more page before quitting for the day, now another....).

Considering prayer usually fails in requests, it's counterproductive at least to some degree, which is inherent in the process. But if you are directed to consider that which is a source of power outside of yourself in the right way it won't fail, or at least less often.

That, is the study I'd like to see done. It's all about new ways, more effective ways, of thinking. We have the knowledge, we just need to get it to the right processes, apply it, get the right people (most people) using it and I suspect, all of our lives would go in a much better direction.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

50 Shades of Sadness for Romance? Not really.

Happy St. Valentine's Day! A great day for some (those happy in a relationship) and a miserable day for many (those in a bad relationship, or the rest of us single people).

What to do, what to do on this famous date day\night, right?

The book "50 Shades of Grey" has had amazing success for a book so questionably written and which has produced a much better film (see review). Which is saying only so much. The film is to be released today on St. Valentine's Day. 

Odd choice, you might think. Lust over romance? Odd? Really? Then again, it may be an interesting choice for date night. On the other hand there are various boycotts for it to either not be released (good luck on that one as everyone is getting on the marketing bandwagon for this, from jewelers to lingerie companies), or for individuals to boycott it for a variety of reasons descending into the nutty. 

The point of this film especially on SVD, I have to believe, isn't the specifics of the storyline, it isn't the exchange of romance for lust, desire and abuse; but the erotic It's about the Gestalt that results from viewing it. If you can get beyond the darkest parts and if you've had bad experiences with that, you might want to skip this flick. Skip it hard.

Especially should more negative feelings arise from viewing of the film. Should one or the other take offense and I'd think that would be the woman on the date (or the guy if he's trying to be disingenuous and if she is into it, maybe you should just shut up and see where the ride takes you). If she can ignore the psychic abuse and take it all superficially, it could be arousing.

Apparently it was for a lot of female readers, but will that translate to the same when seeing what their minds imagined when reading it? It's a mixed bag, though the actors and directing gloss over the poorly written parts making it, perhaps, more glamorous? That needs to be left up to each individual viewer.

For either way, it could still evoke licentiousness and actions appropriate to a good time (even if not in the BDSM vein). From what I understand, it's not true BDSM in the story as he (SPOILER) contracts her to be his partner in this. Which destroys the entire concept of using one's mind in all this.

It makes him basically a punk and bully and her simply a victim (dumb enough to adhere to the contract, or is she just enjoying it all?). Having a contract removes any mental sparring, control issues, and brings it all down to a child's version of BDSM, making her a mere toy and less a partner in the endeavor. BDSM for kindergarten players, where one, really isn't.

But, putting all that aside.... this isn't Pretty Woman.

Sometimes getting riled up over matters of sexuality can and do lead to an interesting and rather intense exercise of the behavior. Perhaps not in the ways projected int he film but even only in the missionary position. If however one or the other is observed during sex to have a somewhat out of character resolution to the experience, then we know. Don't we? 

That isn't to say that next time you should pull out your Christian Grey costume and devices, but you do know the mental buttons to push (just gauge that correctly or you may be surprised at the negative and possibly volatile reaction from your partner).

One does have to wonder if in nine months from that viewing day there won't be a small baby boom from its previous viewers' nocturnal, post viewing experiences. Something perhaps that viewing the film over reading the book, would surely more easily lend itself to.

Regardless of what you think about all this, whether you decide to take a date to see it today, or couldn't care less, use your own mind and make your own decisions. Yes there may be some nut cases out there (guys most likely) who will want to entertain the Mr. Grey delusion and simply can't pull it off. Someone may indeed regret being alone in a room with him. 

So think about who you're with and where they may decide to go, or take you along. Willingly or not. Other than that...

I think it's really just not that big of a deal. Hype for hype's sake, abuse for abuse's sake. Where in the end after all, there's a lot of corporate money to made riding this bandwagon.

By the way? Probably not a first date movie....

It seems that Slate has a review on the film now: "Fifty shades of...beige?".

Monday, February 9, 2015

Our best example for handling God Myths is actually.... Santa Claus

Someone brought up a good point the other day about God. He's about as useful as, Santa Claus.

It made me think about my kids when they were younger. I used to do it up, kids put out cookies and milk, a note to Santa and went to bed. I'd eat the cookies, drink the milk, leave them a thank you note from Santa.

My son, when he was in 4th grade, told me he doesn't believe in Santa. I was both proud and sad for him. I tried to hold up the pretense but he gave me an analytic breakdown of how Santa simply can't be real, how I was Santa, and what I had been doing to prolong that myth. I was surprised but also pleased and impressed with his critical thinking skills.

I didn't agree so much as point out the facts.

IF you "believe" in Santa, you get more gifts. If you don't, well....

He refused to buy any of it. Finally, I said "Well look, I choose to believe in Santa because I like the idea, it's fun, harmless, and in the end, I like receiving more gifts. But you're welcome to act as you see fit. HOWEVER, you DO NOT tell your little sister. Got it?"

As for his younger sister, she went through a period of going to church in her teens, one she chose. One that unnerved her mother but that I figured she would soon outgrow, was for purposes more of its social aspects and about something she wasn't getting at home (as we were then divorced) than any true belief in "God", and so she did and eventually came to realize religion is all exactly about what is is.

Then I tried to explain how it helps to build the idea of wonder in life, of magic in the world and I believe those who don't have that understanding of the concept of magic in the world as adults, simply lose out on much of what is wonderful in life. There IS magic in the world. It's just not, "magic",per se.

So he dropped it. But he made it clear from then on he really didn't believe in Santa and so we kind of worked it out in that way. He does have a strong fascination for magic now as an adult, however.

All this made me think about religion and the "God" concept, in general.

There may be some things that are positive about it existing, though it could also be handled in a more safe and sane way through other means. But belief in "God" should also end at some point, just as Santa is useful for a time, and then should simply be let go, with a fond farewell and a move into adulthood and more mature and informed ways of thinking.

Environmentally, the God concept comes from our parents when we are very young as they are our first Gods. Genetically, our beliefs in the "Other", the "Greater" that which is all powerful and exists "out there", comes from a time that predates our humanity.

We can and I think we should, extend and buffer life for our children through parts of their young childhood, allowing them to experience magic in life.

But if we do, at some point, it should end and we should offer them more useful, productive, and more sophisticated forms.

I'm not saying we should raise our kids with "God" beliefs, but even if we did, it really should come to a conclusion at some point before they become adults. They should be led, coached, educated to have that realization come upon them naturally, organically, as it did with myself and my children.

Religion for most of us, for those who continue to believe, one of those odd animals wherein we do grow up, we do realize the silliness of it all, but then through the concept of "faith" we allow ourselves to continue to believe in what we know in our hearts is utter nonsense, but as it allows us a structure to follow and misbelive that it functions as an overall rule of law for all humans, and it simply does not, though still, many of us choose to close our minds and continue believing in those childhood mythologies.

And so we have entire cultures and nations around the world who hold this nonsense as reality until they die, who propagate it and perpetuate it among their young and in so many cases kill those, like my son, who would sanely and rationally refuse to believe in it in his young innocence into adulthood.

Religions, where people believe it is important what we wear or don't wear, what we eat or not, whether we grow facial hair, how we abuse others, especially women, for God's (really, men's) sake, and so on.

All things that at one point in ancient history may (or may not) have served a purpose and yet which are simply no longer necessary or even useful and frequently actually counterproductive, allowing certain factions to use their religion as a springboard for full out atrocities.

It's funny how wonderful one's religion is till you do a survey of all religions, add in sociology and psychology, anthropology and physics and finally start to realize one overarching necessity in the next step in our development... atheism, or at very least, non-theism.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter to Religious Terrorists - Not just ignorant ignoble idiots, you are downright stupid animals

This, is going to be a little different, caustic really, but I'm really only talking to terrorist types here....

Obviously (and I'm happy to say), Kurdish TV thinks ISIS are fools and worse. Too funny and so appropriate, though I'm not sure how long that video will remain up. I do have about as much respect for ISIL as they go for male goats, apparently. Actually, not (watch the video).

The majority of them that is. Not just the two educated ones who send 99% of the rest to their deaths while they sit and sip coffee, or booze, hidden behind closed doors with women who service them. And not the wannabe terrorists who act on their own because they have no life and a personality disorder, so basically, no personality to speak of.

First of all, consider that I'm basically a heathen. I know theists basically mean to be good people and some get carried away and harm others, or get into nonsense, I understand that. I'm not talking to those who are basically good people doing good that no one disagrees with. It's you others....

And therein lay the issue with religious terrorists. Religion is bad enough but there can be nothing lower than a religious terrorist.

I don't buy into all the nonsense about God and religion. Poppycock, all of it. That being said, I have many of the same ethics (more or better ethics than many theists actually). I don't hate, anyone. I don't want to kill anyone, although I do think if you want to kill or harm others, and cannot be dissuaded out of your sick delusions, then perhaps you should be shot like a rabid dog that is out of control.

This, is important:

Humanity doesn't need people who want to kill other people. If you want to kill yourself, have at it, though I'd prefer we had a chance to correct your poor mental health issues.

I do not like the beliefs of many people, but I don't hold it against them (too much) unless they go out and force others to do things (especially others with different beliefs), or hurt others over those beliefs. I just think many if not most humans are misguided, improperly indoctrinated into life, or outright delusional.

Perhaps what I have to say should be considered more offensive if I were. I don't consider myself an atheist, Christians were the original atheists against the Roman Gods.

In the beginning, there was no God. Then we allowed our imaginations to run wild and now look at things.

Believe it or not, terrorism is a mental disorder (much in a way as is religion). It's an aberration, or at very least a sociological disorder. Either way, it's a disorder and not a course to a better world. Religion certainly isn't going lead us to a better world in any sense. It's dying, it's on the way out. Has been for a couple of hundred years now.

Yeah, we got your ticket, pal.

Something just occurred to me. Religion originally sprung up for several reasons. As a form of law with authority that could not be revoked, that being a God. But also and this is a very important element in early and I mean, EARLY religions, it was to separate us from the animals we ate. Otherwise, why not eat, us? So you can see the necessity there.

So maybe at some point that was all very useful, though I suspect that age ended long before written history began.

Now, religion is really just a finger pointing at one undeniable fact: that we are animals and that's it. Animals with self reasoning, self awareness, animals who can contemplate their own demise one day. And it is a buffer against that terror of all terrors in creating a belief that we never die, or with the right actions now, we will die and merely go on to another life in the after life.

Really? That makes sense to you? Yes, it's a nice story. A nice children's story that many are now using to kill people over. Terrorists are the most deluded of us all and the closest to being animals, which religion is now pointing out very clearly. No, they aren't eating people, they are doing the next best thing though. Killing them. The only way to distance ourselves now from animals is to allow religion to die a normal evolutionary death and not, people.

Terrorist groups are the new nut case social clubs. A banding together of crazies who in the old days would have either killed themselves or ended up in an asylum. Or their village would have just put up with them and kept them at arms length, until they ended up stoning them to death for their murderous traits.

What is it Islamic terrorists are after? In reality? Not what they are saying, not what they think, but what are their actions actually indicating? Consider that most Muslims disagree with them and many of them are being killed by them.Islamic terrorists will get picked on here because they are at the forefront in recent years by their definition and desires. What is Islam and what do they think it is? Most of their own people have no clue either.

Let me ask this one question:

Are we allowing a new "North Korea" type country to develop its foundation via ISIS in allowing them to have taken land? Those surrounding countries really need to get their own act together and fight their own battles.

We're tired of the Middle East. Tired of their religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism), tired of their tribal bickerings, and their backward ways. We're also tired of being the world's police force and we know the world in many cases are too. Though, some very much aren't and want us there and in those cases maybe we should be there.

But we need to stop being the Middle East's codependent bastard buddy.


Muslim terrorists say they hate America.

We've been called "The Great Satan". We must be horrible. Right? Except, they seem to hate their own, and themselves, too. Is that what happens when you use religion to try and eliminate things like recreational drugs, sex, openness and challenges in life, in having to worship a big sky God every so many minutes of every damned day of your God forsaken life?

How can some people NOT want to kill someone with all that repression of their human nature? Yes, Islam seems to work for a vast majority of Muslims but it obviously doesn't for many others as we see now in terrorists proclaiming such!

How, can anyone not see this?

Is it really that hard to see? Religion to begin with requires us to enhance our desires to remain ignorant, which I've always defined as stupidity; it requires devised, planned stupidity; it requires it be desired and sought after, inbreeding our intellectual sensibilities, all in the name of "faith".

Yet look at all the Muslims who have run to America for the good life, for protection from Islamic leaders, and its idiot children, Islamic terrorists.

The American Ideal is a marvelous thing.

Our actions at times admittedly, have been not so much. But we're fighting for our own sanity here, our own identity, our own goodness. But without a God, because considering all the outliers, on that path lay madness. Madness we are seeing slaughtering people.

If terrorists really want to affect change then why aren't they targeting intelligently? Finding considered targets that do something, rather than just American symbols?

Why haven't they killed the Koch brothers yet?

Can there be a greater symbol of the Great American Satan, after all? But hey, we don't like them either. Is that why? Or are they being supported by the Kock brothers in some way we can't see?

Terrorists said this past week that they are going to cut off President Obama's head IN the White House. Really, morons? What are you, twelve years old? Why is so much of what we hear from terrorists sound like the immature prattlings of spoiled children whining?

Just because you heard some mental defect was able to make it into the white house due to a bizarre set of circumstances (which they've now had time to rectify), do you really think you can depend on such mistakes and happenstances to get into the White House and get to the President of the United States of America? You're even stupider than we have thought.

Good luck mate. Perhaps, stop watching so many western action movies. They're MOVIES, make believe, fiction. Like your beliefs. As President Obama has said just today, your beliefs are medieval, though not medieval Caliphate oriented, as that was an enlightened time, unlike your medieval thinking. You are living a backward fantasy. Let go your foolishness, your childish ways.

Then again, go for it.

Because I suspect if you actually ever got near or even did it, you would bring the desired attention on yourself, your mindset, and turn the entire global Islamic nation against you along with a load of fecal matter made from your own intestines, to come down on you and yours from America and our allies unlike the world has yet seen and beyond anything you can no imagine in your tiny, limited minds.

Really think about that for a moment.

What is America capable of if we put our mind to it? We are fighting hard in our country now to reclaim our America, to become the decent people again we want to be. But we can be a terrible force to behold when we want to be. And you haven't seen anything yet. Killing 3,000 civilians on American soil lead to a nightmare for many. Killing our leader? You are more foolish than even you think you can be.

Do you really think pushing us in a direction to once again be the lowlifes we've been over the past decade is a wise life decision or career path?

Do you really think President Obama is the problem? Or American culture for that matter. Your problem is your view of Islam. That you have nearly the entire world of Islam against you. Maybe your view is wrong. It's certainly stupid. But then that fits, if one thinks about it.

You threats seem especially when we have a new president every four or eight years. Do you really think it isn't people like the Koch brothers who are truly the devious ones and your true enemies, Machiavellian power brokers that they are who are trying to bend the will of a nation to do their degenerate bidding. Do you really think they aren't the problem? It is people like that, we need to weed out of our nation, we need to devalue and remove their power from.

I think perhaps it is time we get back to taxing the rich at 90% again. Some of the money we waste on the rich and military endeavors, we should be using to better our nation, and the poor of the world. Not allow a few rich bastards to subvert a grand ideal into a putrid greedy effort to abuse those not rich and powerful.

Complain about what is the problem, the few, the rich and the powerful, and not a nation of people who have done you no harm anymore than the innocent Islamic people you continue to bomb, shoot, murder out of a misguided sense of poor self esteem issues.

By the way, don't know who Machiavelli is? Good grief....maybe you don't know everything.

If you want to hit an American symbol of the Great American Satan, show me how that is NOT the people like the Koch brothers. Don't know who THEY are? You really need to read a book, or a newspaper. Quit reading the Qur'an as it seems to be doing you no good anyway and read something of true value. Like current news affairs.

Now I'm not saying you should kill the Koch brothers, our national treasures of the American rich, elite, and greediest.

In fact, you don't need to be killing any more Americans and we would come at you for that in killing our worst bastards, those people who should be social and political criminals, just as we would for your killing any decent American citizen. And rightfully so.

I'm just wondering how you choose your targets, because it seems you are either using the toss of a coin, or throwing darts at newspaper clippings (so maybe you do have newspapers). Perhaps try recruiting some educated people who don't just believe your religious crap. Or is that hard to do in a culture of ignorance and religious criminals?

But then, that is in line with Mohammed's sensibility back in the day, right? And about Mohammed, did he even exist? There's question about that. How would you like to kill people over Mohammed, then find out he never existed?

It's not a secret that he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack. Just actually try reading your own copy of the Qur'an. Yes, it's a pretty book, saying pretty things, but like all religious books, it's filled with dreams and nonsense. But know that first to understand what you are reading you have to know how to read and how to interpret into the more modern language that you speak. So you'd have to have an education to actually understand what it's saying.

Like it's fictional silly tales of teleportation for one.

Otherwise you could misinterpret it and end up killing innocent people, including other Muslims and....oh wait, you're already there, aren't you?

You really are that sad. I forget sometimes.

See, I do that locally much of the time too, thinking people are more intelligent and educated than they really are. We also have many uneducated Americans here, many who think they are intelligent or educated because they watch TV. Sad people, really. you might even have my compassion and understanding, if you weren't murderers and proselytes.

So, welcome to the world of the Koch brothers, Republicans, Christians and conservatives in America and their sad friends who support the buying of our free American politics and buddy, if that happens, you think you have a problem now?

Wait till the rich completely take over American politics as they are trying now to do, have done for he most part, but we are fighting back against on a daily basis which you make more difficult with your stupid actions and pointing to Islam as the reasons for them.

Mohammed as your prophet is an appropriate figure. I point that out in my fiction book, Death of Heaven, as well as that of other historical religious figures, Moses, Jesus and others.

Religion is as ridiculous as terrorists.

Why don't terrorists target the American disgustingly rich elite? Makes you wonder doesn't it/ Look at who they target.

Why don't they use America against America. Why don't they find what we hate about us, and nudge those feelings in their direction? Why haven't they attacked groups like the American Family Association? Why haven't they targeted American conservatives who are against any race but their own, who are against Islam for wont of Christianity?

Why DO they instead attack diluted symbologies of American ideals? Why do they kill Muslims? If they are so clever, why aren't they targeting things and people who will actually advance their ideals? Or are they actually controlled by their own problem elite? Just blindly following their own problem people?

Or do they not really have any true ideals other than thuggery, greed, sexual repression, misogyny, perhaps (at least some obviously) repressed homosexual feelings for fellow terrorists? Just come out of the closet, America will take you in, or plenty of other European countries, I think.

Try relaxing, have a beer, get laid for God's sake. Burn off some of this repression in positive, productive ways and for God's sake and that of your Prophet, and your own soul if you actually believe in that sort of silly thing, stop hurting people.

My suggestion?

Terrorists... just stop, get a job, leave the country if you need to as there are not enough jobs in a millennially, God forsaken desert. But you won't because as all animals know, killing makes you feel powerful, wonderful, and full (you do eat your dead, right, cuz that's part of it). Humans on the other hand, don't kill other humans, just animals do that.

At least strive to be human.

Animals you see, kill. But only a human animal kills with such disregard as to use bombs on innocents they aren't either going to eat, or are in direct conflict with, or even one of their own tribe.

With each death, you merely support my contention that you are no better than the animals your religion was originally designed to distance you from. With you, it is failing. Obviously.

It's sad really, so sad that you can't see that.

So, just stop the killing and being such dumb animals and such really stupid bastards.

Let me close with this....

This is basically what fundemental religious terrorists are all about right? Being God's robots. You can tell from them bouncing their foreheads on the ground, the most devout having callouses on their foreheads, not to mention, possible brain damage from all that "praying".

But hey, God, right?

Okay I jest, but seriously think about it. 

If we had robots walking the world enforcing God's Laws, this place would be a complete nightmare and yet, that is what many want, just without considering what a True hell the world would be if it was all strictly enforced. But hey, God, right?

Think about it.

Religious terrorism is basically cowardice. If you need to kill people from other religions (or atheists) to support your religion, well then you're not brave enough to cohabit with others because your faith (or religion) is just that weak.

I'll give our Goddess of humor the final say, in that....

NOTE: If you've gotten this far...some might wonder why I push on people like this. Why do I challenge "believers" about their beliefs, their religion, their attitudes and their actions or desired actions (which even if they don't do bad things, they support at least intellectually, those who do, or might). Regardless of what you believe, what your religion teaches, or how you interpret it, you have no right to apply your beliefs to others, or certainly not to kill others over it. Just as the very rich have no right to take most of the money on this planet, leaving not enough for all of us others, no theist or religion has any right on this planet to force others into action, or to eliminate them.

You are welcome to move to where there are only your kind, but not to force others out. You are welcome to have delusions, but not to push them on others. I would argue however, that this is a bad form of thought and separation like that can lead to "bad things". Better to support a form of thought that is more inclusive or at least, tolerant, of others. And so that is why I push. In the hope that at some point it will help to dilute negative thoughts about others based upon religion. All others who are theistic or non-theistic need to support that, so that those intolerant theists or non-theists, are more tolerant and allow everyone to have a decent life, to live and to die, in peace.