Friday, February 11, 2011

Special Ed: Mubarak is "stepping on the grave and the blood of the Egyptian people"

Senior Military leaders have entered the State Television building, perhaps getting ready for an announcement?

The Usurper Mubarak says he will not bow to foreign pressures. How about then, bowing to domestic pressures? Is this delusional? Its obvious a very hurt and damaged man, fearful, possibly cowardly, who is afraid to step down, give his people a decent government. Is it brave to stay to try to maintain power? Or is is brave to step down, swallow your pride and be a man, be a real man, an Egyptian, not a potentate, not a tyrant, not just another petty dictator of which the world has seen so much of.

Mubarak headed to a resort today? Really? In the middle of one of Egypt's biggest crisis ever? Yes, what a great leader. If he wants a vacation, step down, move on, soak in a hot tub.

Mubaraks son has stepped down, the General Secretary of the NDP has said he is resigning from Post and Party.

The people need to try to be non violent although sometimes you do need to kill, but hopefully not in this situation. Non violent revolution is always preferable and it looks like that is going to happen. So try to restrain from obvious feelings and keep on as you have.

The people need to take over the state media and start sending a message to the people that Mubarak has stepped down. Do not listen to what he says, say it for him. If an insane person starts saying he is President, who listens? No one, they simply medicate him and lock him up. They get him medical help.

Its interesting to note that people are taking over Government offices and should continue to push the  Government they do not want, out.

What needs to happen next is the Military has to have some balls, they have to support Egypt and not some guy who still is deluded into thinking he is in charge. They have to stick by a constitution that is no longer accepted by the people? No. The constitution is the interim document, not amendments to it.

You don't turn over leadership from one serial killer to another, like from Mubarak to the low life he's turned things over to. If I were bullying you, and you didn't like it and got a gang to make me stop and I said, Okay, but now this guy is in charge who will not bully you, and maybe later turn things back over to me. Do you say, Okay, and go home? No, you kick his ass.

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What Anderson Cooper says: He has continued his condemnation of the Mubarak regime on Thursday, as he reacted harshly to President Hosni Mubarak's speech--in which Mubarak refused to step down.

"This is a slap in the face," Cooper told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "This is stepping on the grave and the blood of the Egyptian people that has been spilled for more than two weeks now."
Blitzer said that Mubarak had only agreed to transfer "some" powers to his vice president.

"It's all lies," Cooper cut in. He then cut in again after Blitzer had talked some more.

"They [the Egyptian government] were trying to manipulate and create a crisis," Cooper said. "The chaos has been caused by the Mubarak regime. These are lies which this regime continues to try to sell, not only to the people of Egypt, but to the world."

This is horrible sound quality and Huffington Post should be ashamed for putting it up, but better to put it up than now get it heard, although its hard to hear).

Anderson Cooper rocks:

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