Sunday, May 30, 2021

For Memorial Day Weekend 2021 - Pvt. Ravel's Bolero

In thinking of what I wanted to do for Memorial Day this year, I thought of this poem. Allow me to say first and foremost that I am a human being FIRST, then an American (before Party), and finally, a progressive, critical thinking American. HOW WE SHOULD ALL BE!

It is a sad Memorial Day this year. A day gravely besmirched by the lack of action by Congressional "leaders" Mitch McConnell and Keven McCarthy in their (that is, Donald Trump's) Republican Party, by voting against a sorely necessary bipartisan investigation into the January 6, 2021 insurrection. Let's face it, the "Trump Insurrection". THIS is an American issue. 

IF Republicans were in charge, IF this were a Democratic issue, IF this had been a Democratic POTUS, not Donald Trump, there'd ALREADY be a commission. There were TEN Benghazi investigations over something that wasn't as Republicans contended and they knew that, as they used it as political fodder, anyway.

When America is attacked, we investigate that attack. It's a "no brainer", really. Making the Republican's views on this, very curious.

So more than usual, this is a Memorial Day we ALL truly need to reflect on. Not just for our fallen heroes in war, but for in those in Congress who refuse to be heroes. Or actual members of our US Congress.

After 10 years of writing over 1400 blogs, I had stopped. I wrote my last blog about the last two books I published in October 2020. I wrote this some years ago and finally included it in the first sequel to my first book, in two volumes as, "Anthology of Evil II Vol. I". The second book is, "Anthology of Evil II Vol. II - The Unwritten".

This is my first blog since then. Wishing you all a reflective but safe and healthy 2021 Memorial Day.

Maurice Ravel, 1912, musician/composer

The only love affair I have ever had was with music.

Maurice Ravel

Writing at the time, Ravel recalled: “For a whole week I have been driving days and nights—without lights—on unbelievable roads, often with a load double what my truck should carry. And even so I had to hurry because all this was within range of the guns. Adélaïde and I—Adélaïde is my truck—escaped the shrapnel, but the poor dear couldn’t keep going and after losing her number plate in a danger zone where parking was forbidden, in despair she shed a wheel in a forest, where I did a Robinson Crusoe for 10 days until someone came to rescue me.” 

Maurice Ravel, 1917, Ambulance Driver

Below I have included the music of Ravel's "Bolero", actually conducted by him (it's nearly 17 minutes long). 

Ravel, because of his health, like Ernest Hemingway's even more remarkable experience, was a WWI ambulance driver. 

Here, we find our hero in the trenches...

 Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero

In No Man’s Land, Verdun, France 10 November 1919

JZ Murdock

Moonlit dark...Verdun, France.

War Zone. Theatre of Horrors.

“No Man’s Land” rifts rival trenches.

Fog drifts over cold explorers.

WWI Trenches

Devastation gorging.

Chilled steam rising off fresh corpses.

Viscous drops silence,

Dripping into crimson black pools.

Dark shiny, bloody pools.

Mirrors that pepper dark lands that

Glower from a slivered moonlight.

Drawing down dying breath and sight.

WWI in the Trenches

Suddenly, one ascends

One soldier’s Hell seeking amends

In No Man’s Land, gently playing,

Chilled silver flute lilting, singing.

Pvt. Maurice Ravel

Pvt. Ravel misses

His ambulance truck Adélaïde.

Standing fast, one among them all

He shouts: “All Together Now!”

Meanwhile, Hemingway drives

His ambulance in Italy.

For advancing Americans.

Ignorant of Ravel’s own plight.

WWI Ambulance & Drivers

“Papa’s” ambulance hit!

An Austrian mortar fire blast!

Machine gunned: he carries wounded.

While Ravel bravely plays his flute.

Ravel’s song? “Bolero”,

Starting well before it begins.

Nervously, our musician spies,

His uneven enemy’s lines.

Then ever so softly,

A drummer beats his staid rhythm,

Catching up to and surpassing,

His friend waiting, now so relieved.

He plays his flute until,

Another stands near No Man’s Land.

To then follow Ravel’s brave lead,

One more flute in their darkness,

The same sad clothes hang worn,

All uniforms dirty and torn,

Each Bloody, Disgusting and Wet,

They all walk bravely playing on.

Together as one, all

Nervously eyeing enemies,

With their side, hunched in their trenches,

Watching dumb, all incredulous.

Suddenly then, one more!

Slowly standing, instrument high,

Another: “Enemy” soldier!

Approaches their shared No Man’s Land.

He joins in their playing,

Music swelling louder in time,

In tempo, In volume. On “stage”.

Their musical bonding expands.

As their song progresses,

Again and again, another

Intermittently, from both sides,

Plays their song, along with Ravel.

And then, even the dead,

Play the climax, together stand,

This great full orchestra of Men,

Standing among their No Man’s Land.

One soldier aside them,

Walks along his filthy trenches,

Anger brewing, rifle in hand,

Finds, “The Spot”, for his final shot.

Yet still the band plays on,

Till finally they finished strong,

With an echoing crescendo,

Ravel’s ascent and fairest Air.

Then it’s over. And yet…

Fearfully they stop, suspended.

Feeling an old, new thing, again.

Strange among them: Humanity?

Their confidence bursting!

A camaraderie brimming!

Believing for one proud moment,

Human! A Person once again!

Both sides lined the trenches,

Carefully watching, listening,

Slowly, they begin applauding.

One at a time. Two at a time.

Applauding until it is a

Growing cacophony, rising

Above them to its crescendo

Thicker, sweeter, now not Ravel’s.

It is this time though, quite

Not music. As one at a time,

All the players slowly melting

Into the fog, into the ground.

Fading into darkness.

Until only silence remains.

Save one, the one who started it.

For himself, and yet for them all.

Realizing all at once,

He is quite alone and shouldn’t

Have been quite so much enjoying,

Not, quite so much, their reverie.

He too then melts back down,

To disappear. Leaving merely

Silence in the loss of what was.

What could have been. For what might be.

That last soldier rises.

Reappears and clambers over,

The berm back into his own trench.

Enemy...taking careful aim.

His fellows, horrified.

Aiming just where he wants to strike.

Over at, “That dark cold bastard.”

The Enemy. The Other Side.

His Officer leans down.

Slaps him hard in his sallow head

Unsettling such careful aiming,

Fouling so, his sullen black mood.

He misses! Blind Anger!

Turning upon his Officer.

This Officer, this man who eyes

Him deeply back. Intensely so.

Then he looks around him.

All angry red eyes upon HIM.

Carefully, he puts down his gun.

Relinquishing his anger...cold.

Only then do they all,

Return sad about their business.

Shitting, drinking, staring, dying,

sleeping, cooking. Fear, in the dark.

No Man’s Land again lies,

Fallow, silent, wet. Except for

Sounds of still darkly, dripping pools,

Mirroring their reality.

There now is but a stout

Difference. A lightness where the

Sounds and attitudes in both trench.

Lines, lie still, humble in Silence.

For Humanity to

Continue, to cope. Yet again,

To feel alive once more with these

Others, these Brothers. Lifelong Friends.

WWI Soldiers' Graves

Continuing to cope.

Once again, Humanity. Hope!

Ravel’s alternate ending to:

His No Man’s Land, in Verdun, France.

10 November, 1919.

Maurice Ravel, conducting "Bolero" in 1923

Sunday, November 22, 2020

2 New JZ Murdock Books - Anthology of Evil II

Anthology of Evil has a sequel! It has been released as two new volumes, titled, "Anthology of Evil II vol. I" and "Anthology of Evil II vol. II The Unwritten"

Volume II by the way, was just nominated for a prestigious award (Nominated, which really means little other than a member / peer thought it worthy to be in the running for an award...still, pretty cool!).

You can hear more about these books and more when I speak with friend and fellow film director Kelly Hughes on his 2-Bit Horror podcast. There, we talk about my writing in general and a variety of fun things. I am also on live radio Chat and Spin, a UK show from Washington, England, recording the same day this blog hits the bandwidth. For more about me, you can visit my website with info about my audiobooks and film productions ("Gumdrop", a short horror, is my latest short horror film).

Brief aside December 11, 2020 update: Amazing news! My play, "Denude, a one act", was just selected by Jocunda Music, Film & Theatre Festival via! Selected: Project has been selected to be included in festival.

It is about two guys in a foxhole during a war...or wars, opening in vietnam. 

Kind of a Twilight Zoneish play, that opens in a cross section of a foxhole so the audience can see the soldiers on stage in it, jungle surrounding them backstage and side. TRAPPIST, a 1972 Vietnam deployed soldier, and MENSES, a 1972 Vietnam deployed soldier

I found it in my writings from college, spiffed it up and sent it off and now it's in being performed a festival in Brooklyn, NY. Event date January 15, 2021

I should also mention my film, "Gumdrop", a short horror, has received another award from the Indo French International Film Festival for Best Short Horror...and is now a semi finalist in the Cult Movies International Film Festival in London.

Poster for "Gumdrop", a short horror

Now, as for my new books... 

Anthology of Evil II (Kindle version

First 50 free ebook download (coupon TE53V) from Smashwords!

Anthology of Evil II The Unwritten (Kindle version)

First 50 free ebook download (coupon KM72X) from Smashwords!

You may notice that the book covers are reversed. That's because they are really one book broken out into two volumes. Why? Allow me to explain.

These books are a collection of my newer short horror and sci fi fiction which have been published in magazines and anthologies with other authors and some, have yet  to be published. Tell now. So you're seeing them now for the first time anywhere.

First Anthology of Evil book cover
My first "Anthology of Evil" collection book cover

"Anthology of Evil" was my first published book, a collection of my first and older short stories. It opens with my first ever published short story. That was back in 1990 in an east coast quarterly horror magazine. "In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear", is a story all too familiar to America today that takes place in a dystopian society where the country put all their trust in just one man. A man we discover, who is mentally unbalanced.

My second book, the epic, "Death of heaven"

My second book, "Death of heaven", is an epic tale of two friends who grew up together, then lost touch as they both assumed their roles in life. Broken and somewhat lost, they come together again, one to save the other, who then saves him. They are happy to have found one another again, but under such dark circumstances? Dark circumstances we come to discover, that affects the entire world, the whole of humanity and takes us into an intergalactic tale of fear and escape.

Back to "Anthology of Evil". That collection of stories end with a novella titled, "Andrew". That story grew into the foundation for my second book, "Death of heaven". While my first book was a collection of my short published and unpublished short fiction and it ended with a novella, I wanted to write my second book in that series in the same format.

However, when writing "The Unwritten", what was to have been the ending novella, I went way beyond the reasonable length of a novella. I did not realize that until I was actually formatting "Anthology of Evil II. 

At that point, I was left with a quandary. What should I do?

I went back and forth about it until finally, I settled on the present solution. I would put out two books, volumes 1 and 2 would comprise the second book in the "Anthology of Evil" series. Since I had never put out a series before and had never really considered it, in doing it this way I would end up with volumes 1 & 2 of the second book in the series. I found that a bit entertaining. So I settled on doing that. And that was all the thought I gave it.

It wasn't under I was publishing the books that the consideration of price came into my mind. So anyone saying I was trying to make money by putting these stories out in two books rather than one, that thought had never come into my mind. At that time I did think about it and I did consider going back to a one book format. But I thought I would just price it appropriately and go forward as I had planned.

Until I ran up against Amazon's pricing policy. They would not allow me to do what I wanted to. By then I just wanted to be done with the process (it was 2020 and a very, very long and problematic year, as we all know). I just wanted to see them published at this point and move on to other things. And that led me to another issue, having literally nothing to do with these two books.

It is an issue I'm still trying to work out with Amazon about my first two books. But that mess, for another time. Besides, I do not yet know the resolution though I have suggested a few to Amazon about this.

By the way, what am I doing that I wanted to be done with this and move on? I published my books this time under my film production company, LgN Productions, which I started back in 1993. I also write screenplays. 

It is a true-crime story about a 17-year-old guy who protected a murder witness from the Tacoma, Washington mafia, a biopic screenplay titled, "The Teenage Bodyguard". It is currently being shown to a studio by my producer, Robert Mitas. Robert has produced films with famed actor/producer, Michael Douglas, who along with his father Kirk, all through my childhood had been a film hero of mine for just about forever. 

But right now? I am writing another screenplay that is a Frank Capraesque kind of a feel-good film, which America and the world really could use right now. Frank produced films like "It's A Wonderful Life" (1946) with Jimmy Stewart, which didn't do well at the box office when released, but has been an American Christmas staple for many decades. 

My current screenplay is a "traveling angel" story that takes place in "any town USA". I haven't pitched it to Robert yet, but very soon. I think he'll be excited about it.

Back to my new books:

"Anthology of Evil II" has sixteen stories total in it:

"Red Rain" - A Philip K Dick kind of story about two scientists who have had it with how humanity treats humanity and so, they do something about it. Well, one of them does. 

"Expedition Of The Arcturus" - First published in the online hard sci fi magazine, PerihelionSF - In the style of one of my first favorite sci fi authors as a child, Isaac Asimov. It's a story about Earth's first generational spaceship. Told in reversed timeline. Meaning, it begins at the end and, it ends at the beginning. It was the hook that got me that sale from the editor Sam Bellotto.

"Breaking On Cave Island"  - First published in "Giant Tales World of Pirates (Giant Tales 3-Minute Stories) (Volume 3)" in 2014 by Professor Limn Books LLC  & H.M. Schuldt.  An HP Lovecraft kind of tale about a pirate named Captain Lord Ritchie. This is a prequel to a story of mine in Book 1 of the series titled, "Poor Lord Ritchie". In this tale he is younger, obviously, and a pirate captain trapped in a underworld tunnel on a deserted island. Anyone knowing this character knows he hates wizards. Here you can finally find out why. 

"Jaonny's Apple Tree" - This is a story about a young alien boy on his home planet. Reminiscent of a Ray Bradbury, who is one of my all-time favorite authors. It's a pleasant tale told in a bucolic setting. Where no doubt, all is not what it seems. 

"In The Shade" - Originally published as, "Falling Up!", in "Final Ships In the Neighborhood (Giant Tales Apocalypse 10-Minute Stories Book 2)" in 2014, edited by  Professor Limn Books & H.M. Schuldt - I'd have to say this is based on myself and HP Lovecraft, as well as Isaac Asimov. This is a side story based on the last part of my book, "Death of heaven". If you like this story at all, check out the book. This, is nothing compared to what all happens in the original.

"Simon's Beautiful Thought" - Simon is a tech guy with an AI assistant on his phone like so many of us have. A bit of Isaac Asimov in this tale. Yes, this has been done before. But I wrote it a year before the movie, "Her" (with Joaquin Phoenix) came out. The question in this story is, do AI's get jealous? Or, can one just be a good friend with only your best interests at "heart" (or, at CPU?).

"The Regent's Daughter" - A short, short story that won a tiny award for "best tension" from the group that published two stories of mine mentioned above in the "Giant Tales" series of books. It reminds me of a Robert E. Howard story (he wrote the Conan books, among other things), with perhaps a little more ironic humor n it. It tells of a medieval nobody who gets the unique opportunity to interact with a royal beauty in the town's main square by the castle. It goes well, I think. So does our protagonist. Well, it is a memorable tale anyway.

"Mr. Pakool's Spice" - First published in "Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions", in 2012 by Mayday Collective. I'm saying this is based somewhat on a Calvin A. L. Miller II zombie book, "Het Madden". Because I've only read two zombie novels and that's one Mine is a story about a widower trying to get his two young children to safety through the back wintry woods of Oregon after the zombie apocalypse hits. There is a slight association at the end with another zombie story of mine: "Japeth, Ishvi and The Light" in the first "Anthology of Evil" book

"Men Of The City" - This is an allegorical story spawned by the famous writer and artist, Clive Barker. He held a contest once based on a painting of the same name as my short story. He did not choose this story. He chose two other author's stories and they were good and did use his painting as inspiration. I just decided on a lark to take it...literally. I really like this weird little tale.

"Pvt. Ravel's Bolero" - This is a poem, based on Maurice Ravel and a bit of Hemingway, but with a kind of Edgar Allen Poe edge to it. What if Ravel came up with his famous "Bolero" while in the trenches of WWI where both he and Hemingway were kept from the main action and made ambulance drivers. What if opposing trenches one night discovered a very unknown thing in this kind of warfare: Humanity?

"Marking Time" (original 1969 version) - With a bit of a Stephen King flair to it, this is a story I wrote many years ago and details what I was told as a child by another child, while we were in the Cascade mountains on a search and rescue training mission, looking for a small downed aircraft. I had reworked this story, updated it, set it in Afghanistan, and published it in my second book, "Death of heaven". That first, second version (or is it second, first version?) is a ghost story and a special operations war story. This one is more intimate and gives the reader an idea of what kids for decades have gone through in the Civil Air Patrol. To be sure it is an extreme example. I got a lot out of being a Flight Commander in the CAP, and it helped, once I was an adult and had entered the United States Air Force. 

"Crashing Indulgences" - Another kind of Stephen King story about how far off relationships can go. Yeah, not much to say about this one, other that there may be highlights of the macabre and extraordinary.

"EarVu" - With a touch of both Isaac Asimov & Clive Barker, this is about a group of cutting edge (bleeding edge, really) scientists when one day, one of them shows up for work, and no one else does. It's a bit of a detective story that all takes place in a top-secret, secure research facility. New technology has been developed that will change the world. If it can ever get out of the lab.

"Rapture" - With the flavor of a Philip K Dick story, this happens in the near future. A private detective, or a "fixer", that's never really clear, is hired by a rich woman to take her to the inner city where she does not belong, to acquire a new illegal drug. That's the upside to this tale.

"Xibalba Unleashed" - This follows the lines of HP Lovecraft if he had turned toward the Mayan ancients and their mythology. It is an origin story that starts off in the action, recedes to the recent past into a famous Mayan cave that is the entrance to the underworld and then returns, making much more sense than when it started. This was written for the British "A-Z Horror Anthology" where I had the letter "X" and twenty-five other authors had a letter their title had to start with. The anthology got up to the letter "L" and then the project fell through. I had a minor motorcycle accident in the middle of writing this. When I returned to finish it, I ran over the word length and rather than possibly ruin it, I wrote another story entirely and submitted it. 

"X The Unknown" - This is that other story I submitted to replace the story just above. With a detective edge to it familiar to Edgar Allan Poe, this is about an FBI Special Agent in Seattle following a lead on a serial killer. Maybe it is the killer, the UnSub, maybe not. 

"Anthology of Evil II The Unwritten" - This is volume two, the second half of book two in the series and has only one story in it. But that is all the story that is needed: "The Unwritten". I detail more on this story in the back of the book. For now, I'll just say what the back cover says: "Three Hells. Three Universes. "One Solution". The book opens with a man strapped to a table in an old cabin in the woods. He cannot remember anything at first and has no idea why this woman is so into torturing him. This shifts to a lab of two scientists in another universe and an experiment and a society that is constrained and complicated. After this shifts to a far darker universe than anyone has ever experienced, we dance between the three until, in the end, it all comes together with an unforeseeable ending. 

My style of writing in my fiction is my own. As one critic put it, she could not figure out who I was from my writings, you can read her own words at the link, but it was high praise indeed.

Another critic in speaking of my book, "Death of heaven", said: "The book starts well and has a Books of Blood vibe, which really works well. It's in these tales that the author's writing ability shines. He demonstrates a lovely turn of phrase and some of the writing is almost poetic in its beauty."

"Books of Blood" were written by Clive Barker and are some of my favorite horror stories. He now has a new show based on these on Hulu. I read my first book of blood of Clive's back in the 80s and wrote to him. He wrote back. I got to meet him a few times but that was the early 90s at book signings. 

So I take the comparison to heart. Are these stories that good? That's not up to me. But if you like any of these, do give "Death of heaven" a read. And then just maybe, you'll find out why the "h" in Heaven" is not capitalized. 

JZ Murdock
Bremerton, Washington USA November 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020

Joe Biden / Kamala Harris Headed to the White House

The long Donald Trump as President is over. A few more months of putting up with his antics and we are back to an actual US administration. It's been a crazy election with a crazy president. 


Stephen Colbert last night: Video

I would suggest using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump for now, but I guess we'll just have to suffer through his tearing apart the country out of spite.

Buckle up, America. Get ready for years of fixing all that Trump broke.

And then there's the pandemic and we'll start to see less Americans dying.

Cheers! Slainte! 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Republican of Toxic America

So far America has experienced #ToxicTrump. But IF Trump steals the election, because to be sure, he will not WIN this election, you will all then learn what a truly toxic government is. 

So far we've only been seeing the beginning of it.

Under the malfeasant direction of Donald John Trump;.

A "man" who should never EVER have been invited to the White House, let alone spend even a single night IN it. 

IN The People's House. In OUR house. 

Not just Trump's base supporters' house. 

All OUR house. You damned fools. 

If he gets re-elected, then finally in the next four years even you people who elected him will begin to realize how good we had it. 

All while you hated what we had, wanting  ever more and forcing on us all... less, so much, much less than we had. And when the time comes finally that you too wake up and hate what has happened, it will already be far too late. Many of us will then smile in our shared misery. We will have earned that brief catharsis.

Finally you will realize just how very stupid you were in believing in Trump and his enablers. Those whose place it was to protect us, this country, the US Constitution. But greed and self interest and fear so easily subverted them. Too easily

But you have to be set up years ahead of time for that to happen. We kept warning them, and you. But you were poisoned by your self delusions and self perpetuated conspiracies, reveling in your fantasies, your dark projections and paranoias. Because it was too delicious to you. 

When one day that epiphany comes about how you deified a tyrant and not a savior, it will do NONE of us any good whatsoever. It will be too late. It may already be.

Believe it or not, we are now your own hope. 

So enjoy yourselves while you can. 

Because it is going to be temporary

Did you know that progressives, which I consider myself to be as I understand it and not necessarily as it is defined by that group today, is what FDR actually had as his policy that he ran under but called it liberalism, because at the time you couldn't win as a liberal, which was actually conservatism before FDR won election?

And so today conservative supporting Trump, or Republicans for that matter, aren't either. For more on this try "Still Right" on C-SPAN2. I don't agree with all they say but it's a good survey on a topic we all right now, need to know more about.

"Classic Liberalists" today are actually true American conservatives. 

Most people don't have a clue what they are today, they are just part of the tribe they enjoy considering themselves a part of.

Trump is a populist, not a conservative Republican at all and once he's gone, poof, the GOP collapses. It won't go away because it's been a zombie political party for ten years or so now. 

But a political party has got to be based on ideals not as Trump and his GOP now base theirs on whatever Trump wants.

What's the problem in all this? A lack of decent education in America, suppressed by a lack of funding, by those who do not believe in either government of any functional design or taxes to support our infrastructure. 

Look, all you need to know right now for Joe Biden takes America not back to the past, but back to reason and consistency, honesty over lies and pure political power over governing a nation. Is it a perfect solution? No, this isn't science, nor does the Trump crowed believe in science anymore. And if you do but you support Trump, well, just think about the confusion in that stance for a moment. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Trump, Conservatives, GOP & Conduct Disorder with ODD

Something just occurred to me about the current bizarreness of the cohort of the conservative and Republican party.

I have a university degree in psychology, so I started searching on the comorbid psychopathology of conservatism and found this research on Dimensions of Oppositional Defiant Disorder as Predictors of Depression and Conduct Disorder in Preadolescent Girls.

Oddly enough, it fits.

Here's a video to give you an idea who Donald John Trump is, just by what we ALL know about. 

Have We Loved Him Enough?

What I realized was that this cohort of conservative Republicans were damaged, had been for years. In 2009 they knew it, in 2013 they knew it and they did NOTHING about it to FIX it. They put together a group to do an autopsy on what was wrong with them. 

Both times, they ignored and and pushed on until finally... 

Along comes Donald Trump. A predator, who saw a dysfunctional GOP and then moved on them knowing he could get away with abusing an already dysfunctional group, grabbed control of their dysfunction and emotions, AS WE'VE ALL SEEN, and so, here we are today. 

I mean, how does that NOT explain the situation we find our government in today? It fully does. Even to the point of them having daddy issues, an anti authority orientation (hating government) with an adoration and desire for being told what to do by a truly dumb autocrat.

So yes, these conservativse and Republicans are basically Trump loving dysfunctional teenage girls. with ODD, conduct disorder, and depression.

It's only a matter of time for the suicide. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Donald John Trump: Evangelical Corporate Con Man

 I've been waring about this for so long I can't remember when it started. You can search my blogs here and you'll find whole blogs devoted to both of these things.

Corporate Thought, or Corporate Thinking. And, Evangelism. I've complained about these forms of human and environmental abuse for years, written blogs about them, and now we're all living them and don't even realize it.

The first has cost us in so many areas and it has invaded everything. The second, well...the same.

And with PRES. Trump (and i use that term lightly, and inaccurately..."Pres." I mean), both are involved, deeply.

Corporate thought is about profit and using it in areas you should never use it. It's invaded our schools, government and religious institutions. 

The later of which, let's face it was already capitalist. You do something on earth you find profit in HEAVEN. But it is Evangelist movement, a very American born institution of grift and profit that has settled everywhere and is now massively in the Republican party. 

Put the two together in Donald Trump and you have...The Trump Administration. It's also why he leans so deeply into Putin, Autocrats and crime. Profit, because that is deeply entrenched in both of those forms of thinking, and cons. 

And that's the third, a hybrid of the first time. Confidence schemes. The Con. Which Don the Con has now perpetrated the biggest con on US in US history. 

A con requires using your emotions and decency, your good nature, good manners, anything good about you, against you and for the benefit of the criminal using it to harm you. And enhance their lifestyle. Typically done by sociopaths and/pr narcissists. Thus, Donald John Trump. 

So yeah, keep voting for him. Keep thinking he just has your best interests at heart.

Like any con's good "Mark". 

#Vote. And for God's sake, and YOUR OWN, NOT for Donald Trump! And NOT for some thrid party useless candidate. NOW is NOT the time for a "protest vote"! Decent Joe Biden, our only choice to rid ourselves of the Rat in the White House and his no longer GOP, his Conservative Populist Nationalist Racist Republican party.

The old GOP you may have voted for? It's now dead. Deal with it. They researched themselves in 2008 and again in 2012 and found themselves lacking. They suggested a massive reworking and they did...NOTHING. So now They, and we, have Donald Trump. He corrupts all he touches. 

The GOP, who gave us George H.W. Bush, who was a VP, head of the CIA once. Then his son, George W. Bush, who took us into an illegal and vastly regionally destabilizing war in Iraq that has affected the world until this day. From that descent long down the GOP slide of disgust to now Donald Trump who took over the GOP in a "hostile takeover" (Donald Trump, Jr.'s words) and strangled it to death so that now it's not just the zombie part it came to be known as in 2008, but the Donald Trump Puppet Zombie Party we all know and love to hate today.

As Grover Norquist said about the American Government and we now prefer to use against the GOP, "I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." And that ladies and gentlemen and all what we now need to do to the once and no longer, GOP.

And Its Zombie Manufacturer, Donald John Trump. The US President with the three word serial killer name. 

Look. It's simple. Vote. For your future. For the future of America. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Remove Donald Trump from Presidency - 25th Amendment NOW

UPDATE 10/8/20: Wow, that's corruption at the head of government. #25thAmendmentNow Donald Trump Calls for AG Barr to Indict Joe Biden With 26 Days Until Election. Nancy Pelois calls for (FINALLY) the 25th Amendment, something that discussed after Trump was elected when his top intelligence and judicial officials interacted with Trump's failed ability to be briefed and attempts at obstructing and altering Russian tactics/operations against America.

UPDATE 10/4/20: 

My Twitter feed has updates now that Pres. Trump is in the hospital and no, he gets no slack. He nearly begged for this infection and easily 100,000 Americans are dead from his malfeasance in handling this COVID-19 pandemic. 

I guess my hiatus is over after the ludicrous performance of "Pres." Donald Trump last night, losing so badly to Vice President Joe Biden. There is no more time for rationalizing, "Oh Trump didn't mean THAT." Or explaining off, or being polite, or whatever that keeps Trump in office He has to go. NOW! With all due and extreme prejudice. 

Where are the Republican party? The new Putin & Trump Populist Party? Where are Congressional Republicans? Where are the Trump supporters claiming to be American? BE American! 

 I have only one thing to say.

25th Amendment NOW! Donald Trump needs to be removed from Office. There is no time for an election. An election has been made moot at this point by Trump's own actions and words.

"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by," Trump said at the debate, knowing full well what it means. No, it wasn't misspoken, as Trump tries to wrangle it the day after. 

Trump thinks Pretty boys, poor boys, proud or whatever are for some reason BOYS and to be sure they are immature and racists, bigots, domestic terrorists, are associated with police across the nation. 

To be sure, police officers have been fired for association with this hate group, white supremacist group of boys, so labeled by the FBI.

It is MOST definitely time for Donald Trump to be removed from office for reasons of incompetence and an inability to fulfill the duties of his office. 

New York Times, Thomas Friedman: "Trump sent a warning. Let's Take it seriously."
"I can't say this any more clearly. Our democracy is in terrible danger -- more danger than it has been since the Civil War, more danger than after Pearl Harbor, more danger than during the Cuban missile crisis and more danger than during Watergate. 
"[W]hen extremists go all the way and moderates just go away, the system can break. And it will break I saw it happen.
"I would like to think that such a thing could not happen in America. I'd like to think that...but I am very, very worried."

Will Democrats have to go to vote in November, armed to the teeth? How did this come to be? Donald Trump, MADE this happen! 

Weill Trump suddenly comes down with COVID-19 to reap the benefit in an election he is losing to seek compassion? It's not beyond him to pull something last minute in this election. Probably a few stunts. Probably very sleazy stunts. 

UPDATE 10/2/20: Donald Trump and wife Melania have tested positive after aide Hope HIcks did. And so, does the charade go on? 

Donald Trump is inviting both foreign and domestic enemies into his camp. This is not America!

25th Amendment - Section 4:

Constitution of the United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992)

"Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

Enough of this man in the Oval Office abusing America, murdering Americans from purposely fumbling the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more. Even Putin, who helped put him into the presidency, is tired of Trump now. Still supporting him only for purposes of fracturing this country.

It is time.

25th Amendment...NOW!