Monday, December 26, 2016

Trump HAS an Attention Span?

The most important primary difference between myself and Donald Trump? I'd never consider running for President of the United States of America. And I think in many ways I'd do a better job then he will.

In all areas not involved with making ME (or Trump) greater, or richer, that is. I'm sure he would win in those areas because in part, my better nature, my ethical considerations would stop me from going over the top and choosing myself over America, or as the Leader of the Free World. Well, the free world....

First let me say that the current argument going around that electing a president just to get a fresh perspective on government to evoke changes, is not a viable argument. It IS however the modern civilized version of a revolution or what would at onetime be an armed insurrection.

Yes, I do much prefer it this way. But having an ignorant put "fresh eyes" on our government and situation to fix it, does not allow for his orientation of big money or his bigoted considerations or his conman style of winning at all costs using whatever tactics it takes, agreeing with everyone in your face and your lowest common denominator in public, using the ends to justify the means.

It's at least a questionable and kind of juvenile tactic. Not, even if it works (and that says something about those it works upon), as it's not a big brain tactic. It's a little brain tactic for little brains to be affected by.

Anyway, getting back to my point....

So Trump's and my greatest difference is? Other than the GOP protecting him against Russian involvement in his election, while they went nuts against Hillary?

I personally believe that America is greater than myself.

Oh, and I can hold a thought longer than 12 seconds. ADD people can have great talents. They have to learn how to be functional and mostly, in most careers, hide it from others. But there are some jobs I'm not so sure it's good to hold if you have ADD and if you have negative other associated, or typically unassociated behaviors like narcissism, severe greed of power or money.

From a JEVA LANGE article at The Week - "How long is Donald Trump's attention span?" (9/6/2016) "I think he's definitely got attention deficit disorder. That doesn't mean he isn't really smart — it just means he's not at his best when he's asked to dwell on a topic," Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio told Politico.

From MICHAEL KRUSE in his Politico article: "Donald Trump’s Shortest Attribute Isn’t His Fingers - People who know him well are starting to ask: Can he focus enough to run the Oval Office?" September 08, 2016

"In the late 1980s, Jack O’Donnell, one of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino executives, devised a special strategy for talking to the in-and-out owner. “I would know Donald was coming to town,” O’Donnell said in a recent interview from his home in Arizona. “And if you were going to pitch him something, you would say”—and here he sped up his cadence, as if he were hitting a verbal fast-forward button—“‘Oh-hey-Donald-good-to-see-you-hey-I-wanted-to-run-something-by-you.’ Boom. That was it. Because if you hit him too late in the conversation, he might say, ‘Let’s talk about it later’—and he was gone.”


From a New Yorker article by JANE MAYER recounting Trump's biographer Tony Schwartz regards as one of Trump’s most essential characteristics:

“He has no attention span.”

"But Schwartz believes that Trump’s short attention span has left him with “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.” He said, “That’s why he so prefers TV as his first news source—information comes in easily digestible sound bites.” He added, “I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life.” During the eighteen months that he observed Trump, Schwartz said, he never saw a book on Trump’s desk, or elsewhere in his office, or in his apartment."

For the record, I had ADHD as a kid and ADD as an adult and have been pretty successful in my life and apparently I have some talents. Unlike Trump, I came to realize that things weren't going by me too fast, but too slowly. Something I came to realize after two events. One in taking Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics twice in my life, once in eighth grade, and again during my stint in the Air Force.

During that months long class taught in the context of teaching my class Washington State History and Reading Dynamics. I went form 280 words per minute at 60% comprehension to 20,000 world per minute at 80% comprehension. Evelyn was asked by natural speed reader Pres. John F. Kennedy, who read his morning newspapers very fast and read many of them, to teach his staff to do this too.

The other time I realized in some ways my life was passing me by too slowly was one day in high school when my teacher was moving too fast writing on the blackboard. For the first time I was seeing clarity, following clearly, until to my surprise and shock and dismay, the entire class rebelled. They were getting lost and asked her to slow down, while I was innervated because for the first time I actually was able to clearly catch what she was teaching us and that all these years of K-12 I wasn't stupid after all, I was just bored and the information coming at me was coming way... too... slowly.

Here is a list of speed readers. Donald J. Trump is not on this list.

In the end I know certain jobs just aren't for me. IF I were Trump, I'd never run for president and I think he too knows better. But his self interesting got the better of him. He has put himself above the country and our citizens. I've read hundreds of books. The most was probably in 8th grade when I read over 60 novels. But I would never have considered running for president.

For myself as for Trump, that's just cray-ZY.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas! 
Happy First Day of Hanukkah!
Happy Holidays!
To all those who simply never give up.
No matter what happens!

Political Christmas Humor....
From Chuck Lorre and the Horror Entertainment elements....
[I am a Horror \ Sci Fi writer after all]
One more horror oriented one!
Finally, Seasons Greetings!

Wishing you ALL the best this Holiday Season!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Give Snowden a Pardon!

I do not think traitors should get pardons. I don't think all whistle-blowers should regardless, but needs to be taken on a case by case basis. 
Mike Pompeo thinks Snowden should be imprisoned or worse, executed. I worry about anyone having that view on this case and getting a top position in the intelligence community. Think of what that message says about his upcoming tenure. It's scary. During the Obama administration itself we've seen too much crack down on things like this. Trump will see it be worse, pointed out by taking on Pompeo.
When you're doing wrong, take your blows and clean up your act. We were and still are on a questionable, if not bad path regarding surveillance of Americans. 
We needed to hear what Snowden had to say. 
End of story. 
Pompeo's claims of Snowden being a liar are such that you tend to look at he who makes the claim and realize... he's the one lying. On that count, I've listened to Snowden and what he says has made sense. It fits what I know, not just about him but about intel, security, America, how things work and how they should work. He has said things I've tried to say or get people to understand for many years. I consider if I had been in his position, would I be the one now sitting in Russia? I've been lucky enough to have some interactions with people in the security, intelligence, and government who are privy to these things. I've heard things that would make your hair curl, going back to 2000. And what I hear from Snowden makes perfect sense. 
We owe him. We do not owe our government on this one, whom we pay to do what, do surveillance on US? No. We need protection to be sure, we need to be safe on our home turf. But! This situation isn't fixable with police and intelligence actions. This is a longer term situation that requires a global effort, a generational effort. We may die on our home lands, I may die at the hands of an immigrant terrorist. But we cannot bend to the winds of religious and international idiocy, religious lunacy. We will have to take the time to fix this long term. but we cannot fix it today, or tomorrow. We smiled while people suffered around the world and it's come back to bite us. Yes, many of us were ignorant. But we are not now, or we have no reason to be now. Farmers in Afghanistan need jobs, or they grow opium and produce heroin. They need help. And we give them war. People in Syria need help but we give them international politics. We have gotten fat and lazy in America while some of the world suffers. And they are mad. Read your world history, not history taught in schools but what really happened, what America really helped to happen, all because of money, oil, greed, stability, perceived evils, and real evils. Sometimes you do what is right and you suffer later for it. That's life. I raised my own kids to know that. 
Yes I do believe that on the way out, Obama, who we owe a great debt to, regardless of his being human, making mistake like the rest of us, regardless of the constant deluge of the disingenuous, biased, sometimes racist and so often ignorant claims by the right to the contrary. Considering how let down we were on several issues and I understand many of those not having been resolved (Cannabis legalization being one), Obama should pardon Snowden. 
If we could see Pres. Nixon pardoned to protect the office of President, to protect America, then we should certainly see Snowden pardoned.
Especially with Trump being president elect, soon to be president, already our intellectual Grand Guignol level of world wide embarrassment. 
Most especially because of that.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Trust in Politics

I want to address two issues here right now. Keith Olbermann and trust.

Keith and his show on Youtube, The Resistance with Keith Olbermann, are awesome. He gives me a catharsis, satiates my need for reality and over reaction at times. But he is a resource. I use him for information that I can look into. When I validate his reasonable reactions to something, then I go on with it. If I find him a bit over the top, or just too far out there, I don't pursue that. But I share his videos for others to see and listen to. It's up to them to do their own vetting of information. If I have time I point out what I can, either that isn't punched up enough by Keith, or when he stretches a point to the end of its elasticity.

Rachel Maddow and her The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS), whom I also love to watch and cannot any longer as I don't get MSNBC on my cable package, is a more restrained version of Keith. She makes it very obvious when she is stretching a partisan point. I'm so used to her I feel like a light goes off in my head when she does that. She doesn't exactly wink and nod at the camera when she is going over the top, but almost.

The other thing I like about Rachel is that she gives you historical context in things, so you can make up your own mind. She doesn't just feed you pablum like conservative media does, who just expects you to believe them and not verify what they say. Liberals verify them, which is why they are always discounting them in public. If only conservatives would do that properly (not in a liberal fashion, but a rational one), we'd all have so much less of this polarization effect.

Conservatives, from what I've seen from them, don't get that. They seem to swallow the load hook, line and sinker from conservative pundits and punks. I say that about them because in lying to the public, in warping the truth like that, they become an evil entity. And by association, so do conservatives who willingly or unwillingly allow themselves to be a part of that.

Trust. I hear a lot about trust, mostly from conservatives. "I don't trust Obama." "I don't trust the US Government." "I don't trust Democrats." Even when there is no reason not to. It's kind of childish.

And a false equivalency. To say liberals simply don't trust conservatives isn't the same. It's not the same because regardless of conservative diatribe, liberals do not lie as much. It's a proven fact. But liberal media, by objective media, by international media. Not so much by conservative media.

I don't so much look at things in relation to "trust". It's a simplified form of political thinking. It's again, childish. It's a conservative thing.

Conservatives don't "trust" because they are ignorant. Liberals don't trust mostly because conservative contentions are so often incorrect or out right lies.

You listen, to everything. That's harder for liberals because of literally so much nonsense from conservatives who consistently discount proven facts, accepted lines of thought. It's embarrassing. If not by them, from all others.

You listen, you verify, then you act.

Conservatives seem to not listen very often, if it doesn't get through their conservative filters, they don't tend to verify unless it's only through their own media, and then they act, but on so frequently what is false information.

And it is damaging to themselves, America, and frankly, Mother Earth.

It is also warping reality for others, and therefore, it is evil. If you are spreading that false information as fact, then you too are evil.

Don't be, evil. We have enough like that already.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Is it time we begin restricting religions?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a burqa ban in Germany saying she could support a nationwide prohibition on Islamic veils covering the face:

"The full-face veil is not acceptable in our country," she told delegates in Essen, sparking rapturous applause. "It should be banned, wherever it is legally possible."

In considering this I'm wondering if it isn't high time religions begin to be restricted in, at very least, their more ridiculous contentions. I don't believe we in America can or perhaps should do that considering our constitution. However I can foresee a time in the future where the climate either has changed to the point that we can incur a change to our constitution about religions, or it will become unnecessary.

The danger in it becoming unnecessary and not changing the constitution is that it could one day come back around to bite us. Once you stop believing in what can be dangerous thought, when there are laws allowing that dangerous thought, those laws really should be changed to support the general beliefs and even paraphernalia.

For instance, the use of flags from the German Third Reich (1933-1945) is currently subject to legal restrictions in a number of countries. However, the public display of Nazi flags is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees the right to freedom of speech.

Although certainly at this time in history, restricting religions is untenable in the United States, if certain elements of religions begin to be restricted in other countries, the mindset is bound to traverse the oceans and enter the United States. Even something as minimal as clothing in a religion, would open the door to other elements of religions, certainly the more ridiculous ones, to become restricted. If not by law, by peer pressures and by the Zeitgeist of a nation or hopefully one day, the entire world.

Our current laws have allowed for such ridiculous religions to exist as the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Seventh Day Adventists, Johovah's Witnesses, all of which have laid the groundwork for the more recent and truly ridiculous existence of Scientology. A so called religion that bullied its way through the US government to achieve tax shelter status, the gold standard in America of what is and what is not a religion.

Religion has caused serious issues in US government of recent years in a variety of ways. It has come up against science as not an alternative to science but some theist groups contend that science is actually an alternative to religion.

Since it has clearly been proven that when choosing between science or religion for governing human social structures that science far outweighs the productivity and reliability over that of religion, stopping religious belief, or as science would refer to it, magical thinking, something also involved in psychology regarding the mentally ill, it is necessary to restrict religion to personal belief and not management of groups of humans through a government such as that of the United States.

The US has clearly tried to have a secular government IN ORDER FOR people to be able to have their religion in a country with many religions. Not to prefer one over others.

Terrorism. Domestic or otherwise, all apparently in some way, religiously based. A base belief they hold, they say they follow, beliefs either based in a religion, or subverting a religion's teachings, that needs to be delegitimized.

They are not combatants in war. They are not even really criminals, but mentally ill individuals, associated with mentally ill groups, caught up in a mentally ill mind worm of a theistic based ideology.

And so we need to deligitimize their beliefs, their ideologies.

This is not about believers who mind their own business. Who do not try to inject the non observable into government. This is about the bad players, the dangerous, those who espouse what would in any other case be considered a mental illness.

Most of the time they need to be labeled mentally ill and put into mental institutions, under high monitoring and for the rest of their lives. Other times they should simply be labeled criminal.

The death penalty has been shown to not be a deterrent, but an antiquated and archaic revenge act by the state, a state that should never kill its own citizens.

If nothing else, we'd get them to stop blaming religion for their actions and admit it is about economic issues, cultural issues, or just plain greed and desire for power.

We don't need to treat them with kid gloves as mental patients, but we do need to treat their beliefs with disregard, disgust and disrespect.

We should also be calling out religious bigotry for the social if not mental illness that it invokes, the racist doctrine it promotes whenever it does (even if the religion doesn't teach that though it not infrequently does), the dysfunctional social irritation that it can evoke.

In a country that was in part based on religious freedom, the one thing left out is the insanity of beliefs in some cases. We meant to protect religious believers, but we never considered protecting those people from others who have taken up the ridiculous and the damaging.

Which scares religious believers. Why? Because you quickly come to see what is ridiculous and what is not.

It is high time we put religion in its place. That we call out what is ridiculous. That we do not kowtow to ancient beliefs just "because" or because they have been around for so long.

It's almost as if our children held silly beliefs as young children and refuse to dis-invest themselves of those beliefs as adults. And the fact that many others hold those same childish beliefs, validates their desires and so therefore, we all should give them sacred status.

Time to grow up.

Monday, December 5, 2016

We need to Legalize Cannabis NOW!

I'm so sick of hearing about Trump lately. Yes, he's a carbuncle on the American political system, as are the misguided misinformed beliefs of those who put him in office. Not to mention the efforts of another country (Russia) to see him in office as well as any one apparently who voted for him, not seeming to care about any of that that at all. But let's put that aside for the moment for something else immediate and ignored.

Now for something truly relevant that extends into so much of our culture and economy. We waste far too much time, energy, resources, and money in literally ruining people's lives and that of their extended family and our culture. We waste police resources, jail space and clogged the judicial system for no apparent reason and for issues that are proven to be better treated through healthcare resources.

We are shooting ourselves in the foot over and over because of our stubborn refusal to update our outdated beliefs and ideals, which I might add, were wrong to begin with. Not to mention, were originally based in racism as well as a carryover from alcohol prohibition..

For those who are anti weed, anti Cannabis, pot, grass, the racist term Marijuana, or whatever you wish to call it...really people, just stop talking.

Just, stop. Don't talk. Learn.

You are welcome to talk once again after you either watch BookTVs episode on C-SPAN2 with the author, journalist Joe Dolce, former Editor-in-chief of Details magazine as he talks about the current situation. Or you buy and read the book, Brave New Weed Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis.

We need Cannabis immediately removed from the abusive Schedule 1 status. Abuse to pot, abusive to Americans, and worst of all, worst to those who need it medically and otherwise.

As Dolce points out, because it's a Schedule 1 drug only the NSA can easily research it and their agenda is to find what is bad about it. Israel for decades has been doing the leading positive research on it. And as one caretaker at one assisted living home in Israel put it, before weed started being used to enhance the quality of the lives of those living there, she was on the way out the door because no other drugs do as good a job.

But in America, weed is evil and demonized. Makes you wonder, how stupid are people? Because if they aren't stupid, how do you explain this almost religious negativity against it?

The Wall Street Journal recently blushed an article about the downside of legalization which to be honest, didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. Other than as click bate, which is starting to seem like that is what most of journalism is anymore.

Truth be damned, get us clicks at all costs!

This article is little more than disingenuous fear mongering. I don't doubt that the facts stated are real. But if you suddenly legalized (again?) alcohol, the stats would be far, FAR worse I'm sure.

As for the shaving off IQ points off teens who smoke weed as mentioned in the article, the alternative were it alcohol would be to shave off lives at those rates. I agree teens shouldn't smoke pot, not till they are 25 is my understanding, but good luck with that, as well has limiting them on alcohol. Anyway, it's false equivalency.

Which makes me wonder, was the so called journalist Allysia Finley who wrote this piece a conservative (she is after all a Fox News contributor)? Or is she just stupid? Or did her editor talk her into writing it?

We need to stop closing our eyes and labeling the demon cannabis and as evil and start labeling those who are against legalizing it as the ones who are actually, evil.