Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swedish artist Lar Vilks - Muhammad cartoon creator

This is right? This is how people see the God of their religion sees the world? Really?

I suspect, were I a God, or THE God, a guy drawing cartoons about me wouldn't really bother me very much. My true believers would just brush it off. It wouldn't bother them in the least. It would make them laugh, thinking, "That poor guy, I wouldn't want to be him when he dies."

Instead, would I want my people to kill my other people, completely removing any chance of the deceased's "come to Jesus", excuse me, I meant, "Come to Mohammad", realizations?

How could anyone want to take the place of God by removing what God put there. Essentially wiping out God's work, taking from his hand, and removing it from this world? Personally, I wouldn't want to then be that murderer, when he died.

What, am I talking about? Check it out:

"Swedish artist Lars Vilks, 64, has been a virtual prisoner in his own home for weeks now, ever since a suicide bomber attacked Sweden's capital Stockholm. The bomber specifically cited Vilks as one reason for his assault, in which he ended up killing only himself. Vilks has been a target for Islamist militants since he produced a work that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog several years ago."

NPR article

From IR ("Your last stop before eternal enlightenment" ) -
"We will not be intimidated. We will not run and hide because you scream and threaten us. We will not censor ourselves because you tell us to do so.
Deal with it."

Link to cartoon, with bomb for a hat. You have to admire their cavalier attitude and refusal to be punished simply for being journalists. Let's face it, ignorance is the beginning of damnation, not awareness, not enlightenment.

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