Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is the American Dream dead or just grown bigger?

The American Dream: dead? In a word, no.

"Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare" - see this article on Globalization for the counter to what I'm saying here. I pretty much agree with the article on that link,with the exception of we need to deal with it because its going to happen.

The difference between that author and myself is that I believe we need to adjust, not quit; to work with, not go against. Otherwise, we will lose out. So we can help, and adjust how we do things to stay on top, or we can fight it, become separatists, and end up on the outside of the coming world economy from the growing Globalization effect.

I've heard a lot about this over recent years, but I think the people complaining are missing the point. Yes, we have striven for the American Dream for a long time now. We have tried to build a country that was a model for the world. We have worked hard, fought hard, and yes, even played hard in order to spread this dream around the world.

Well, guess what? When you push an idea that hard, when you are the world's leader for a great idea, when you have fought and won wars, or evoked so much change as the American Dream has, inspiring hope, prosperity, charity, all that, you have to expect  one thing above all others.

Your dream, is growing out of your control. It has and is spreading around the world. We haven't however, exported this dream, we have encompassed the world with it. And therefore, we have diluted, for the time being, our vision. If you take a pack of kool-aid, and put it in a pitcher full of water, it makes, well,Kool-aid. However, if you put it in a far larger pitcher, with the same idea (the powder) and more water, it does what? Dilutes it.

But over time, there will be more of the powder available as more manufacture it, become used to it, and want it. So, yes, the American dream may seem to have died for Americans, for the time being, but think about it, we've brought this dream to the entire world and its taking. Finally, its beginning to sweep the world like wild fire.

Don't pull back (don't do it you chicken, you coward), push forward. Yes, its gonna hurt, but hey, you asked for it, you just didn't consider the consequences of your actions.

Have we done the right thing? For us? Not necessarily. For the world, yes, most definitely. In the end, everything will settle down, like dumping a lot of water (or, if you like Kool-aid) into a bathtub. It will slosh around, maybe spill some, but eventually it will even out and everyone will stop be a bit seasick and enjoy the ride.

Is the American Dream dying or dead? No.But quit complaining about what you have done, doing what it did, because if you think about it, it's a good thing. You just didn't consider what happens when you open up a dream beyond your borders. We've had an inkling of it in dealing with the Mexican border. But the paradigm has changed when you weren't looking.

It's expanded beyond our borders and rather than it all being about being within our borders, it's now all about being outside our borders. For decades, for over a hundred years, people have wanted to travel to America and they still do, life is better here than many places. But now people are beginning to see that with effort, with change, they too can have the American dream within the borders of their own country. And they want it.

And why shouldn't they. Didn't we?

Should we pull back, protect ourselves? Or should we help them, bring our vision to the world so that no matter where we go, we see people who are living in freedom and prosperity. Of course, we aren't perfect either, but we have a far better life than many. If you don't believe me, drive south to Mexico sometime. And their poverty is some of the best poverty in the world, as they are next to the only remaining super power, Us.

So, I would say, just stop whining, quitchurbitchin' and get to work being supportive. The world isn't looking to cut our throats and take our stuff, they are looking up to us, to you, to help them.

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