Monday, February 28, 2011

Murdockinations Changes

First, let me mention you can now get to this blog more easily. will now get you here. It's just a redirect, but still, it's easier now.
Art by Marvin Hayes (hanging in my home office)
Now the real news about this blog.
Art by Marvin Hayes
Doing two blogs per day (or more) each week, and one on the weekends, takes time to research and write. Sometimes I have felt lost in the vast Twilight Zone caverns of unbearable in-distinction. People asked me what I was thinking when I started doing it. But originally it was for my own benefit, to get more writing done, be more accountable to my statements, to get used to a stringent schedule, stuff like that.

But I was also working hard on other projects. Some of those other things have paid off and now I'm more busy than before. I simply do not have the time any longer for so many articles per week. So I am at least going to cut down by half, one blog a day, and maybe further back than that. The quality will get better and I will have more time for things I really need to be doing.

I have a couple of screenplays to finish, one for someone else and one for myself. We're still working on the screenplay that is now at a studio being edited. After that, I have other scripts to do. I have a book being edited in house at the publisher. It's an anthology of horror stories waiting for an editor to be free'd up to take it on.

So, I really need to spend more time with those pursuits.

Therefore, I am going to have to cut back to a workable solution, though I'm not quite sure yet what that is, but I'm sure it will evolve over time into whatever is most workable. The down side is that I will have less blogs, the upside is that they will individually be better and its good to note that my other efforts are finally paying off. It's nice to see that when someone works hard on something, it pays off in the end, don't you think? I find that reassuring. Well, it's better than thinking that working hard gets you absolutely nothing.

I'm also looking for a blurb for my book by Clive Barker (no, really, I'm not kidding). If I can only get in contact with him again as I haven't spoken to him in years, though that's not too easy now a days. It used to be far easier when he still lived in London, but those days are past; and hey, good for him.

However, now it's hopefully time for, "good for me", too. I've certainly put in a lot of work. In a few months it will be two years since I decided to make these changes. I started writing all the time back then. It was like (and still is sometimes) working two full time jobs. My day job alone is sometimes like two full time jobs. So I've been pretty busy and its easy to get burned out or feel all is hopeless sometimes.

But I kept pushing through it.

See, that's the key to making it. You simply don't stop. You have to have acceptable quality of course, but as you keep pushing, that too should increase in value. So now its beginning to pay off. I've made many new friends and associates. I've gotten scripts done, and much fiction written. I also started this blog and that has been its own reward and hopefully, has brought some knowledge and humor from time to time, to a few people around the world. It was certainly exciting keeping up with the happenings in Egypt while that was going full bore.

Well, that's all I have for now. I just wanted to state what's going on, why I'm making these changes and what they are to me.

All the best to you.
And yours.
And to those people in those countries of unrest where they are making for themselves a hopefully far better future...soon to come.

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