Quotes Along the Murdock I

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From the writings of JZ Murdock, both the macabre and otherwise:

In Hell you see, souls bleed.
From, The Unwritten

Sometimes your eyes can simply take in more than your heart can hold.
From, The Conqueror Worm in Death of Heaven [Tumblrd]

I want to learn to love you best of all," she said, "and that's just easier if you're dead.
From, The Unwritten, a novel being written on Wattpad

Evasion is about taking the time to make it look like you didn't.
From, Rosebud, in Death of Heaven


Random Murdock quotes from anywhere:

As human beings we are designed to understand reality in a forward thinking fashion. In order to most fully comprehend that reality we need always to practice incorporating that understanding along with history, past experiences and best learned behaviors. Otherwise we set ourselves up to miss much of what is happening right there before us and opening us up for much manipulation and abuse.

Conservatives who can't seem to understand logic living in what I call a "Mind Worm Hole" existence. They get things stuck in their head and it warps reality into whatever they want it to mean.

Quality is what we are questionably urged to supply.
Therefore it is the Quality effort that we strive for.
While a Quantity effort we are urged on about.
And Quantity what we are required to produce.

Paying attention to accurate, transparent history keeps us on the path of moderating our future in the most benign and reasonable directions.

America: the most powerful, brave and progressive country in the world, trying to be run by a progressive and brave constituency who are constantly being hammered at in their attempts to take over control by the most fearful and insecure group of conservatives in the entire world.

It would seem that some Americans have gotten smart enough to realize there is something wrong in government and complain about it, but not smart enough to recognize the right perpetrators. Mostly because they buy it when the perps point to their left saying: "It's them!"

Is there any better gift to oneself than to remember who you truly are? It's a simple thing that we tend to forget. Just remind yourself from time to time, who you are, that you are still there for you and you will feel why you need to do this.

War is madness. It may not always exhibit itself through dismemberment, through exsanguination, by way of weapons heavy with the intent to kill, to terrify, but there will always be war. For war comes from the madness in the heart of humanity. The only hope is in evolving through compassion that war may one day slowly, come to exist no more.

If a religion does not modify itself with humanity it is a defective religion and therefore false in the face of Humanity.

Religions are in general and by definition limited in the potential scope of their ability to be open minded. Whereas science is not, being limited only by potential observations, experimentation and the limits of imagination.

I wrote something once. It came back around the next day and punched me in the mouth.

Seek not the ignorant as leaders for through them is the path to your eventual destruction.

Can there be a greater gift
than to know an old year done,
while a new one sits waiting,
with the end of the old
and hope that springs forth from it?

We have who we have and the memories we have with them. We also have what we believe we will have and those memories we will then have with them. What we leave after we no longer exist
really isn't what we will have at all, but what others will have. So all we really have is our others and our memories.

Pay attention, read a book, learn your history and then apply what you learned to make the world a better place.

I would proffer another reason. Media leads. Media is led by journalism and news. Media follows money, money follows interest. Once our journalism started to look to be for profit, we lost leadership, and so we lost journalism.
And here we are.
It can all be that simple.
No conspiracy. Just no leadership.

Religion has no place in medical, governmental or judicial practices; ethics does.

Most of us live a synthetic, artificial life. Why wouldn't we expect problems?

What if we could only see what is important? What if we could see right through the unimportant? What would the world around us look like then?

It's easy to be tough when you're feeling tough. It's in being tough when you're feeling soft that it shows true character.

Life is risk. Calculate it. Risk it. Live.

Rely not on your stomach ruling your desires; rather allow your desires to rule your stomach.
In looking around us today at this moment one has to ask the question, is evolution moving away from us?

Here's two concepts for survival:
Trust no one.
Never be paranoid.

For some reason I'm the monkey wrench of potential fights. 

Every mind has the potential for brilliance. Find that.

Aren't we just abusing our children in schools in socially acceptable ways so we aren't abusing them in socially unacceptable ways?

I practice the art of Aikido and hammer logic. Either I redirect your (not your) stupid comments, or I hit you (again not you) with a hammer of logic and when I realize you (nope still not you) can't handle it to the point that it has no affect upon your (again....) substance, I find a shiny object off to the side and practice "Cat".

Let's face it.
Modern times are incubating mental illness for some cultures and it's metastasizing along with bombs and AK47s.
Those who achieve power always find that in order to keep it they must achieve more of it.
To maintain the status quo they find, one must continuously change.
However they sell it to the masses that this is just not the case.
Those in power whose fundamental platform is based in this type of endeavor (such as business, money and power) and not people as their primary concern, are far more likely to fall prey to their own machinations that they perpetrate on others, on the masses, and even on their peers.
They will also first and foremost make appear evil such mindsets as are developed through say, democratic socialism, or any other way of doing business that goes agaisnt theirs. This can lead to a kind of paranoia and at times, outright clinical paranoia such as we have seen with Pres. Nixon, or Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.
Just something to think about when you support those you think are looking out for your own best interests, and not their own, or those who you are not in anyway peer to.

In thinking one sees a forest; in sharing one sees a branch.

I have owned and learned about weapons and firearms since I was literally a child. I don't really care so much about how easy we make guns to acquire, as I do about it being easier to get them than it is to vote for how easy we should be able to get them.

It really irritates me that we can evolve enough as a nation of people to pass laws to protect people who need our protection and then we have to continually fight with our own people to be able to continue to protect those people, even though it had been settled, rather than move to spend our efforts then on further evolving into the higher beings that I know we can attain being as a nation.

Wouldn't it be better to have a world wherein some do not have all but all have some?

I refuse to be afraid in politics. That's how conservatives get to be conservatives and fascists to be fascists. Better to get concerned, annoyed and reactive. To rail against those powers that are oppressive and limiting.

More than a handful is... fashion.

"No good deed goes unpunished..." and many a bad one is praised.

Is your art all about striving toward the potential for failure? No? You do realize there's no good argument against that?

"Worrying is the interest paid on a debt you may not owe." ~ Anonymous
So it goes with fear. It is interest you do not have to pay, but choose to do so.
Simply choose not to do so. It is something that could change the face and direction of this entire country, and the world at large.
As long as we still hold breath, we can be a force to reckon with.

We do NOT have to respect anyone's beliefs. We do have to respect that everyone HAS beliefs. There are times most assuredly that we need to disrespect someone's beliefs, albeit in so much as we may (hopefully) be a person of class and distinction, do so respectfully. Therefore...acknowledge what is acknowledge-able. Respect what is respect-able. Stand up against what is not.

Hope that is both focused and intelligent is the catalyst that will cut through all of its misuse.

As a religion grows it becomes exponentially dysfunctional in proportion to the size of its group, the interference of other disparate religions and the evolution of politics within it.

If we are solidly whomever we can be alone, we then have far more to bring to a relationship with any other.

It's been said that a True Artist follows the path of no other Artist. But there are two versions of being an Artist. There is being an Artist in finding your own form of Art that no one else does. Then there is being an Artist in being technically excellent above and beyond what is normally possible for most if not all people. You can be one, the other, or both. But it really doesn't matter. Simply choose one and shoot for them all.

The greatest warriors achieve victory and never enter battle.
Remain ever vigilant while remembering always... courage, compassion and most of all, wisdom.

4K resolution? By 2020 we're going to have screens so clear if you're not careful a slight wind will draw you onto the set of the film you're watching while it's still in production....

Do androids scream in electric sleep?

Were a "God" to exist, "He: would have given us life to live and not to spend entirely on "Him", but to live and exercise the life we were given.
Streaming video may kill DVDs but it won't be successful in my mind until one day you can go to anyone's house, pull out a commercially produced movie or documentary they own and then find it available online for download without much difficulty in locating it to download and at minimal cost. It's important to understand my definition of "commercially produced". I include all things in that going back to Méliès' films from 1896 that have at some point become available to the general public. So commercial, and as some may define them, non-commercial.

To make anything about one thing is to miss the point entirely.

Any religion who is offended by Humankind, who inspires even some of their followers to act in such ways, merely because of who we truly are as humans with all our failings, frailties and difficulties, perhaps what they really need is to find a different race of beings, some other species to disdain and abuse. May I suggest, mosquitoes?

Any religion is offended by humanity and who we truly are as humans, with all our frailties and failings and difficulties, then they really need to find another race.

Screenwriting is about action and reaction, but then it is truly about the silences and the unspoken.

When you allow yourself the freedom to feel the real world around you is safe, only then can you finally merge it with your protective fantasies and delusions.

Isn't living really about fully savoring the depth and poignancy of life's bittersweet moments, while surviving them?

Two things: Learn the rules, so you can use them, not break them, but knowing your limits. You'll end up going further than those who don't know the rules, and you'll not go through the trauma of others who get caught. Apologize later rather than ask permission. You'll get more done, avoid those nay sayers who are afraid of their own shadows (or the boss or authorities) and you'll be seen as a mover and shaker. Just, be sure you don't fail, becuase then another whole set of rules take over.

Religion is History, mystified. It is a way to pass forward the best of humanity, requiring the least questioning. And therein lay it's greatest fault. That inability to update and refine its benefits where at some point, they become decrements and not sacraments, as they have been forced to be seen as.

Thinking you have any right, just because you have the capability, to affect another's life against their will is a mental illness that is not infrequently supported by a social institution known as religion, generally supported by society regardless of how ridiculous the belief system is.

Using iPhone's Siri to communicate for you during a traffic stop:
TRAFFIC COP - Driver's license, registration.
SIRI - Did you mean... diver's license registration?
TRAFFIC COP - No, your dRiver's license and CAR registration
SIRI- Where you asking...where diverse incense and Tajikistan is?
TRAFFIC COP - Look, stop wasting my time!
SIRI - And you're not wasting mine? I didn't stop you ya know....
TRAFFIC COP - Get... out... of... your... car.
SIRI - You cannot divide zero by zero. I have no friends....

Happiness is not so much a state of mind as it is a series of pleasing events interspersed with other events of dissatisfaction acting as a palette cleanser, lowering and resetting future expectations. When achieving the right pattern of events, one feels "happy" much in the same way viewing 24 frames per second allows one to feel they are watching actual events play out before them.

People like to say that the inmates are running the asylum. If Only the inmates Were running the asylum! Rather than just the idiots. At least then we'd see some creativity, even if little logic. Which is what we're seeing now... anyway. Little logic.

Religion is imagination played out in the real world.

I have found that I can try to force reality to my wishes and deal with the constant nervous breakdowns, or I can try to work with reality, see positive changes and have a rewarding life. Religion from what we're seeing for many, just gives people control issues.
It's a very western thing to try and force nature to your reality, rather than try and blend your reality into that which already exists. There are certainly times wherein that is not always the answer, but neither is it always never the answer.

I dream of dreaming the dream and upon waking find that although it may not be the dream, it isn't what it was, either.

Knowledge is not true power, Wisdom is. 
Knowledge can be wrong. 
Wisdom by it's definition cannot be. 

It is your choice which you strive for. 

There's always three moments happening at any one time of your life.
The one you are existing in and traveling through, the one you are experiencing that you are existing in and traveling through and the one that anyone else is experiencing that you are existing in and traveling through. 
You have to decide, no one else, which of those three moments in each moment of your life that you are responsible for. That responsibility depends upon your choices up to that point, the circumstances that are unfolding around and to you, and the connections you have to those others who might be experiencing you journey, if not those others who may in some way or other experience your journey at some later point in time.
But hey, no stress....

"With grateful thoughts of those who have gone before us to whom we owe a great debt, our humble thanks.
To the families of those, also go our humble thanks.
To those who dishonor the memory of those we have lost in service to the public good as well as those currently actively serving and also deserving of our appreciation may those dishonorable individuals and groups one day grow enough emotionally and intellectually to understand just what they do and then turn around and start to do what is right." - Memorial Day 2015

Consider I seem to have fucked this up repeatedly in my life, I'm reviewing and wondering if we should be seeking that one other person in the world who isn't an asshole, or if we should be seeking out that one other person who like you for them, can completely put up with how much of an asshole you are?

Our goal in life shouldn't be to be as happy as or happier than others appear to be to us. Along that path lay madness. Rather we should try to be at least as miserable as most people are so that we appear, at least to ourselves, as normal. With of course, the extreme long term goal if at all possible, of being just that one iota less miserable than they are.

Here's a good piece of advice.
Biggest mistake in proving christianity is, using the bible.
Biggest mistake in disproving christianity is, not using the bible or, only using the bible.

You know I could be a stand up comedian but my ego it be fragile of late and it's hard to accumulate a decent (or any) fan-base when you're always shooting at them from the stage.

Ignorance, thy name is religion. Or is it Religion, thy name is Ignorance? Either way, enough pain, suffering, stupidity, ignorance, bigotry, foolishness, archaic ways, adherence to status quo and retarding the advancement of the entire human rice.

As we get older it gets more and more foolish to not be who we are and seek that person out for their advice

Is charisma and "magnetism" just our unrecognized attraction to sociopathic individuals?

It's always lonely on the top, but not at the bottom.

Seek the company of those you can aspire to be like and allow those who cannot aspire even to be as good as you, to simply fade away.

BLAH - Bullsh*t laced around hype.

Want to screw up your vested interest in a country full of disparate vested interests?
Try to make yours the primary vested interest.

Fear of change for change's sake is fear of reality. Something we've been seeing more and more and more of....
T Shirt Design (Blade Runner reference twist):
"Don't know, I don't know such stuff.
I just do letters, ju-, ju-, just words...
just grammeric design, just sentences.
You Reader, huh? I design your readings."

"If only you could see what
I've read through your words!"

Failure is our payment for experiences that will lead to future successes

From what I've seen, kids today are no more stupid than kids tomorrow.
Your ignorance is certainly not stupendous, it is merely nominal.

Admit it. You somehow got up this morning, went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and started the slow clap.

Life is not about fear. It's about moving bravely forward.
Most would agree that in itself, that is not such a debatable statement.
Nor is it so much about the definition of the word bravely, though that does confuse some.
Sadly, it's the definition of the word forward, that so befuddles some and to such a degree.

Tough and brave are great things, until they crossover into stupid.

Most of the time in life we swerve to avoid an obstacle. But sometimes, we really do need to just hit it head on...as hard as possible.

If technology isn't working for you, you're working for it.

Another day of shooting the great grand shotgun of future possibilities....

In Hell, souls bleed. In Life, souls weap. Better it is to live, perhaps to weep, than to die, perhaps to bleed.

I think once you break the chain of logic, to still try to maintain it is... adorable.

Humor is in the eye of the beholder, so try to behold humor whenever possible.

Beyond reality is what actually is.

You are if anything one of the few, not one of the only.

I find I'm much easier on a significant other if I'm single.

I'm sometimes amazed by how we come to believe we are forced to exist a certain way when it is really our choice and we simply won't allow ourselves to see that because of either a mind block or out of shear laziness.

General words of wisdom and helpful platitudes are for the mostly functional and healthy. Adapt them to fit your situation, don't simply discard them outright because they don't fit your life. After all, wisdom is in what you find that is useful to you, what makes your life better, and then in how you apply it.

There is nothing easy about making life what you want of it. If you see others who seem to make it effortless, don't be fooled either by their good luck, position, or behind the scenes efforts. For the few, things come naturally. For the many (you, me, most people), things don't, and take hard work. We make our luck in life, one way or another, don't think that we don't.

This is The Game, this is The Challenge, this is Your Life.

Regarding infidelity, in few things does one time show a pattern, this is one of them. That being said, what happens between one couple may not happen between one of them when with another as a couple. That being said, one time shows a pattern.

The less you know about your beliefs, the easier it is to stick to them.

"Faith", is a powerful tool to be used and not abused; to use not blindly, but effectively. It is most notorious for being abused by the religious, but they are not the only abusers.

Never stop questioning but do not debate everything. That which is self evident, obvious, a priori, exist for a reason. Question these among yourself, occasionally with others, but do not debate them always and with everyone. For to do so is simply to be an irritant for irritation's sake.

Have knowledgeable friends. Not friends who merely think they are knowledgeable..
I see the mind as the soft-hardware located in the brain which is the hard-software of the mind.
Sometimes I feel I have to be thankful that I have such good memories to offer me a history of what's possible in the future.

Only the student can defeat the Master. Only the Master can defeat the Student who could defeat the Master.

Ignorance is noble but as practiced today, it's disgusting.

Seek your bliss. Push it not onto others.

I've spent my entire life poking the Devil with a sharp stick and I've learned one very important and invaluable lesson....always use a long enough stick.

There are two parts to this and the first part is cliche and obvious:
Knowledge is power, when held only by the few, it is power over the many.
Then the second part: 
Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge, held only by the few, is power over the many.
One has to have knowledge others do not, to hold power over and control them. But to be one who has done this and who would do this, one has to be lacking knowledge, otherwise, one would not do this.

I've said many times in my life that if what was happening wasn't so ridiculous to the point of being funny, my life would just simply suck. I mean, if it was sucking anyway, I might as well enjoy the humor that nature and circumstances had built into it.

On writing and being a writer: Read. Read about writing. Learn new things always. Write. Write more. Write and rewrite it, then again. Get people to read your writing and appreciate those who will and actually say something in comment (not just yeah it's good, or, it sucks). When you give someone something of yours to read, don't ask them about it again for a week or a month; then never again, because they aren't someone to give your writings to. Never give a first draft of anything to anyone, ever. If they do you the honor of reading your writing, do them the honor of never seeing your first draft even though one day you may be able to write a first draft, send it off and get paid for it being published. Save, everything you write, then use it some day if you can. Did I say write constantly? And rewrite what you write? Writing really is rewriting until one day it just may no longer be necessary.

Certitude has been responsible for much of Humanity's problems. Religion is the ultimate certitude. Authoritarianism is a step aside from it.

When life gets you down, just minimize things and remember....In a universe of a dichotomy between fresh and soiled toilet paper there IS nothing better in the universe than fresh.

I like women who have height. I guess that sounds like I like tall women. But that's not what I mean, I mean I don't much care for women who don't have height. Crap, now it sounds like I don't like short women.
Sometimes less, even much less, is more, much more.

Loose lips sink ships but a slit wrist slips away slowly till silent and still.

Hard work pays off. Just seldom soon enough so that it seems worth it.

I've always been afraid of heights. I used to love speed and going fast, but I got very tired of the sudden, sometimes painful stops at the end.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
But unlike happens in most corporate or government settings,
If it IS broke, don't Not fix it.
But if you do,
And it's still broke,
Just don't not fix it, again.

Though the tiger is dangerous, the dragon will appear when the tiger is expected and from another place. Such is the nature of the dragon.

Frequently, brilliance is not in the "genius" of the person speaking, but of the person listening.

Horror fiction be it film, animation, art, prose or poem, should be a roller coaster ride that sweeps you away from your reality, that removes you from the rut that life can leave on your mental palate, that strips the dust off of your emotional framework and educate you on things you may never experience. In the end, it should return you to your life refreshed, reinvigorated and rejuvenated.

When Opportunity knocks you have to be ready to get off your ass, grab on with both hands and hold on for dear life. Many just let it slip by or recognize it only after it's passed; many who grab on, eventually let go. Don't. And Be Prepared.

Isn't God an atheist? Think about it.

When you consider someone for marriage, don't just consider them as someone who would be good to be married to. Also consider them as someone you'd be proud to be divorced from.

Somewhere between the Subjective Objective and the Objective Subjective lies the Truth that most matters to us in relation to our specific private and our common lives.

I breathe words....

How to get out of your own way: Step aside. Let yourself excel.

Everything happens for a reason, that reason is absolutely no reason.

Bombs are for wimps. In war, they are acceptable. War however, isn't acceptable. Out of war, they are unacceptable. Where they are just for wimps.

In many things, purity is death.

Just because it's real, doesn't mean it isn't fantasy.

It's odd how one can think one is to be in a relationship, forever. Then fears one is in the relationship forever. Then suddenly are outside wondering how it didn't last forever, or worse, might have.

We are governed by those who wish to govern in the lowest common denominator. Two elements that don't make for great governance.

Hell isn't big, just the anguish. - The Unwritten

Everything sucks. Heaven is where you make it.

Persistence can be everything in achieving a goal. But one of the most powerful tools one has is to know when to quit (not give up, but end a perseverance) and move on to more productive things.

Whatever you make God, be it God, or Money, Mao, Lenin, what or whoever, it will tend to go wrong. Even people. But we need to hold people up as more important than most things, just perhaps, not the environment. Still, there needs always to be a balance. We are now and have long been, Koyaanisqatsi.

It may be true that people react to fear not love, as Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon once said, but
people react to fear with protection, and love with affection.

Republicans need to reminded, although they may not be Democrats, they are still expected to act like democrats.

Because you're THERE, you can see who I am.
Because YOU'RE there, you can see who I can be.

I tripped on a thought before I was born and suddenly fell into... all this nonsense.

We pay for education everyday. It just helps to recognize it

Ignorance is noble. Everyone starts out ignorant.
Sustaining ignorance however, especially in this day and age, is a cancer that is easy enough to fight against, with knowledge. But you have to want to fight against your own (and your group's) bias and agendas, which is another cancer.
Knowledge by the way, is actual information, verified information; not just what sounds good to you or yours.

I met myself once. He killed me, but no one ever noticed. He's talking to you here, now, in fact. But no one will believe him. You won't believe him. He's really quite a pretentious bastard.

Everybody gets a lucky break. Most are either not aware of it or ready for it.

There is not a bone in my body that has any fear whatsoever of sharks...until I get near large bodies of water.

It used to be that one needed to get the most up to date news one could in order to have the most accurate view of the world. Today, with the advent of instant media and biased news coverage, it is necessary to delay the intake of news, in order to get the most accurate view of the world.

The first thing you need in order to be prepared for the future, is to have an accurate view of the present and a reasonable understanding of the past.

I had a smart phone once. It left me for a smarter phone.

I covet a covey
of talent and art.
A deft duvet of
a magical muse,
a dream well dreamt.
A sunset and a sunrise,
with the right child of indigo
on a dawn soft with whispers
of days gone passed, and
a future yet to come.
Anticipated and desired,
with silence and joy,
and a gentle promise
of much, much more
to come....

Drinking Cabernet.
But seriously want Scotch.
It's been... quite a "week".

We are all born, everyone of us, with a gift. It is our job in life to find out what that is. There is nothing more sad than to have lived and died, never having known you had one; when all along you always had, you just never found it out.

When one is planting one foot firmly on a cloud, and then stepping from there onto another cloud, one can quickly find, that one is standing on clouds.

Heartfelt and honest wins the day.

Life is in a way like a war. There are long periods of intense boredom punctuated with moments of great clarity and wonder, or utter anguish and sheer terror. Though we do what we can to find the former in life, and whatever we can to decrease as near to zero as possible, the latter, perhaps it’s just that we usually have it backward.

Karma, like Buddhism and religion in general is usually misunderstood, misused and typically utilized without first understanding one's starting point.

We tend always as humans and more so in groups, to over-think, to ritualize, to overemphasize if not the wrong elements, elements of just about any good thing.
It's a shame really.

Life’s... not easy, no matter what you’re doing, or who you're doing it with; only for the few of us and, few of us are those people.

Reflecting back observations of a bully's behavior as it happens is like micro pinholes in a balloon; all depending on your tone toward culling diffusion, or frustration; heartfelt, honest and compassionate, or snarky, snide and sardonic.

Use your energies well, don't just toss them down one.

Sign over my desk when I worked years ago at a frustrating, somewhat demeaning job: "Apathy, can sometimes be a very healthy thing." My boss (we were both up for the lead job but she got it having had more office experience, though I had a degree and was older) told me one day, "I always wondered about that sign, but today finally, I think I get it and you're right."

Sometimes... I feel like I'm in the giant wet paper bag of life and can't fight my way out.

Day the Comedy Died. Robin Williams death is for comedy what "the day the music died" was for music. Completes the set with Jonathan Winters.

I wonder sometimes if some people seem to have bad Karma because they never actually take the time to "wind" it up.

There is always hope, as long as hope is kept alive by action.

I don't think we give enough credit to certain rather unique types of people... say, trampolining acupuncturists.

Love is the Divine Madness.

Therapy is an art in a field with few artists.

If people really believe in God, then they simply have to accept that all these selfie's with a firearm are just God's version of late term abortions.

I just realized that all through my life it was always hope that kept me going during the really rough times. Hope in my ability to get myself out of just about anything.

Stress wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for it being so damn stressful, redundant, and common.

Time is a demon on a racetrack speeding into eternity, with us as fuel.

Beware of false ignorance, it is ignoble and more dangerous than knowledge.
[The opposite of false ignorance is not knowledge. To be falsely ignorant would be one who is being ignorant, but not really, so that they have chosen their ignorance. This presupposes a kind of agenda that actually propagates false knowledge. It is a kind of behavior that is both insidious and fundamentally, dangerous. 
Example: "Monsanto was exhibiting false ignorance in their understanding that the chemicals could not give children deformities."]

Religion: Hindsight sold to the masses as Foresight.

We exist in a photograph, a mere slice in time, but have convinced ourselves that we exist in a movie, merely because of reality.

Standing on the Bridge of Life Maladjusted, I sensed which future I'd find least mistrusted.

What does this really mean? Love the one you've chosen to be with, not just the relationship you have with them.

Politics is a Jenga game big enough that when you pull the wrong piece out, you cannot avoid it landing on you.

I have a few sayings on stupidity:
"Absolute power may corrupt absolutely, but absolute stupidity absolutely stupefies."

"Ignorance is noble. Stupidity isn't."

"Everyone is ignorant, it's a normal state of being. Stupidity however is consciously choosing to remain ignorant."

"Ignorance is not a pursuit. Stupidity is."

The temperature of Truth is not subjective as some believe.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially when its possessor thinks it is more than it is.

Filthy Lucre... I wish to be dirty; but, in a clean way.

Everything is mission disposable during the mission if it achieves the mission.
I have nightmares sometimes that require first reading a thick, comprehensive manual before experiencing.

Reflecting on a maturity ill followed is best left unconsidered in no universe whatsoever.

I have an idea, let's set up a systemized network of greed, let's call it capitalism, then not be greedy. I'm sure that will work.

Is there a word worse than the "N" word?
I mean, the only thing worse than being called Negative is actually being Negative.
What's important isn't that you Are enlightened. It's that you Try to be enlightened.
But really let's face it, being enlightened is better.

Intolerate intolerance!

The sting through life is evermore
Bitter if one should ponder
Reflecting wry upon its bite
Blue studies become not blonder
I'm not stupid ignorant;
I'm ignorant, stupid.

Just thought you should know, I'm a recovering child.

Apparently, stupid, is the new cool.
Which, I've always defined as "selective ignorance"; when one choose to remain ignorant in the face of facts to the contrary.

Sometimes, you hack my gettles up.

Bigger isn't always best. Best is. Always.

I've coined the word today (5/29/2014, Facebook), "Aholiness" An asshole who find themselves holier than thou in their thinking they are knowledgeable when they aren't and are adamant and fundamentally stupid about it.

Ah love, if but we all had such a light to keep pace with through this great shadow our life endeavors yet and always to exercise us from.

Periods of transition can be periods of great difficulty and concern but later tend to be viewed as periods of great and hopefully not missed, opportunities.

Lead and stop following. Challenge and stop fearing. Achieve and stop merely existing.

Ever have that feeling in life where you are say a pilot and you know you need to fly a plane but you find you're in a gondola?
Or you need to be on a train but you find yourself on a subway?
Or you need to be riding a horse, but you're rollerblading alone along a shoreline path?
Or, you're trying to make a point but you've gone far beyond the bounds of reasonableness to the point that your possible audience has now fallen asleep or zoned out entirely?

I'd give a hell of a lot to know just what in the hell I'm doing, but I'd give a hell of a lot more, not to have to know at all.

If one says that if you cannot answer who created the universe, then it must have been God, then ask them, from whence came God? Because if a lack of explanation of the origin of the universe bespeaks the necessity of a God having created it, then the lack of an explanation of the origin of God bespeaks the necessity of a lack of belief in that God.

As parents it's our job to teach our children. If as parents we think we are not learning anything from our children, then we aren't making use of or acknowledging one of our greatest learning resources.

A conspiracy theory is merely our effort to find patterns in ignorance.

It's sad really how there seem to be a lot of knuckle-draggers out there, who have access to media who like to portray the populace as uneducated low achievers.

When you make someone else suffer, even if they deserve it, it calls into question not who they are, but who you are.

Once we start to see reasonable and ethical considerations applied to business overall, once those continuing the way we have for so long start to become ostracized outliers by the majority of their peers, then we will know that we as a race are finally on the way out of our adolescence, if not our childhood

Beauty is beauty wherever it exists. If you are straight and can't see that, or gay and can't see that; whether conservative or liberal, political or religious, or not; if your view on life will not allow you to see beauty where beauty exists, then it is you that has a problem. Then maybe it is you, who is the problem.

If you were even half the idiot I am, you'd understand twice what I'm trying to tell you....

Well that was half a sliver of brilliance.

When you have to, you punch someone in the face, in order to let them go later.

Sometimes in relationships, you just have to take what you get. Then you have to make the best of it, or you should have gotten out to begin with. What you need to understand though is no that matter who you end up with, you still have to take what you get. That's human nature. Everyone is difficult at times. It's those who don't understand that, who seek perfection, who are the ones who get out. Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Being mature means you understand those two important things. Sadly, most people are immature, and that too is human nature. We need to understand that at times life is hard, but we make it through the tough times. We rise to the occasion. If we can make it through those tough times with someone, all the better. Because then we are all... the better for it.

To follow the adage, "I believe what I see", is to cut yourself off from the majority of what is out there to know about.

Spend your life finding mentors, not trying to be smarter than everyone in the room.

"There is only this moment. For you, there is only, this, moment. If you make the right decision, then following this moment, there is... a lifestyle. But. If you make the wrong, decision. There IS only... this moment."

Stop ruminating and take the time to carve yourself out of a desire and into a product
When there is calm within, one can easily relax in the midst of a storm and weather it well. However, when there is not calm within and when there is also a storm on the outside, it can quite quickly and easily become unbearable.

As you say and as you wish,
My desire is only for clarity.
For truly to see, is truly to Be.
And truly to Be, is all anyone can wish. -- Yeah, donno why. Just is.

Once you've truly opened your eyes, closing them, changes nothing.

"Coincidences" occur only within a politicians life.
It is vitally important that we should all have at least a clear and rudimentary understanding of science. Perhaps even more importantly, we need to communicate that knowledge to those who do not.

A government who pushes agendas which many of the people know are false, is only driving toward the cliffs of disbelief, a short drive to the next stage of freefall which I think, we are now in.

A writer is one who produces writings and/or books. An author is one whose books are actually read by people who want to read more of them.

Having been a Senior Technical Writer myself, I now see myself as writer and author with most of my orientation around fiction, though I still write non-fiction. Writing a book is something anyone can do, and certainly does not make one an author, in my mind. It takes a wee bit more than simply producing words on a page. One must also entertain and not distract the reader with one's words, but rather with the story.

I know that Sunny Tzu said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but he never offered to mention the consideration of having only very clean enemies.

Nothing, is just a deeper well of somethingness.

We will all rise to extraordinary actions in extraordinary times. It's the definition of extraordinary that is key and defines the individual.

Once in a while, read the book upside down and backward.

In two words, what's good about conservatives and progressives?
Conservatives offer stability and status quo. Great!
So, what's good about progressives?
Well they offer progression, obviously (from status quo) and, innovation, which is, chance.
But, chance is change.
True status quo however, is stagnation and thus, stability.
As change is a given (else time stops), change is therefore required for status quo, thus, chance.
Since status quo as a concept is fallacious, as inevitable progress through time asserts progression and thus, change; status quo is change and yet, supersedes change.

So, what are conservatives there for?

An innocent man cannot accept his guilt, but only because of his innocence.

A Faith that can be shaken or destroyed with logic is not a Faith based on doctrine that is worthy of that Faith. But a Faith that cannot even be shaken by logic is dangerous and will eventually become destructive.
I'm not really an annoying clown, I just play one on the stage of Life.

A sad day for funny, but a funny day for sad. - on the passing of a wonderful filmmaker, Harold Ramis

It is good to remember that we all have two sides to ourselves, at the very least. The side from which we see how we wish to be or wish to be seen, and that side that doesn't usually see how we actually are, up against who we want to be. Who we truly are, is somewhere in between.

Typically, you're only as cool as you look.
Until, they get to know you.

Then, you'd better bring, game.

As an artist, I merely guide entropy to what feels to me like the obvious conclusion.

Support Wineries. Become a Writer.

Failure, is nature's way of making you regroup and start making the right choices. That's all it is, so don't let it overwhelm you. That, is not it's purpose.

Above all, don't take life too seriously.
Because, it's a killer if you do.
Even seemingly "bone crushing" defeat, is merely entertaining, if you don't.

If you think that you are that special that there just isn't a job that fits you or you simply can’t find a job that fits you; or, you can’t find a job because there just aren't any available, then create a job that fulfills a purpose and a need where it didn't exist before and apply for you to fill it. If however that is too hard for you, then you have to wonder, just how special are you really?

For years I was suck on the one big question of, "Why." When really, that can drag on forever. But when replacing the "Why" with, "How", now that is something whose answer can be immediately useful. Not that we should never again consider the "Why". Just that the "How" is more productive in producing useful, real world results. I cannot build a plane with the answer to, "Why." But I can with the answers that result from, "How".
Morality disguised as fact, is evil.

It's not that many conservatives and fundamentalists can't handle the truth, it's that they can't recognize it.
Is alcohol worse than pot? Is pot a terrible drug? Well just consider... Barack Obama smoked in college (probably before and after at least for a while), He even bogarted the joints ("Interception!"). He became president. It's obviously a very terrible drug...for Republicans.
Question Authority, not reality.
So much water under the bridge, so much water left.

Yesterday I met the hammer of influenza and found that we are not friends.

The most you can be to someone is, useful. Ask yourself, thinking about those whom you most care about, how useful are you to them? Just how useful have you been to them?

IS laughter "brain orgasms"? Discuss.
I think laughter came about in an evolutionary sense, because of how stressful it was to be in the middle of the food chain, to look like a monkey and be sitting in a tree all day.
So one day one monkey was watching another monkey who when he fell out of the tree, got eaten by some carnivore or other, and so to relieve stress, she laughed and laughed, just sitting there safe and secure in the tree and found that.. she quite enjoyed it! Laughing at a guy falling to his death by being turned essentially into "pulled pork", which is hard for a monkey to do. But not really.
Life is a continuously wondrous series of events where one has either to watch one of life's rocks rolling onto you or down away from you. Always, keep the high ground.

Today I know,
tomorrow I remember,
the next day I am reminded of my remembrances.

As Nelson Mandela did in making his people, all people, his "religion", what could we all accomplish if rather than spending our time and human capital on worshiping ethereal entities and focusing on religious beliefs, if instead we spent all that inaction capital as action capital all upon of our species? Just what great goods could then be accomplished?

Politicians talk including all elements of society and switch between them without notice. Whereas all people live their lives as individuals dealing with one element or another, but completely unable to functionally consider all those elements, both higher and lower, within their lives. People live with what is before them and in the moment and those moments anticipated and eventual. Politicians live with all of that, and that of larger groupings, the more divorced from the individual, the longer the impact of their affectuations on those individuals.

When you crave something, don't just feed it. Consider why you're craving it. It's indicating something out of balance that you need to adjust.

Who we are as a nation goes beyond,
who we are individually or
on a daily basis.

Our flag represents what America means.
That is, freedom of self,
freedom to live,
freedom to be happy.

To better oneself,
regardless of those bigger or better,
of the realities of life, or
the disparity and dislike of others.


If you want to be the leaders of tomorrow, embrace the future. I don't see the republicans doing much of that. More like they are trying to embrace the past. So I guess they want to be the leaders of yesterday.

The best defense to being shot at, is to not allow the bullet to hit anything vital. Like, yourself.

I'm an acquired taste, best prepared in a blender.

Idealism needs to be balanced with reality and not as we tend to see it as kids and young adults, as idealism vs. reality. But never lose that idealism completely. We also need that...sometimes, a lot.

Madness? Meet, Method.

Generally speaking, when it's hard, go soft. But when it's soft, go hard.

If not you, then who?
If not who, then what?
If not what, then when?
If not when, then why?
Remember kids, Monday is just a very, VERY early Friday morning.

So many think they are so much and yet, they are so little... to the rest of us.
So very, very little.

Religious tomes are historical compendiums of oxymoronic confluences not unZen like in their nature, though almost completely without Zen's potential to impel cognitive augmentation.

Zero tolerance is usually a pretty good way to point a finger at yourself.

I'm not a real intellectual. I just play one on the internet.

If only more people realized that we are raised to be defective and it's our job as adults to correct what our parents couldn't, the world would be much better place.
We should make fun of fools on a daily basis, and the best fool to make fun of is the one making the fool look even more foolish.

Those times when you finally lash out at the cruel harshness of the world; at that natural anxiety that lives inside you, always; at the underlying horror that you know dwells within the soil that lies beneath that shear fabric of the universe; at those oh so cheaply attached heads on those oh so foolish individuals who stood before you, ranting, for no particularly good reason that doesn't do you any good at all in how you are feeling....and yet, you do start to feel better now, and you realize, I can always clean this mess up in the morning.
Happy Halloween....

When I see someone now a days pull out a check book, I just start stabbing myself in the head with their pen and they get their merch for free.

I have never been more correct in my life, than with this statement....
With the advent of the Internet a double phased Phoenix was birthed to Humankind, comprised in one form of the birth of memory of an entire species, and in yet another, its death.

It's accepted that humor is pain plus time. So what isn't funny at first, is after enough time has passed. Or if you are divorced from the situation as in, it didn't happen to you.

If I couldn't have laughed at my situation in life in the moment, if I hadn't had that ability to see in present time as if in hindsight, I doubt I'd be here now. :) It's a good skill to have.

I really don't bother with being good or proper so I will go to Heaven. I just figure when I get to the pearly gates in the end to be judged I can always fall back on, Well Hell, I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't make heads or tales of it. For proof, let's review my life.
(after reviewing it)!
See? You said the meek shall inherit the earth and if anyone is confused it's the meek, right? So, there.

And then they will let me in.

I've been trying hard to move all my work to Fridays and then, take Fridays off.

I've been pretty prolific with ideas lately, jotting them down a lot. I've also had some jokes in ricocheting around my head. Sadly, they are all too easy to see whenever I look in the mirror....

There is a rope that aims at me from the future and just "seeing" it, knowing it's there is helpful in tough times and sometimes, I'll grab it and pull me though the darkest periods.

I haven't been able to sleep well lately. My mind keeps waking me up middle of the night doing stand up. Hard to sleep during stand up.

I am proudly a racist. I believe in having races. Car, motorcycle, foot, swimming, jet, sled, ski, even, people. The more we try to achieve, the more we diversify, the more quality we have in Humanity.
So I say, Race On People!

I fully agree about not judging people because of your beliefs, whatever they are or however right they may be. We each need to ascend on our own schedule as we can. Until that point that others achieve a level that others feel is appropriate, compassion, really is a good way to relate to one another. And for those who will here point out some exception to the rule, please come closer to explain it to me, I'm holding a non violent truncheon.

The universe "breathes" as a function of its existing and as its exhale achieves full evacuation, we all stop existing. Then as its inhale achieves full inflation, we find life and continued existence. But so much of this experience is an illusion like watching a film, as the many frozen images passing the eye, trick us into believing there is fluid motion.

"Momentism", can save your life. Buddhism is mainly based in that.

You are what you are. Rather than not liking yourself, simply like yourself and if you think you'd like to be different, work toward that. But you are now what you are, now. To feel bad about that is simply a waste of energy now, isn't it.
Legends aren't born, they're grown.

Fearing failure is fearing success.

When I was younger, my older brother (by 7 years and whom I looked greatly up to) used to be able to just tear me another one in the game of verbal abuse (post high school (for me)).
Then I went through the military and after being a Sgt. and all that, I eventually got out and one day we got into it (finally). But this time I tore HIM another one. He looked at me stunned for a moment, then turned to his friend and said,
"Pretty good. Now he can dish it out like a professional." Somehow I was suddenly more equal to him as of that day, at least in his mind.
Just one of those times one lives for, to live long enough to experience.

I just got a spam email asking if I needed help with alcoholism.
So. No. Greedy bastards. Not really.

I'm doing just fine with it all by myself....
I need to stop juicing with stressberries....

If you don't have a dream, borrow someone else's who's not using theirs....

If in life you keep leaning on a crutch, you will come to find one day that the crutch has become an integral part of who you are. Remember that whenever you believe you require one, make the choice knowing what you are selecting to bring into your life, into your being.
Perhaps the greatest sin one can commit against oneself is to not allow a better greatness to evolve within oneself beyond what one believes they can achieve.

Now that gay marriage is going forward and pot is being legalized on a regular basis, next we really need to decriminalize intelligence....

It's amazing how good it feels to giggle. It's a slight laugh. Yet a full enjoyment of a situation that cuddles your insides through to the core and echoes back out to your head, eyes and throat, mouth and nose. It's a full body, top'o the mornin' kind of howdy do.

One has to pay attention in life for those chances that will serve you well and advance your goals. Many of us sit around whining that those golden things never happen to us when they may perhaps be happening all the time, if eyes are open, chances are taken, and sweat is induced toward what we want. Some lucky few of us do have more chances than others because of any number of things like timing, proximity, attitude, skill. Or even Luck. Many successful people note that luck has much to do with it. Luck being timing, proximity, attitude, skill.
 There's an old saying that is good to consider:
When opportunity knocks,
answer the door.
You never know when it will stop knocking.
 And we all know that Opporknockity tunes only once... right?

There is more to the Killing, than the act.
If someone tries to kill you, if you are the better person, you need to stop them; if need be, kill them. Sometimes even if you are on the side of right, the one who should survive may not always be you. You also need to consider those around you and if you are killing only your attacker, or innocents and how that weighs in. In any combat you and they have to consider that in the end, both the King and the Pawn go in the same box. In the end, we are all of this planet and our conflicts affect the future. You also have to consider that if you do give this thought, they may not.
There is more to the Killing, than the act.

Expressions of fanaticism, self-righteousness and intolerance simply do not need the added impetus of even further narrowed religious constraints and should in either form be considered fully and completely unacceptable.

I wouldn't ask of anyone, to stand alone against all odds. It's not for everyone and it never will be. Some of us are too fragile, though it is an ideal to strive for.
But I would ask that everyone speak up in whatever way they find plausible, doable, reasonable, and even then some.
If you can stand and stand alone if need be, you have our respect at least, as long as you're not misguided, ignorant, or foolish in what you stand for. For many are.
Think about what you stand for. Stand for what you think about.
Be informed and found your beliefs in things that are founded.
Let people know when you see wrong, and when you are wrong.
When you feel others being abused, when you find people thinking negatively through emotions and not positively through their heart and mind, do something, do anything to help siphon off the despair they may be causing whenever and wherever you discover it.
Find happiness in your life and bring that happiness to those others around you.

In Life, one should strive to use the knowledge of as many of the world's greatest thinkers that are available to you to build a code to follow.
An intelligent person will know to try and always follow that code even when it's most difficult.
A truly intelligent person will also know when to throw out that code because it has trapped them into a situation that, although structurally correct, is fundamentally wrong. Because no code works in every situation. This is what is so fundamentally wrong with religion.
An enlightened person however, will know when that situation too, is also wrong, and yet will know what the right thing to do is, what is truly right and what is truly wrong.
And they will also know that in some situations like this, there simply are no right and wrong solutions, and that no matter what you do there is even no best of all possible answers. Yet still they will survive to know and make the right choice, another time.

We strive to limit and make the most of ourselves in part for those moments when we can truly let go and have no guilt about what luxuries we have earned. Well, enjoying a little guilt only enhances the experience. Much like little clothing can be more sensual then none.

Once your job becomes your life, your life becomes your job. So be sure your job is what you love. But don't necessarily turn what you love into a job.

At what point does one turn to oneself and say, "Something isn't right with me", and then, one does something right?

It has been said that,"Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance" (Unknown)
This is true. But one does have to be careful to consider accepting mediocrity and oppression, too. Sometimes you should perhaps, not have serenity. But if you can achieve serenity in opposing what shouldn't be accepted, then you are finding true Peace... and True Serenity.

Isn't having a "Mid Life Crisis" really having an "End of Life Crisis"? I mean your Life right now is literally the end point of your life, moving with each second into the future by one second, every second. So wouldn't you really be having an end of life crisis and it's that realization that is bugging you and making you want to seek pleasure and excitement?

One of the hardest thing to convince yourself of when you're young. You won't be young, forever.

Last night I had said that my one guiding principle in my life has been, Truth. But I'd like to append that. It was my guiding principle from childhood. But then sometime at University while exploring my Psychology dgree I finally came to understand, and more and more over the next two decades till now, that Truth with compassion, was truly what I had been looking for. Compassion does not mean hiding the Truth, nor being necessarily wishy washy about it. It means, sharing it in a way that does the least amount of damage possible, with the greatest amount of productive impact. Truth without compassion is just mean but Truth with too much compassion is a lie and does a disservice to us all.

One of our greatest abilities is that of being able to ignore what is important and yet distasteful to think about. It is also our most devastating ability.

Maybe all this time we've had it backward and we are born into death and then when you die, you start Life. Which is... Nirvana, or simply nothingness. [Consider, if "The word literally means "blown out" (as in a candle) and refers in the Buddhist context, to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished". Well?]

It's all about power. Money or guns, he who holds all the cards deals the winning hand.

Ah, life, can't live with it sometimes, can't live without it any of the time.

Remember always that the Universe will find that place in the world where, in the end, you should really be. So, don't worry. 
If anyone knows the Universe personally, please let me know. 
Because I would like to get a few minutes alone together. 
In private. 
Out of earshot. 
In a sound proofed room. 
With a secret exit.

During Lincoln's time, I hear there were still things that were self evident.
Like, evolution. Sanity. Intelligence.
True evil I discovered years ago, is making people believe reality is not as it truly is, by way of your filter being pushed upon others. When that world view is negative, self centered and manipulative, especially with an agenda where the end justifies the means, you have achieved the epitome of the Hallmark of Evil. 

Ignorance allows superstition, superstition allows magic, magic allows imagination, imagination allows creativity, creativity allows progress... and kills ignorance.

Religion was only ever meant to give a cartoon explanation to uneducated, superstitious people of the structure of their world/universe. Once you have the ability to become educated, and once you educate yourself openly without a filter through your religion, you begin to see beyond. And at that point, all religions start to have problems and begin to fall apart. 

"Of the people, for the people and by the people", does not mean what some of the people think should be the rule for all of the people. It means that for all of the people, the greatest good should be made available for all the people. Not that all of the people should be denied their freedoms because of some of the people think they should be denied them. 

Intent or the greatest desire of doing something, is simply not the same as action.

The future must belong to those who can handle others slandering their most cherished beliefs and still continue on in a positive fashion.

Remember kids, objects and critters lay, but only Humans lie. Which isn't to say I haven't gotten laid before, but that's really another topic altogether.

The world needs a new rule: No more killing ANY one, unless you peronally know them, and have a very, very good reason.

We need to act as if we do not meet people by accident and look at it as if they were meant to cross our path for a reason, then seek out what that reason might be, and make use of it, to the benefit of both.

As long as you strive to retain a strong sense of self, have an opinion buffered by a sense of humor, preferably a gentle sense of humor, constantly update your knowledge from a wide variety of sources, and are willing to change your views as new information becomes available to you, you will continue throughout your lifetime and after, to retain your status as a great individual to be acquainted with.

The most dangerous kind of citizenry to a repressive and overcontrolling government, or a part of a government that is attempting to be so, is an awake and knowledgeable citizenry.

My ex-wife used to say that I don't take life seriously enough, like... ever; and that sometimes it's inappropriate. I thought it rather funny that she should say that.

It's nice to sit and have a tasty cup of Chai in the afternoon. But I want to open a store and sell cups of Chi. After all, a cup of Chi a day keeps all the bad away.

A Wise man once said: "If you can't say anything nice, here, hold this target and go stand against that wall."

You don't stare Death in the face. Death stares you in the face.
I've had that stare directed at me many times in my life and all I could do was grin and ignore it. Which seemed to work pretty well.
So far.

Here I sit all broken hearted
tried to write but only started
to write a tale both vast and horry,
though only Poe could tell that story.

Ignorance is noble. Stupidity is consciously choosing to remain Ignorant. Ignorance, is not a pursuit, Stupidity is.

Just do it. Worry about you're fears about doing it, after you've done it.

The right cup of tea deftly poured, can topple evil regimes, depose dictators, and woo those to whom we most greatly desire an intimate audience.

In fact, question EVERY thing. 
But first-- question it IN YOUR HEAD!
Do NOT drive everyone around you nuts with it.
Do NOT get yourself into a conspiracy theory frenzy.
Do not get yourself (or more especially your friends) into trouble with those authorities over it.
But most importantly, do not piss of the authorities UNTIL it's timely and, PRODUCTIVE.

A Mitt in hand, is worth a Newt in the Bush.

If I am in a room with a woman and her being there elevates me to feel more than I am, then she is a Lady. If she makes me feel like I cannot even rise to the level of a gentleman, then she is really a Lady. However, if she makes me feel like a gentleman, but then feel realize that I can never live up to that, but even still beyond that, she makes me feel like even I can be a gentleman, well then, THAT is a Dame!

Happy Friday the 13th. Remember, luck is in the eye of the beholder. Here's hoping you don't have an eye infection.

In life, a door does not close, that one does not open up.

Ignorance of science is not an excuse for making up philosophies and eschatological conundrums.
If ignorance and fear are the root causes of intolerance, there is obviously a lot of both around the world, and far too much in America.

To everyone, I wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas, to you and your loved ones, and especially, to those who are bitter of heart and ignoble of spirit; may a lightness, heavily befall you and bring happiness to you in a way that suffers not those in your realm of influence. 

I just tested negative for Chocolate and was forced into a relationship for my health. Luckily, I only needed a short one.

If ever you come up with only one answer to any one question, you should be aware that there are most likely other answers you simply aren't seeing, or ignoring.

Some years ago when my muse left, a little demon walked in, sat down, took her place and refused to leave. Strange thing is, same effect, different motivation. Which might explain a lot.

My journey in life has been to explore what is within. Exploring those areas of the self that also go into the irrational, even the insane. It is all part of the process and one should understand it is not fearful, so much as exhilarating; it is difficult however, in the way of needing to maintain the level of energy to keep going. Like riding a roller coaster where you are unsure that the wheels will, or even, can, maintain their contact with the tracks. But you have to know yourself enough early on, to trust that this will not be the case in life, for you. If you can do all this, then your life can be extraordinary. Just my 3.14 cents worth.

Grammar: the rules you need to learn so you can break them in such a way that you are considered to have your own writing style or "Voice", among other things.

"What ifs" can be a waste of time, if we let them. They can also be a way to see, "outside the box". Part of the problem there is, which box are you trying to see outside of?

When I discovered marriage I must have been ready for it, as I know I found it to be a marvelous thing. At first. Later when I discovered divorce, well... ditto.

I wandered in circles for much of my life trying to discover the extreme juxtaposition of two planes, only then to discover that the world didn't really have right angles to it, or planes, really. Nature is simply more organic that it seems; thus you can't see the fractals of Mandelbrot.
[Twitter version: I wandered in circles much of my life trying to find the juxtaposition of two planes, only to discover the world didn't have right angles.]

I sing the body dialectic....

Reality... lies.

Darkness is in the Heart of Reality. But not because it is bad or negative, although it can be unsettling. It simply seems to be dark because it is the nature of that which is so condensed in Being.

This was altered from the original, Author unknown, but if I can track down the originator, I'm happy to give credit for who started this joke. However, "knowing" who did it without verification doesn't solve the problem. Someone told me the first time they heard it, it was about a politician, when I heard it, it was about an Atheist, not a Nun.

T.S. Eliot's comment that, "good writers borrow, great writers steal", is hard because one never wants to beg, borrow, or steal. Anyway, here is what I came up with out of it:

Death is a sitcom, where there are no funny jokes.======================
Recap of an old tale:

A Nun was seated on the airplane next to a little girl about twelve years old who was reading a very old book on animals and History. The Nun turned to girl and said:

"Wouldn't you like to have a conversation with me? These flights do go so much quicker if you strike up a conversation."

The girl, who had just settled into her book, replied to the total stranger,

"What would you want to talk about?"

"Oh, I don't know," said the Nun smiling,"maybe we could talk about God. His Divine plan for us; what Heaven might be like, since we are after all, flying up into the skies. Perhaps, about life after death?"

"Kind of heavy a kid, don't you think, Lady?" she said, " But okay, those could be interesting topics. But let me ask you a question first. A riddle if you will. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff, grass. Yet a deer secretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, a "cow pie"; but a horse produces droppings in clumps. Why do you suppose that is?"

Amused, the Nun was visibly impressed by the little girl's intelligence. She thinks about it for a moment and responds:

"Hmmm, I really have no idea, my dear."

To which the little girl replied,

"Then do you really feel qualified to discuss God, Heaven, or life after death, when you obviously don't know shit?"

The little girl then went back to reading her book, "On the Origin of the Species" and the Nun ordered a whiskey sour from the passing Flight Attendant.

"To follow pure principle alone while laying aside one's Humanity, is evil in one of its most despicable and common forms."

"The difference between democracy and fascism is that in a democracy the people fuel the state; but in fascism the state eats the people for fuel."

"Today's affirmation: I allow spirit to take over. My mind will let my heart rule the day. Oh crap, my heart is being haunted by a ghost now! I'll never do that again!"

"I told someone goodbye,
I was replied goodbye,
We parted our ways,
having spoken no word;
We some times can be
so soft."

"A tie, is a Gentleman's way to point out what is important to him."

There's a rumor going around that Republican's, "don't smell like poetry."   Idealism? Meet your biggest nemesis: Reality.

On Sarah Palin: "She is either an example of America's Cancer made visible, or else, a reflection of ourselves and we should give ourselves a good look before continuing on."

Again on Sarah Palin: "The vastness of Sarah's room to improve is second only to the vacuousness of her ability to not finish what she starts."

"In Life, one should always be both Sempai and Kohai."

"A circular argument that has no basis in foundation and is offered as merely a way to assuage one's ego or beliefs, is typically referred to as "intellectual masturbation". However in this case, I believe it may be offering too much credit by using the term, "intellectual", albeit referring to a mental rendering of a concept, and therefore is most likely, correctly accurate; as long as it's not taken to refer to anything as "intellectually correct, or challenging". Therefore, religious prattling could simply be called, masturbation; although then THAT refers to a simple mechanical / physical self-stroking for the purpose of inducing a drugged state of awareness. Oh, wait...."

"Maybe instead of talking about Writer's Block, one should be examining the opposite? How does one seduce The Muse into giving you the ecstasy of extraordinary flows of writing?"

"When new friends offer you a cup to drink from, sip it, do not quickly drink it. And do not keep up with them. Rather sit back and observe until reality begins to seep through their pores. Then you will know if these truly are new friends."

"I've been living a Disney movie since I was a kid. A Disney movie, with a team directed by David Cronenberg, Wes Craven and, the Cohen Brothers."

"Time. It's just a temporal thing. So don't worry, it passes."

"Parenting, is something you do before you need it."

"I've always felt I had many many options in Life. Well, two anyway: losing and winning."

"Dean Martin?" Tom asked.
"Hunter S. Thompson." Jane responded, almost offended.
Tom mixed her a rather intense drink. He held it up to the light where a rainbow of colors glowered at him from within the glass. Tentatively, he handed it to her.
"Dali Lama." she said, hefting the drink to her parched lips and sucking down a sizeable, mind altering puddle of booze.
"Sister Mary Elephant." Tom said, toasting her... and the morning after, with his own massive drink.
Jane laughed. She looked at him gingerly and a bit sideways.
Maybe it was love, after all.

"They say it's lonely at the top, but no one really believes that who has stood upon that mountainous precipice. They know there's always plenty of people standing nearby ready to shove you off."

"I have felt before, and been told by my male friends that women, are puzzling. But if a puzzle is a problem that is fun to solve and has a right answer, from my own personal experiences I'd have to say that women are not puzzles, since one of those two defining elements always seems to be missing."

"Want what you deserve and deserve what you want. If you can keep that closely aligned, you'll be way ahead of the game."

"Arguably, the greatest thing about Reality is that with every moment we are alive, a Fantasy is evolving right before our eyes."

"I have always put it, that one has to be able to dance, or surf, through life. Ride the tides of change and make the best of it. It has served me well and made for a very interesting life."

"Some have said that it is far better to plan every instance of your life. But in allowing life to find you as it may, to throw at you what it will, and to react to that with passion and verve whenever possible, is to fly with Icarus, to dine with Zeus, to make love to Aphrodite, and to have her love you back. Life is meant to live, not to plot it like a military mission, rather to experience it through your inner sight with love and passion."

"Only a bright light scares the darkness. A big heart keeps that light burning."

"Being unique in life, is cool, but being too unique is a handicap. When a person is, is considered to be not SO unique, then they can live their life with anonymity in their wants, needs and desires. As long as they are seen as too unique, life will continue to be challenging; sadly sometimes, to the point of death."

"I've been in the industry for decades. Now, if I could just remember what industry that is, I'll be way ahead of the game. Now, if only I knew what game that was...."

"We are all lost in the delusion of our own perceived productivity?"

"Every once in a while I make a right choice; though I'm notoriously better known for not making bad choices. Unless of course, you're talking about romantic involvements."

To shrink from challenges, is to shrink one's soul. [Tumblrd]

I stand in the singularity, awaiting, fearing, dreading the demise of all who bring the sweet synchronicity of those essences suspended in Jaffa, waiting anon for "Them Heavy People", who enable one to breathe, enable one to sigh, enable one to truly feel Life.

Faith carries you on through times of little security in one's understanding, capabilities or resources. One should therefore, strive to run on faith as little as possible.

Plausible deniability or deniable plausibility?

Information is knowledge, knowledge and experience are wisdom, wisdom is power, and power corrupts yet, it is finite.

I chose to seek what I sought to choose and got lost in between the walls of my diversions.

Make your Bliss the grease on the Electrified Rail of Life.

He got back up off the ground, now looking really angry. That was when I said, "Trade you this Cinnabon for that knife." Never ignore the power of a Cinnabon.... [Tumblrd]

If ever you've been sky diving and heard a ripping sound from above rather than a popping sound, that's reason enough to get drunk, and quickly. And guess what kids, no hangover!

True Murdock Story: I was SCUBA diving alone once. I'll never forget it. I was in the Puget Sound, just off Toy Point, on Fox Island in Pierce County, WA. I turned around at 40' and suddenly it happened, it almost giving me a coronary. Sea Cucumber attack!

When caught in a basement with a gun leveled at you and questioned: "Who are you?" Remember to always answer: "I don't KNOW!" From yet another true life Murdock story.

Neither Neosporin nor Benadryl work well on Tiger bites. The same goes for shark bites.

While acting as guide to a supermodel through the wilds, should you tell her, as she applies the standard fix, that the viper bite on your "John Thomas", actually hit your wallet?

A Nun was seated next to a little girl about twelve years old, who was reading a very old book on animals and History. They were on an airplane about to take off. The Nun turned to girl and said,
"Wouldn't you like to have a conversation with me? Flights do go so much quicker if you strike up a conversation with another passenger."

The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger,
"What would you want to talk about?"

"Oh, I don't know," said the Nun smiling,"maybe we could talk about God's Divine plan for us; or what Heaven might be like since we are after all, flying up into the skies; or perhaps, about life after death?"

"Kind of heavy for talking to a kid about, don't you think, Lady? But okay," she said, "those could be interesting topics, but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff, grass. Yet a deer secretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, a "cow pie", but a horse produces droppings in clumps. Why do you suppose that is?"

Amused, the Nun visibly impressed by the little girl's intelligence. she thinks about it and responds with,
"Hmmm, I really have no idea, my dear."

To which the little girl replied,
"Then do you really feel qualified to discuss God, Heaven, or life after death, when you obviously don't know crap?" And went back to reading her book, "On the Origin of the Species".


It's no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase, "Smart as a Palin" appear....Okay, maybe in Great Britain.

I'm such a bad driver, yesterday, I drove over my own foot....

And remember kids! The "F" bomb makes you live longer!

Can't make it through the afternoon? Consider taking shots of B52s with Cloris Leachman. Just stop by her house, she 's always there.

Old people do NOT smell funny. Penn and Teller proved it on TV.

The vastness of Sarah Palin's room to improve is second only to the vacuousness of her ability to finish what she starts.  [Tumblrd]

From personal experience: Reasons to not pull your emergency chute if your main malfunctions. The repack fee.

She was Mine at last. She looked me in the eye and said: "She Bang She Bang!" and left. Never saw her again. But it was so worth it! Wasn't it?

Ever think about jumping while standing near a cliff? Me too, but then someone else jumps! Unbelievable! Getting upstaged is so hurtful sometimes.

Stand up for what you believe in... and don't sit down until you get it.

-- all by Murdock

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