Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Morning Ed. - Egypt in Turmoil

This is ridiculous. Mubarak did this, allowed this to happen. Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq is now taking the role of Iraq's Tariq Aziz under Saddam Hussein, who even as he was spouting lies and propaganda back then, it was obvious, using even the most elementary facial analysis, that he knew he was telling lies.
Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq
To say whoever did what happened yesterday and today, would be held accountable, is foolish, as they will find they have to jail Mubarak. Just do it now.

From CNN:

VIOLENT STREET CLASHES CONTINUE; JOURNALISTS BEATEN – Egypt's prime minister apologized Thursday for the violent attacks on protesters yesterday and said the country's president has asked him to investigate the security chaos. "This is a fatal error, and when investigations reveal who is behind this crime and who allowed it to happen, I promise they will be held accountable and will be punished for what they did," Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq said on state-owned TV.  

Meanwhile, the military - which had largely remained still in the area of Tahrir Square during violent clashes between supporters and foes of President Hosni Mubarak - took position between the clashing groups Thursday. Rocks flew back and forth in an empty construction area in front of a metal barricade that anti-Mubarak protesters set up overnight.
The criminal Prime Minister Shafiq referred to, Mubarak
And a spokesman for the United States blasted forces in Egypt Thursday who have harassed, detained and beaten journalists. "There is a concerted campaign to intimidate international journalists in Cairo and interfere with their reporting," U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Thursday on Twitter. "We condemn such actions." His comments came amid more reports of the perils facing journalists covering the unprecedented unrest in Egypt. 

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