Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A teacup dog fan are ya?

I was just watching The Soup with Joel McHale (who we all know used to be on Seattle's "Almost Live!" show). They were showing an "Animal Hoarders" episode with a guy that had a lot of tiny dogs. We have a German Shepherd. My son mentioned how those dog's heads have tiny brains and their heads are smaller than his knee. Okay, whatever, but still, those dogs have tiny brains.

When I looked at my dog's head, I figured his brain has to be a hell of a lot bigger than those tiny dogs. Then I thought, hey, since brain size governs intelligence, my Shepherd must be smarter than those tiny dogs. We started to talk about that and came to the conclusion that those dogs must be likable by a lot of people just because they are that mentally challenged.

We got to thinking then about how some people like to carry tiny dogs ("teacup" pups). They even carry them in bags, or purses, we've all seen Paris Hilton and others never to be seen without their pooch. Perhaps these people wish to still carry their doll around with them, but alas, that would look, um, weird. Right?

But why tiny dog? Well low maintenance, low activity, happy to sit still for EVER and do nothing (perhaps as close to brain dead as possible?). I always thought it was due to size but it suddenly occurred to us it might be more so because of their ability to sit and do nothing for hour after hour after hour because of such low brain wattage.

But is that bad you say? I would say, nay, why rather, it's a perfect marriage between owner and mutt.

Need I say more?

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