Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Special Evening Ed.: Egypt in Turmoil, Mubarak's true colors shine

6:25AM Cairo time: Fouad Ajami says this is the limits of American influence with Mubarak and that they are very xenophobic. He also says this is putting the American's on notice as if to say, here I am, what can you do now? He says Bush went through this with Mubarak too, that Bush was "stiffed" by Mubarak too. He says if this challenge of peace doesn't work, then there is only the challenge of blood left, the only one understood in the Arab world. Ivan Watson said people in the crowd were yelling "Jihad, Jihad!" That people are willing to die to see Mubarak gone.

6:21AM Cairo time:  The secret of Mubarak, that he was doing this, is no longer a secret, it seems that people the world over, now believe Mubarak is doing this. That it has to be state sponsored, so Mubarak might as well as get on TV and admit it and just tell everyone to go to hell, come get me if you want me, then do some babbling and insane speaking so we can just get this over with. The man is now obviously deluded and shouldn't be in control of a soft drink store.

6:15AM Cairo time:  A CNN reporter in talking to a woman at her home, the day before, said she was with the protesters, then Mubarak spoke saying he'd not run again, she thought that was good enough and didn't understand people still protesting. But when she heard people were being beaten and killed last night she was then blaming Mubarak's government and said, thinking of her 17 year old son, that this situation was her generation's fault because they were the ones to give up and accept corrupt government. And the young people she said, are now paying the price for their mistakes.

6:02AM Cairo time: Al Arabiya TV reports at least four people killed in the latest clashes, 13 injured.

6:00AM Cairo time: US Authorities have told the Egyptian Military, to make a choice, and to stand for your country, choose now your place in history. The legal protesters are still there, trapped in the square area which they have control over. They need medical care, food, water. The pro Mubarak forces have backed off, but will soon be back, as they are being resupplied, and others can take their places who are rested. This government sponsored, choreographed, abuse of a citizenry, isn't over yet because Mubarak as obviously out of touch with reality at this point and where does that leave the people in the streets?

Sunrise, is not something to look forward to.

5:50AM Cairo time: Right now, someone, is standing right next to Mubarak. Has this man not seen what is going on, has he not seen what Mubarak is doing to "his" people and their country? This man, standing next to Mubarak, has a gun, he may be a body guard, and he needs to use his gun, put an end to these innocent people being hurt, maimed and killed. Take Mubarak into custody, arrest him if at all possible; but if those around him will not allow that, then for God sake man (or woman) if all else fails, there is a really simply solution to end this; if no one else has the balls to say it I will, give him this final solution, for Mubarak. Take his destiny in your hands and end this horrible treatment of a citizenry by its government.

Whatever it takes, find a way to end this.

5:47AM Cairo time: Everyone, I am hearing, are saying that this is all up to the Egyptian Army. They need to stand up against Mubarak and take the side of the Egyptian people! No one believes this is an American coup, this is the decision of the Egyptian people; however, Mubarak is going to push that at some point, and it will show how desperate he is. Blame has also been pointed to the Muslim Brotherhood, but no one is really believing that as this is a grassroots movement of and by the people.

5:45AM Cairo time: Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies is saying on Anderson Cooper that when Saddam Hussein knew the end was near, he opened his prisons to show how the country needed a strong man to help and control their streets. He said that Mubarak only knows two kinds of actions, as he indicated previously yesterday, that there is either his way and stability or chaos.

5:43AM Cairo time (7:45PM Pacific time, where this is being written): Curfew ends at 7AM. Americans have been warned by the US Consulate that if they want a government plane out, they are advised to leave now and get to the airport, it is not safe as soon as possible after the morning curfew ends.

5:40AM Cairo time: It doesn't sound so good. Gun shots. CNN reporter Ben Wedemen says he's seen this kind of thing before, where in 2005 during a pro democracy surge men would show up with police. They called these men, "Twenty Pounds" in Arabic because they'd pay them with £20 (British Pounds) and a pill of Viagra to go in and beat the "crap" out of people including dragging women who were among the protesters out of the crowd into back alleys and sexually molest them, basically to teach the people a lesson to not do that again, not to protest against the government again.

Ivan Watson is saying they've seen a number of gun shot wounds in the square which they hadn't been seeing before. Asked if he was scared by Anderson Cooper, Ivan seemed to ignore him and continued reporting.

People should be looking to head to the square once the sun comes up and what happens then, what Mubarak will decide to then do, is up for conjecture, very concerned conjecture.

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