Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Google Hero Wael Ghonim released from prison

 Google Hero Wael Ghonim Vows to 'Not Abandon Our Demand' That Mubarak Quit
Wael Ghonim
Wael Ghonim broke down in tears when he heard what had been happening in Egypt during his time in jail. He's word brought many more people to Tahrir Square today then has yet been seen.

Something is happening.

"If we stop, we lose everything," said 21-year-old Mohammad. "Mubarak is lying," he shouted.

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Also this:

After 10 days in captivity, Google employee Wael Ghonim was released by Egyptian authorities today, the company announced.

The Dubai-based marketing executive went missing on Jan. 28, three days after protests erupted across Egypt, prompting a fervent manhunt throughout Cairo. During Ghonim's absence, Google issued a public appeal for information regarding his whereabouts.

Egyptian state television announced Sunday evening that newly appointed Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq had contacted the station to report that Ghonim would be released Monday afternoon, in turn providing the "first admission from the government that the missing Egyptian had been in custody for more than a week," CNN reported.

After being released, Ghonim, who had run afoul of Egyptian authorities for his use of social networking sites like Twitter to promote political reform, returned to the microblogging site almost at once.

http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/07/wael-ghonim-announces-his-release-from-egyptian-prison-on-twitte/">AOL News

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