Monday, February 7, 2011

Exorcisms - Real, or real nonsense?

I was watching a show tonight with Sir Anthony Hopkins being interviewed about his new show, The Rite. The last segment after Sir Tony left was with John Saffis, a paranormal investigator. They wanted to talk to him about exorcisms. He claims he has thirty-six years experience in researching this type of thing. On with him, was a woman who's mother had many exorcisms (16) over a ten year period, then eventually died of pancreatic cancer.

Saffis made the comment that many people who have suffered through multiple exorcisms, as they seldom work on the first try, eventually die of something like cancer, with that horrible malady being the number one killer. His contention was that after your body has been put through a tremendous amount of stress, disease does invade the body far more easily. All true. However, is it strange that people who have a lot of exorcisms, tend to have diseases appear later on, especially, cancer? Or is it strange that people who have cancer are the ones who tend to have exorcisms? Is demon possession related to certain types of functions of the cancer cell and colony in the human being?

He said that once you find the demon's name out, then, as they have to respond to their name, it makes it far easier to banish them from a host. So, demons, following rules. Yes? Interesting.

They also said that people that go through exorcisms, do not usually remember being taken over or what they did during those times. I find it odd and that it seems to me, if you were taken over by some outside force, you'd pretty much never forget the things that were happening to you. Just consider, if you were walking down a street, someone pulls you into an alley, lays on top of you in the dark dirty hidden recesses, so near to help, yet unavailable to get any, do you think you would ever forget that happening?

On the other hand, if you were taken by some psychological event, you do tend to have black out periods. You could argue that being taken over by a demon would be all exclusive to the host but if you think about it, wouldn't a demon, by their very nature, want you to know what they were doing, would want you to feel it happening, the lack of control, the fear and horror; wouldn't the demon want you to remember it later, just out of spite, or perhaps to make it easier for them to re enter you at will, or to allow another, or any other demon to also take you for a ride. Like a car thief, when they get done with joy riding in a car, leave it abandoned, keys in the ignition, for some other thief to also have a fun time, a kind of thieves or professional courtesy.

We are noticing a boon of exorcisms in recent times. It this because of the end times, because of our "Godlessness"? Because of 2012? Or does it make more sense that people are feeling out of control, cut off from mother earth. Lacking the happiness they were lead to believe would be theirs back when they were children, or eve to have the pursuit of happiness, but now when they should be experiencing it, they instead experience what? Misery, no money, an understanding through instant media that there are horrible evil people all around you, terrorists, murders, rapists? Not to mention that in many countries, these monsters are indeed real, in fact, in some cases those people are ruling those nations. Is it any wonder people would want to believe in something bigger than themselves? Be it good or evil? Because belief in evil, means a belief in good, that someone, God, an angel, anything, but something, is out there watching over you, caring for you, helping you.

Does it matter that this is total nonsense? That only you can truly help yourself?

So, are exorcism real? Or faked? I actually think that many, perhaps most, exorcisms are performed on poor lost souls who are deluded, possibly with physical and most assuredly with mental diseases. Don't most exorcism victim eventually die of cancer after all?

Obviously, for an eroticism to be verified, considered real, you'd need certain objective conditions, languages the victim cannot speak, physical manifestations such as hair pulled out without visible manipulations, marks in places the victim cannot perform on them-self; all these things were claimed to have happened to the mother of the guest on the show with John Saffis. In fact, he and the deceased, exorcised woman's daughter, have made quite an endeavor out of this situation. John has written a book about it, there are videos, he has traveled due to this, been on many shows talking about it, and overall increased his income and fame.

So is exorcism real? The only answer seems to be this, believe what you want.

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