Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Morning Ed. - Egypt in Turmoil

As the sunset prayer goes on in the Egyptian Capital, a few things to think about.

Al Jezeera is now calling this a revolution. The Vice President of Egypt is saying they will not use violence to move people out of their gatherings, they will ask them to go home as curfew is upon them and they will ask (in a rather patronizing way) for parents to have their children to go home (as if this is just a bunch of kids and not nearly the entire citizenry of Egypt).

Rumors are rampant that Mubarak has stepped down but this isn't yet true.

The only thing really to report now is that there are many many people out and protesting and it has grown stronger not weaker, as Mubarak shows he is crumbling under the pressure.
Protesters are saying they will continue to use facebook to support their efforts.

Minister of the Interior says that since last Friday nearly 5,000 people have been injured. There are still reports of rocks being thrown between pro Mubarak gangs and pro-democracy demonstrators.

Al Jezeera strongly denounces the closure of its bureau in Cairo.

The UN Secretary General says the transition should begin now.

These are now being called the "Day of Departure" demonstrations.

Egyptian State TV has had a protester on reading comments from the protesters but there is no way to know if this is a ruse by the government as comments have also been made by those on TV saying they are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, that they have gotten training from other countries, all which sounds much like Mubarak's people trying to do damage control, to make this look like a coup from other countries and not a grass roots uprising.

Consider now, once Mubarak does step down, WHO, will take over? There is going to be an "open vacuum" once Mubarak and his administration is gone.

Al Jezeera says the Government is working on a statement for Mubarak to read to step down.

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