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First, for anyone interested in being a writer, allow me to offer you this:
F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Secret of Great Writing
How could one explain it better?
Now, to get on with it....

This is a simply page for me to store sites I found interesting to the pursuit of writing that I thought others might find useful.

Availability of my writings:

Visit JZMurdock.com for a run down of all things Murdock. Also see my other page on here Murdock - Writings.

It's probably just easiest to hit my Amazon.com Author Page to see all my works available there including my short stories in Anthologies and my won books in print as well as my short story and novel length ebooks. Don't forget my audio books as I also now have several available, also on Audible.com and iTunes.

"Death of Heaven", now in a revised 2nd edition with a great reworked cover graphic by artist Marvin Hayes, it is a massive epic Big Horror book available on Amazon KDP and in paper format. It is big, and expansive and tiny and chewy. I hope, if you read it, you will find it as enjoyable to ingest I found it to divest.

"Anthology of Evil" is available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Anthologies with other Authors:

Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features Anthology ("The Conqueror Worm") on Smashwords and Amazon. Proceeds going to Diabetes Research.

The Undead Nation Anthology ("Gumdrop City") on Smashwords and Amazon. Proceeds going to Cancer Research.

Other places:

Checkout my reading list on Goodreads - where you can see what your friends are reading.
I'm also on Shelfari, Stage32, ZombieFriend, and elsewhere....

This is a list of screenplay contests I've submitted to. It will continue to grow over time. I also use MovieBytes - Winningscripts web site; and sometimes, WithOutABox.com for script submissions (but this one was so klunky to use, I try to avoid it like the plague).

Writing / Screenwriting sites / organizations:

Speculative Literature Foundation

Free graphics for blogs, etc.

Screenwriting News


Calls for Submissions - New Pages

Writing-World.com - Fiction



1. Release for the Press (http://bit.ly/1ghW8Se) – With this, you can send up to 12 monthly press releases over a 12-month period, reaching more than 3,000 media outlets, creating thousands of linkbacks, and SEO power.

2. HootSuite (
http://bit.ly/1ihwnWG) – With this, you can schedule FB posts, Tweets, Linkedin updates and more so you don’t have to be actively involved just to keep your fans/followers engaged.

3. Be Listed (
http://bit.ly/Im7dGu) – With this, your book will boost exposure to thousands of readers and reviewers, plus more than 700 book clubs. Your title can reach millions of views, too, which means more sales.

SpecScout (on specscout)

http://joconquerobstacles.com/ - marketing / book android app


Writing effective book descriptions

Press Releases24-7pressrelease.comFree-press-release.comprweb.comvocus.com


ScreenCraft Recap: Screenwriting and Producing Outside the Studio System

On editing

PR Myths

ebook expandable table of contents

Beta readers

More Reviewers


Screenplay Festival

American Screenwriters

Angie's Diary


BookMarketingBlog article




Query Letters

ScriptDoctor on Queries


Book Marketing Network article
Media Connect - because you need to get the word out

Author Network

Publishing Companies That Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

High Concept

Simply Scripts

Kindle reviews


Audible.com Author Services

New York's IFP - Independent Filmmaker Project




On Marketing your book

Chris Soth's site 

Agent Query

Indies Unlimited
Artists and Artisans

Query Tracker

Author Assist


How to write a good fight scene 

Write Success

Tracking Board

Funds for Writers 

Terri Zinner at A Film Writer's Site

John Klawitter (interview on his Disney years)

Selling your screenplay

WGA on residuals

Amazon Studios




Writer's Guild of American West

Writer's Guild of American East - for East coast writers

PNW Writer's Association - Pacific NorthWest Writers



Wordle Word Cloud generator

Final Draft's Scriptxpert

The Scriptsource.net

Box Office Mojo

Horror Writer's Association

Writing Your Own Epitaph====
In 2011 I took a year's worth of Script Magazine and went through the Who Sold What To Whom monthly column. Here are the indicated Agencies who were representing the sales that were noted.

3 Arts
Anonymous Content
Brilstein Entertainment Partners
Circle of Confusion
Gotham Group
Intellectual Property Group
Independent Talent Group
Preferred Artists
The Collection
The Schmalz Agency
Underground Entertainment
From Screenwritingu.com

1. Entertain us…or it’s over!
2. Make EVERYTHING more interesting.
3. Give us a lead character we can’t stop following.
4. Promise us something special…and deliver on it.
5.  Show us deeper meaning.
6. Put your characters through hell.
7. Free up your dialogue so you can express more character.
8.  Turn cliches into fresh ideas.
9. Give yourself permission to write shit in your first draft…
10. Rethink your script…until it is the most amazing it can be.