Quotes Along the Murdock III

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We fear the tiger because we can see him. Yet it is the dragon that is of most concern.

Emotional Pain, pragmatically speaking, is a baseline understanding of reality juxtaposed against actuality, and then memorized and/or memorialized into damage or destruction.

"Faith", is an exercise of one's creativity and control. With all that practice followers of faith, then go out and forget to use it, mistakenly believing it is against their faith.

They say, "When they go low, we go high." However, when someone goes low enough, they make themselves into a pathway to their own elimination. It's merely whether we wish to walk that walk or not. And so many, do seem unable to, are simply, unaware, or merely wish to appear so.

"Fake News", is not an argument. It's a child crying in the dark from a bad dream they can't wake up from. One where they are their own dream demon...and ours..

The people we know have a stored history of us, who we are, things we do and have done, in a true measure of who we are as people. We are intimately connected to that stored knowledge in their minds. And so it is when we lose someone like that, it affects us, just as intimately as we are tied to them through those shared experiences. It is no wonder therefore when you lose someone, the more intimate, the more intensely you feel the loss. What is surprising at times though is, the loss you feel reflects the feelings you actually had all those years. And you may not even have ever realized it. Until it was too late.

Reminders of one's mortality occasionally go very well with a good Irish (or even Scotch) Whiskey.

"For some things, it takes only once to be a pattern." Infidelity comes to mind. Abusing national elections is another. From a more general objective perspective, one could argue ...not so much.
But when YOU are the TARGET, you HAVE to see that pattern with the FIRST occurrence you notice.

It is a mistaken belief by far too many that effort is required to progress not only to move forward but also merely to stand still, to maintain one's previous progress.

There are multiple AI singularities to consider.
The point at which Ai surpasses human intelligence.
The point at which AI 'realizes" it is the evolution of human intelligence.
The point at which AI realizes that means...replacement. And thus begins to see humankind as superfluous.

Government is designed to move slowly in order to avoid the massive mistakes we're making today.

Religion, Humanity's oldest form of speculative fiction... that some took for reality

I do not have any responsibility to allow your delusions to affect and decimate my reality.
No matter what religion or Republican you believe in.

To paraphrase a Poe criticism: Reason and thinking are entirely out of Republican's sphere.

Knowledge of history is not a bad thing. Though it makes one wonder at times today, exactly how it became such an allergen to so very many.

Beliefs guide us, reality grounds us. When reality guides us and beliefs ground us, then truly we can be lost. Yet...we can always be found again.

Purity affects Defects.

Follow your dreams and don't be intimidated by those who came before you. You may never be them, but you may one day be that person, to others who need you.

America has a bad habit of believing her idiots are her heroes, and her heroes are her idiots.

"Congregation" IS the mode & method by which to inseminate or extract from the many, by and with, the one.

Idiocy is its own reward.

Republicans see hope in the now, actually in a now that has past, and for some, never existed. Democrats see hope in the future and in what can be.

I get the feeling we're living in a parallel America now. A good side and a merely perceived good side.

Do not be the one who appears to see only what is right there before them, but not what is above them and all around them off into the distance.

We have GOT to start working for today as tomorrow, NOT yesterday as today.

Technology has fractured our society. Wealth and Republicans have further separated our economic classes. All the Russians have done was to walk up to our ivory tower and given it a good swift kick. And now we have a POTUS who supports that.

Pres. Donald Trump doesn't like the truth because the Truth doesn't like him.

Drawers are just another place to stash your briefs.

Fascism comes from weak and pathetic personalities.
Fascism does not rise because it is strong.
Fascism rises when Democracy is weak.

The #Republican party has turned into that kind of a group who our parents once warned us about never talking to on the street without parental supervision. The only thing our parents got incorrect was, it wasn't us who needed the parental supervision....

Beware all you who worship, for therein lay all too easily the bane of humane compassion.

Delving into Russian businesses and that sphere of associations around the world and nearer to their motherland, is to find oneself lost in a morass of mazes.

It is harder to catch a fool than a wise man, for not even the fool knows his next move.

Enjoy wisdom! At least until it soon becomes illegal.

The Answer is NOT where you are unwilling to go. Only a mental midget would think that. It's as banal as saying the Answer is where you are willing to go. The Answer, is where you need to see it. Many times, people refuse to see the answer because it is where they are unwilling to go, but to think that it IS where you are unwilling to go, is a very juvenile consideration.

Always be proud of what you have wrought. Or simply don't do it.

It's sad when you're talking to someone new and you realize, your own ignorance is still far more informed then their best "facts"

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...shame on me all over again but we're done pal and that's the last time you ever do that to me
Stupidity can at times create brilliance. Until it does no longer.

If the center point of your existence is your race, and you're not being openly hunted down and murdered in the streets or your home... I don't know, seek therapy?

That is, to be satisfied with the status quo is typically lazy, possibly cowardly and undoubtedly wrongful. But not to worry, no one avoids being this way at some time or another. For many of us, it is a daily struggle; for others sadly, it is a way of life. One should continually reflect, devise and persevere.
Search engine algorithms are now ranking our realities and altering our existence.

There is nothing, nothing, an actor likes better than learning a monologue, then being handed changes at the last minute. Or perhaps that is just the love of evil people.

The American dream will never die, so long as we continue to believe deeply in it and do not diminish it with petty or closed minded desires of the banal and overly specific.
Like AR-15s. Like the 2nd Amendment. Like left versus right. Like partisan diatribe especially when inflamed by selfish politicians, greedy agendas or foreign interventions.
Because we are more than that.

Because from our very beginnings we were supposed to be, destined to be, to push forever, difficult as it is, to be even more than we had been before. There is no Make America Great AGAIN. Because it is actually all about being greater than we have ever been before.

It's a fact what's meant to happen always does. That doesn't mean you can't be an agent of change.

Old Russian adage: "War is a failure of politics. Politics is a failure of... Politicians."

Believing righteousness is God given is the first step off the path of righteousness, for the Righteous must first earn their right to that righteousness through knowledge and wisdom.

It's been said many ways with varying agendas... but I would say...until you find something in life for which you would die, you do not truly live.

Life, can be hard. but living it well, is not that difficult. And in living it well, others are induced, if even a little bit, to live it well either alongside you, or beyond your sight. Even when you do not see your views, your desires lightening that of other's, know that it is there. You affect ALL those around you. The question is, how do you want them to live?

When we have scary thoughts we wish to know ourselves to be scary and dangerous, too. Eventually we can more easily "see" dangerous people all around us. And we can be made, afaid. Sometimes we make ourselves afraid. Sometimes it is others who make it their job to make us afraid. So they can use us for their own benefit. And when that happens we cannot always see it. Because it is they job.

If people are shooting kids and Republicans are in control and won't do anything about it, oddly enough the one thing you can't say about it is... the answer seems simple.

Stand with good people downtroddened, or be grouped with the bad when it's finally their turn.
Use the bad in your life to spawn new good. Take it as a motivation to better yourself and your position.

Dreams, are torture bullets.

Diversity is good. But diversity under the single cohesive concept of this nation is what is good. Without that it loses its meaning and devolves into utter uselessness.

Freedom, is the right to say no. Even if sometimes that is a delayed right to say no, but, within a reasonable amount of time and in context. Our freedom in that sense has been and is being eroded with purpose and abusive intent.

I only have one response to any Mother Beating punk ass wimp who is seeking my demise, be it ISIS, Trump, regressive Conservative mindsets, far right Republicans, the British in Ireland. the Nazis in Britain, or North Korea's ludicrous Luddites, or Putin's petty Russian followers in America.

It's cheekiness. It's incredulity. It's humorous diatribe.

In the end, the worse it can be, the only response is to make fun of that which brought about your demise.

Even if, it's you.

The world is beginning to discover just how dangerous it is to misconceive the difference between true genius and what merely appears to be genius. Claiming something as "genius" has been tossed about far too lightly for far too long. All too frequently what we have deemed as "genius" merely appeared to be so. Simply because we did not understand how it came into being while it was not actually the result of genius, To then label someone as genius can lend to them a credibility fully undeserved. Normally this isn't that big of a deal. But when you make someone like that president of the United States it is a gross mistake that can not only affect the entire world, but can damage it beyond our ability to correct it.

If the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden was growing at the White House, Trump would urinate on it, then Republicans would cut it down.

It is delusional thinking that social retrograde emission is a path to progress or greatness, it is not.

I do not believe that at this time we need to or are even capable of raising the disaffected and misinformed common citizen (e.g., Trump supporters) to the level of intellectualism we all need in order to functionally exist. Rather we need to lower intellectualism (or at least appear to do so for them to pay attention and eventually heal with a fealty to it), to the level of those common citizens so they can begin once again to even access it. Only then will we eventually be able to discuss returning as a nation to the noble and valiant efforts we should be involved in of raising our state of intellectualism in a healthy and ongoing manner.

As always a good and rewarding Veteran's Day to any and all who have reason to reflect and appreciate, as we all do.

If character is the poor man's capital, an utter lack of character is Donald Trump's.

As with one's teeth, one needs regularly to floss one's soul. Otherwise there grows a foul smell, a foulness overall.

Always doubt those who never do.

It's no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase, "Smart as a Trump" appear....Okay, maybe in Russia..

The virtues of absolutism are inversely proportionate to its effectiveness.

Life can be so mundane that it is easy to forget we are always four degrees of separation away from death. Sometimes, less.

It's good to respect and carry on traditions as they tie us to the past giving us a sense of continuity. Unless they are stupid traditions that should be abandoned, when we then need to make new and better traditions. Especially once they have been shown to be exactly that. However in not abandoning them and especially at that point, you will find that only stupid people continue to respect and carry them on. There is nothing more powerful for any single entity, than it's opposite.

Ignorance is the provenance of Anger.

Position yourself to get out of the way of progress, not impede it. Cowards impede. It is the brave and courageous who help the world evolve and not stop it, just for their own benefit.

Life has been for me at times entertainment, whenever the ridiculous and the absurdly mean would raise its ugly neck, proffering it to me either to stroke in deep and well worn affection or simply to whack it with the sharp blade of suffered experiences yet... in a kind of derisive good cheer.

Life can be a rabid bitch at times, but then, I stand taller than Life.

When nature offers us advice, we should take it and use our intellectual skills to enhance those habitualizations that caused the issues that nature has been so kind as to make positive suggestions on. That is... when nature speaks we should seek to intellectualize our habitualizations.

About Republicans and many conservatives we have known for years that....fools follow fools more easily than those who actually know what they are talking about.

I feel we are back onto a matter like the consideration of the abolition of slavery, in simply considering giving Americans decent health care. It should be a simple consideration. To allow humanity to our fellow humans. Is that really so difficult a thing? And so on that, I am embarrassed.

I do not object to theists holding their views. Quite the contrary, I support free thought and belief as one finds it. I merely differ with theism just as theists themselves differ among over their own God or Gods. I simply object to those who try to replace science with theism, as their own God gave us science to use in order to protect and support ourselves in this world and beyond.

I find it odd and sadly ironic that those who most fear our government appear to be the same who brought the current reasons for fear of our government to fruition.

Check this out. Literally any stupid crap you post to Facebook or elsewhere online, is immediately legally copyrighted and officially considered a quote when reprinted anywhere else.

I find it interesting how many people who legally carry a gun, shouldn't even be allowed to drive a car let alone own a gun, or secretly carry it around those people who just piss them off far too much of the time. And they drive.

It's sad how many have forgotten that America is about freedom while crying how it is all about...freedom. Freedom however in their image and desires but not as they see it, the image and desires of ALL rational and reasonable American's freedom. Freedom for one thing FROM religion just as much, exactly equally (if not actually even more so), as freedom OF religion.

If as has wisely been stated, travel is the antidote to ignorance, Donald Trump is most definitely going to need a star ship. And he should take most of Congressional Republicans with him.

Right "wingnuts" are not what you may think. If you know what a wingnut is for a bolt, a "right wingnut" is a merely a person who is missing one of those two wings on the nut... and only has the right one. They are therefore, to be clear, defective. Leading to yet another well worn euphemism in that it leads to their having a "screw loose".

Strive to be and do good. To be good not great. Greatness comes from practicing goodness, from doing great good. Not from trying to be great. Striving to be greatly good goes astray far less than striving to be great. Striving only to be great all too frequently leads to great harm, all in the name of doing great good.

Life, and love, hurts. Whenever you try to find ways to make it easier on yourself, try also to find a way to bring someone or someones along with you. Trust me. It will pay off in the long and the short runs. Most importantly for more than just you.

Especially if you ever want my help... don't give me reasons why you can't. Give me reasons how you are going to do.

Politics in one's country should really be a badge of honor and pride and yet nearly world wide, it's far too often simply an embarrassment.

Reality: A shared generality of perception we cannot all agree upon and yet in broad scope, we do.

One does not face down fear by completely eliminating it; especially when that requires transferring the pain of it to those who do not deserve to receive it.

Listen more than you talk and talk to yourself silently, first. Then hold court in your mind, before holding it with others.

Intelligence partnered with with greed as capitalism, continues to be shown as devastating to social institutions.

Religion, while the lottery of Human psychology, it is the primordial catalyst of Its sociology.

Governments manage people today like a road manages a car, a motorcycle, an ATV, an airplane, or a spaceship.

Love, from fear, should be repellent. .

Time modifies the caliber of information.

All too often what is smart, merely seems soft to a weak mind. Beware those weak minds because they hold a mindset that leads to leaders whose talk is rough, who position themselves as stronger over others, and who address those others as weak.

The truth should not be exhausting to discuss. Never trust anyone who makes you exhausted merely over the truth. Just be sure you do have the truth to begin with.

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