Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Wise Words

Enough is being said about 9/11. We need to move forward. Not forget them, but build upon that. A word or two, to ponder from the Scientist and Naturalist, Loren Eiseley, from his book, "The Immense Journey" (1959):

“…I do not pretend to have set down, in Baconian terms, a true, or even a consistent model of the universe. I can only say that here is a bit of my personal universe, the universe traversed in a long and uncompleted journey. If my record, like those of the sixteenth century voyagers, is confused by strange beasts or monstrous thoughts or sights of abortive men, these are no more than my eyes saw or my mind conceived. On the world island, we are all castaways, so that what is seen by one may often be dark or obscure to another.”

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