Monday, September 27, 2010

Should I follow my head? Or my heart?

I've often considered, should one follow one's head or one's heart?

I've been saying for decades that I follow my heart but use my head as a guide. I always thought that was so clever, and useful.

But honestly, it hasn't worked out that well in many ways.

On the other hand, I'd only know if I could compare how things would have been otherwise, maybe they'd have been worse? Perhaps if I had followed my head, and used my heart as the guide, things would be better.

But again, perhaps, they'd be worse?

On the third hand, perhaps you can see from this posting, what the problem is. :)

On the fourth hand, I could just be making this all up. Maybe the problem is I need someone with two extra hands.

Perhaps, THAT is the problem.
Or, maybe there IS no problem.

Maybe this is just one of my psycho characters talking here....

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