Friday, September 10, 2010

North Korea produces cell phone bowling game app with "The Dude"

I thought this was too funny, "The Dude" (flawlessly played by Jeff Bridges, in the Cohen Brothers film, "The Big Labowski"), has made it into a cell phone bowling game made by North Korea.

Once again, the big leveler, is capitalism.

In one sense, I feel there should be international laws that communist or anti-capitalist countries should not be allowed to pull their butts out of the fires by that same said economic device (capitalism); but realistically, we have won the "cold war" by, again, that self same economic device (that, and making the Soviet Union think we were way better than we were, so that they basically ran their economy into the ground by putting money they needed elsewhere, into things like military power and cold war type efforts, which they did excel at). The article from (going to this link you can select to listen to the article that mentions, "The Dude"):

"In an attempt to generate some money in his impoverished nation, North Korea leader Kim Jong Il has turned to an unlikely source: mobile phone games. Bloomberg News reports that the Dear Leader is hoping the games will attract foreign investment, and build a more technologically skilled workforce."

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