Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kelly Mcgillis

Okay, so, color me surprised.

I enjoyed Top Gun when it came out. Saw it with my roommate, Mark. We saw it on a special night when our girlfriends weren't around. I remember it reminded me of when I saw American Graffiti. As we left the parking lot in our cars, people were peeling out, taking off with gusto. I guess, they had a "need for speed."

We enjoyed the film at the time. Though we could have done without the volley ball scene, though it was a stroke of genius if we had needed to bring dates.

She seduced Tom Cruise in 1986 on Top Gun, but now Kelly McGillis has finally found her own Top Gun. But, its a woman. No. I didn't see that one coming. I certainly wish her the best, however, its just that it was a bit of a surprise, her film history all considered. Then again, I haven't seen her in much since Top Gun.

New York Times reports the actress wed her longtime girlfriend Melanie Leis in a civil union on Wednesday in New Jersey.

So, congratulations to Kelly and the best of luck to her and her mate.

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