Monday, September 20, 2010

From Kids in the Hall, it’s Scott Thompson's pod cast

From my all time favorite comedy team, "Kids in the Hall", its Scott Thompson ("Tavie") with his podcast site.

Among other characters, Scott always played the flamboyantly gay, Buddy Cole, hilarious and lovable, who was always so caustic and so right so many times in his monologues on the Kids in the Hall show. I loved that show at the time because it was so much better than Saturday Night Live during that time, and both were produced by Loren Michaels.

Scott and producer Jeff Goodes talk to the caustic Malene Arpe, author of the Stargazing Column and Blog at The Toronto Star.

Do be aware though, Scott has been gay for quite some time, and is unabashedly open about it, in his beliefs and with his vocabulary. I find nothing he says as offensive, but some may, so just be aware, have an open mind, and laugh were appropriate (or even not).


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