Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Middle East - Seriously, WTF?!

I was just listening to a piece on NPR about the Middle East.

What the Hell is wrong with these people and how can you not, if you lived there, if you were part of that culture, not want to go around killing those who are killing their own people. And don't give me that argument that then you are just like them. No kidding. Policy is all well and good, but once people start killing innocent people, its time to do and stop talking. Obviously, full frontal attacks have worked only so well.

Back in 2007, two hours west of Bagdad, in the Sunni dominated province west of Anbar, where a group of Sunni fighters called "The Awakening" along side the "surge" helped end heavy fighting in the province. But since then, security has deteriorated.

A man had his 21 year old son was killed by a bomb planted outside his parents' home and he has had to teach his wife how to use a AK-47. He says she has no choice but to defend herself.

I would, if I lived there, have to seriously consider, and probably would do it, join with others of a like mind, in a kind of French Underground. To seek out these killers, join their groups possibly, find who they were, and indiscriminately kill each and everyone of them that I could get to.

Secretly. Quietly, and having them run into as many "accidents" as possible.

Hearing about people killing people, angers me. Hearing people are killing their own people, esp., when they are too stupid or ignorant to even see these are their own people, really makes me mad.

What the Hell is wrong with these people?

I see it as a kind of mental illness that needs to be eradicated just like a band of rabid dogs. Regardless of their "religion", they have to think of their people, get their head out of (their ass) the fantasy clouds of religion, stop thinking about arcane, cartoon concepts, and start thinking about PEOPLE. People are those in front of them. Real people. Someone really needs to put this entire religious issue in its place. IF and WHEN religion leads to killing, its over. All bets should be called off.

Its obvious that people whose lives have sucked so much, have had to find beliefs so far detatched from reality, that some day we would undoubtedly have to have this situation.

I really think if I had lived there, all of my life, was a part of that culture, I would most likely start, or join, an underground movement, dedicated to going around killing ANY one who killed any of MY people. Its got to stop. And playing around, pussy footing around it, isn't going to stop it any time soon.

I'm just saying....

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