Thursday, September 2, 2010

Have you every had this happen?

Have you every had this happen?

In an alley, you run up against a wall.
You can't get over that wall.
You can't get around that wall.

You're standing on concrete.

You hear a soft gentle sound over the other side of that wall.
Something melodic, familiar, unique, different and you want to capture it, put it in a box, store it in your ipod, play it for your friends, keep it for yourself, discover what it is that is making that beautiful damn sound; but you can't get to it.

When you try to capture it, it plays all static back and its hard to hear. So you know you have to get through that wall, to see what that is, face to face; try to capture it in your hands, or on video; realizing you couldn't put it in a cage.

But you know you have to do something. You can't go back, you can't go forward, and it can't come to you either; because you feel like its singing that song to you, because you can feel it, and you know that is your song and, it knows that it it your song.

Trouble is, you can't be sure of so many things. So, what do you do?

Best you can, I suspect. Maybe with a little help from the other side.

But, you have that wall staring you both in the face.

The cold war must have been Hell on those Berliners....

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