Friday, September 24, 2010

Seattle Benefits From Growth In Global Health

With all the Health Care issues floating around the country, and the world, its nice to hear something positive. I worked at a large health insurance company for years. Hearing all this the past few years has been uplifting and depressing. Uplifting because, we need health care reform in the US. Depressing because I've seen many people lose their jobs to cost cutting efforts. But I've been lucky that all my life, I have had, or chosen to have, jobs that allowed me to remain after most people have been let go.

Still its nice to hear something going well, locally.

"The latest growth industry and job-machine in Seattle is the field of global health. Non-profit groups are fueling a mini building-boom downtown, and they're hiring. The Gates Foundation presence is a major reason. But some locals are hand-wringing that it's unseemly to even call it an industry when local jobs are based on Third World despair." -- NPR

Listen to the article (below). As for the statement above, I think regardless, if there are people benefiting health-wise, is there really downside here?

NPR article

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