Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something weird?

I spoke with a friend from my past today. We hadn't talked in a couple of years so we spoke for over an hour until his phone battery was giving out. During that call, he had pointed out that back when we had worked together at Seattle's Mercer Street, Tower Video store, after Jeff Ament had left to eventually help found superband, Pearl Jam, he knew a guy who had said he was starting a video company.

Now, years later, this company is not only doing well, its serving up some of the lost classics of the last decades back to the 1930's. If you are interested in Americana, especially the exploitation films, you definitely have to check these guys out.

From the web site:

"In 1990 (roughly), we started Something Weird Video with the idea of releasing films that had never been on video. In my mind, the last great genre to be scavenged were the exploitation/sexploitation films of the 30's through the 70's. After looking into this further, I realized that there were nearly 2,000 movies out there yet to be discovered."

So, if you're curious, check it out:
Something Weird Video

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  1. Sorry Kids, my url to something weird video was broken, but it works now. Have a great week!