Friday, September 10, 2010

Dark of kNight screenplay adaptation ready for sale

TL Mitchell's paranormal novel, "Dark of kNight" (available on Amazon) has been adapted to screenplay format and is currently online and ready for marketing. With a strong cult following in the "paranormal romance" field, and along with the current strength of the vampire and paranormal genre ("Twilight", "True Blood", etc.), the story is ripe to be picked up and taken advantage of.

Adapted by JZ Murdock for screen, it is currently being shopped around the industry for review and option.


Julie Knight never really knew how much her life would change after the death of her father.

After returning home to Spring Place, GA, the mysterious animal attacks begin. The small town is in an uproar over the horrific killings.

Julie finds herself in danger when the truth of who she is has been revealed. The last of a thousand year old bloodline of Lycans, Guardians of the mysterious Fort Mountain.

Daniel Maxwell, the handsome, dark, yet mysterious scientist returns home for the funeral. He has changed, but his love for Julie remains the same. She is what he has always wanted. She is what he needs. He would die for her. He would kill for her.

The passions begin to flare and so does the romance between Julie and Daniel. Joining forces with a mysterious group of moon-eyed people, together they must prepare for the ultimate battle-the battle against a deadly pack of werewolves.

"I knew that one day I would reach this place in my life: I just didn't realize it would be so soon. Love, I suppose, has no rules and yields to no boundaries. Never knowing when it will strike.

Never before would I have imagined I could love someone as deeply as I love him. I would fight for him. I would die for him. This is what I believed. This is the Lycan way. Yes, I could say I love this man more than my own life. It was odd that I would fall in love with someone who needed me as much as I needed him."

Can Julie and Daniel's love be strong enough to protect them from their dangerous desires? Or will they be forever lost in the Dark of kNight?

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