Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Corporate Line

I received an email today, from a Vice President at a certain corporation, decrying the benefits of working from home, in order for the company to "go green" (that is, cut costs, even at the expense of the employee).

Now don't get me wrong, I have wanted to work remotely for a decade or two. I was a prime advocate of it even when it was against my best interests to speak out about it. I supplied any and all, information, web sites, whatever I could come up with in the way of solid data indicating why it should be done, or allowed, by corporations.

In the past, have even published articles in computer magazines on topics like how employers should allow internet usage and how they should handle it. But then, I once (back in the 80s) thought that all information should be free, and the internet should remain free. For the most part, its worked out, not too bad, different than how I originally conceived it, although, we still have issues that we really do need to stay on top of. Like internet bandwidth. If we're not careful, networks, cable and phone companies, are going to screw the public and make them pay for it on top of it all.

But back to the current issue....

I have to tell you,
aside from the quite obvious fact that I fully agree with this corporate email
(and then some),
after all these years of my having said these same exact things
(and much more to support my contentions)
and having then been told by management
(though a bit less in recent years)
that I was either crazy or living in a dream world
(or both),
its really more than a little strange, for me to now see this way of thinking being touted as
the “party line” and the “corporate point of view”.

Its also kind of fun to read between the lines,
[“Let’s not forget another real and practical factor: traffic”]
where it is now the company who is trying to convince the employees that
this is, “a good thing” and people should try to get behind it all.

OMG, that is just too funny, really!
[Hey! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad its finally been visualized on a real level of understanding]

So…I’m going to take this moment to finally declare, after having led the charge for so long, once and for all, its:


Carpe Diem!

Next Blog today at Noon: "Lady Gaga for Congress?"

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