Thursday, August 19, 2010

Showtime's new show, The Big C

I just watched, "The Big C", pilot. It was on just after my favorite show, Weeds.

I read a review of "C" today on NPR by David Bianculli is TV critic for, that was really quite negative, though it had good things to say about Laura Linney, who has the lead playing Cathy.

So, I expected little from the show. Which actually, is always the best way to watch something for the first time, don't you think? David Bianculli's review had said that the show as like a bad cartoon. Or something like that. And maybe it is kind of like a cartoon, but I don't think it would work in that vein, like a Family Guy, or a Simpsons. I needs the live actors to pull it off. Anyway, I think most of what the reviewer said was valid. But I realized, that didn't make it a show I wouldn't enjoy watching.


I think that any show that has any thing to do with someone breaking with their humdrum, doldrums of a reality, and starts LIVING, starts to enjoy Life, starts to breathe the fresh air once again, is worthy of note. Because, we need more of this kind of thing. Weeds is a lot like that, but for a different reason. Nancy, in Weeds, always seems to be reacting to something. But, C is about someone doing exactly what we need to do more of, change our lives because we suddenly wake up and realize what we are letting slip by. Our Life.

Like Cathy's homeless brother in C, telling her near the end of the pilot: "You're getting your "weird" back on, sis."

And that's exactly what more of us need to do in our own lives.


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