Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dating site profile photo dont's

Here are some obvious and oft abused dating profile photo don'ts for the ladies (oh, and the guys too; only, um, different).

These have all been seen a million times, so here goes....

1) Don't put yourself in a picture with your best, and typically better looking, younger, or slimmer friend....

2)...even if (or perhaps especially if) that best friend is...a guy. Or a brother, or a cousin, or, well you get the idea.

3) Do not post a photo of you with your ex-. No, ex fiancée, nor ex boyfriend, or husband, or even just guy friend. Especially, if you're hanging all over them, kissing them, or even just staring deeply into their eyes.

4) Do not show a picture of your dog.

5) Do not show a picture of your cat! Or your rat, your gerbil, or whatever.

6) Do not do the aforementioned, especially if you aren't showing a picture of yourself, and Do NOT....

7)...put your pet as your Main photo!

8) Don't put up a picture of yourself with a bunch of your girlfriends. Guys are going to assume you aren't the hottest one in the picture. And if they
don't, they should. And if they don't, then you will most likely have to get around to telling them you aren't the hot one.

9) Don't put up a picture of yourself with a bunch of your family all surrounding you. On the other hand, if you're looking to turn a guy off, then go for it; you're on the right track.

10) Don't put up a picture of you with your sister, daughter, or niece (or all three) along with you, especially if they are the younger, cuter, slimmer or more intelligent looking one (see 1 above). Its guaranteed that guys will decide you are the one in the picture that is either the older, less attractive or bigger one; all that depending upon being whatever the opposite is of what your intentions are (and you can probably bet money on it).

11) Do not show you, in the middle of all your friends at a bar; how in the hell
are they supposed to know which one is you?

12) Remember that whatever you post in a photo, people new to you, do not know you. So if your intention is to draw people in to you, and considering that
they don't know that was the only time you ever got on a table and danced half
naked; well, how are they supposed to know that?

13) Finally, do NOT use a photo of you in a wedding gown! No, a bridesmaid's gown doesn't make it either, Baaabyyyy!

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