Monday, August 23, 2010

Religious Murder, Governmental Murder

Here, is what I think. I'm sick to death of hearing how people treat people, in state sponsored, God sponsored, religious, secular ways. When, if ever, is murder good? When it is used against those who are murderers. Especially, when used to stop them.

The entire World, needs to just stand up today, right now, and say,

"Hey! You! Yeah, you! You bastard! Stop killing your own people! NO! We... will... no... longer... put... up... with... IT!"

Where is the country (and I always thought it would be Israel, but nope) that is always the first to stand up, no matter what, or who is involved and scream at the top of their lungs at another power, governmental or religious or whatever, and say:


Governments that kill their people directly? NO! No more!

Governments that starve their people or kill them by indirect means? They should be in direct violation of World Law, and stopped. Screw sanctions. STOP THEM! NOW! We don't even have to go in with soldiers. Just bomb the crap out of their favorite stuff. NO, not their people's favorite stuff. No, not the people, but their palaces, their government buildings so that anyone that supports that government dies right along with them. Piss their own people off too, to the point of that government being utterly and completely ineffective. Destroy physically if possible but politically especially, those in charge.

Make THEIR lives as miserable as their citizenry.

Religions that advocate murder? And I don't care HOW they rationalize it or what they call it, they should be stopped. NOW. World Law says, NO! Religious leaders, executed on the spot. Their supporters? Executed on the spot. Stone a woman for adultery, or for showing her face in public, or for anything that requires her death? Then, Death to the proponents.

The crowd taking part in it? Executed. Zero tolerance. Any crowd, any religion that advocates or carries out murder in the name of God? Executed. Send them to their God. We don't need no Stinkin' God who advocates murder or lets their people think they could, or do, advocate it. Because any God that allows that to happen, doesn't deserve the even the paper that their religion's rules and laws and fables are written upon.

If we just say no, if we start killing those who kill others, soon there won't be anymore of these groups around and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. And I don't want to hear any nonsense about then, aren't we as bad as them? No, we're not. We're stopping it. Wipe this nonsense out, and we stop dong it. Then we don't have it anymore. What is worse, our putting up with it, on the theory that its none of our business? Or our doing something about it by ending it with all means possible and yes, most definitely, with Extreme Prejudice.

Because, this is the only and proper form of Prejudice.

If you want to argue against this, then you need to come up with an alternative.

And I don't mean some namby pamby touchy feely response, concept, or ideal. That does NOT help the cartoonist who is murdered for a damn cartoon; it doesn't help the guy who had an independent thought and spoke it aloud; it doesn't help the poor citizen being slowly starved by the insidious, delusional North Korean government who is eating a plenty, who has entertainment, an easy cushy life while citizens starve to support their megalomania; it certainly doesn't help the woman who is laying in the dirt, her clothes sticking to her broken and bloody frame while more rocks are being hurled at her until she dies; lying there for, to her, forever, and in great agony, all the while, wondering what?

Wondering, why her God forsakes her because she spoke back, didn't hide her beautiful face, had an affair? Wondering why she did what she did what and how she is now dying knowing (thinking) she deserves this? Ridiculous, don't you think? Well, if not, you should. You should think its ridiculous, you should think, use your mind, you should speak up against this.

Don't be afraid, not of foolish, narrow minded, fantasy entrenched Muslims, not of any religions, not of any governments, because they might cause some uncomfortable issues. We need a Gort, the robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still, who refuses to put up with a violent civilization on pain of total destruction. Maybe, that is the way to go.

I'm usually against, "zero tolerance" rules, as they tend to lead to stupid actions enforced by the stupid and ignorant and cowardly. Sending a child home because he has a half inch plastic toy gun, Oh My God, use your head people, there is a point at which something is wrong and the rule should be enforced, and a point at which its stupid and harmless, albeit, undesirable. There is, in that realm, too much of people being afraid of getting yelled at. We need to get yelled at more than we do. There will always be the ignorant, the stupid, and its up to educators and the intelligent and educated to lead the way over that of the bullies, the ignorant and the down right stupid.

But, that's another topic.

This form of thought where people think they are justified in killing someone, for the stupidest of things, needs to be stopped, squashed, killed, murdered, nipped in its judicial, clerical, self-important, audacious, over-blown bud. The death flower of ridiculous authority sponsored murder, needs to be exterminated with the poison it deserves and has dealt out upon this Earth for far long enough.

Turnabout's fair play.

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