Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brian Clemens Interview - The Avengers (1962-68)

When I was a kid, I loved a show called, The Avengers. A British spy show with John Steed (John Macnee and the inimitable and beautiful Mrs. Emma Peel (Diana Rigg, her name allegedly stood for "M" appeal, or male appeal). That show was on in 1961 with Honor Blackman, who went on to James Bond, Goldfinger film fame as "Pussy Galore". The 1961 season no longer exists, but Netflix has the other seasons up through 1969 and later two other versions of the series which includes a movie that disappointed.

Also when I was a kid, I used to read sci fi by Brian Clemens. I never made the connection until I was an adult and realized that he was the true creator and actually gave it the appeal he gained once he took total control in 1965 and Diana joined the cast.

Here, I am offering an interesting interview with Mr. Clemens about his years on the program and sharing a little of the history of the show and the early '60s years of the BBC. Enjoy!

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