Monday, August 16, 2010

Armenian Genocide

Maybe you have heard about the "Armenian Genocide" that happened in Greece in 1915?

60 Minutes

I don't have a feeling about this one way or another. Some claim it never happened, some claim it did. I do feel if it happened, and I get the feeling it did, that this was a horrible thing. What I do think, is that this is an issue in that country, that has involved the entire world to at least some degree. There is only one way to deal with that kind of thing. End it. Obviously, it can't be ended as Greece has tried to end it. So, they need to do something different.

Much like with the Slave trade in Early America, one needs to embrace one's past and deal with it, then put it behind you. Not, to try to ignore it or claim that it never happened. How childish is that?

What it comes down to is, Is it history? Is it YOUR history (Greece?). Because if so, then you will just have to "man up" (some claim, "woman up" is a more intense and relevant phrase and maybe so, but either way....), admit it, get it over with, be done with it.

Or, we can just slug along forever with this controversy continuing with bad feelings all around.

Your choice.

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