Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill, no more oil spill? Worse news ever! For some....

I'm hearing through all the news media, that BP says, we've cleaned up 75% of the oil. The Obama Administration says, we agree with BP and its been peer reviewed. Peer review is a very important thing. It lends it credibility. It means, it may very well be true. Although, you do need to look at just who these peers ARE. Still, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Whenever something like this happens, and it becomes, or hits a point, where its considered as "fixed" as its gonna get (we'll still have to clean up the beaches), then what?

What happens then, is those people who make (made?) a living in this region, who have made nearly no money this year at all, who have seasonal jobs, who have to live on the money from this Summer to make it until the next Summer; these people are now going to be left damaged in the wake of the worst man made disaster in the history of the world.

They won't be getting recompensed. Even if they are, they won't get all the money they are losing, either through BP or the Government not believing their claims, even if they are true, be it through monies they usually make and do not claim (under the counter, tips, smuggling, etc.); whatever the reason, many if not most of these people are now going to be forgotten, not only by BP, a foreign company, but also by our, and these people's own, Government.

This, is just wrong. This, is just business as usual.

Just hope it doesn't happen to you, in your region, related to your job. Because, you could be next.

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