Wednesday, August 4, 2010

John Cleese on Sarah Palin as a parrot

I just ran across this video on YouTube and had to mention it. Why? Because, before we go through this kind of thing again, we need to review what we've done in the past. History, is the foreteller of the future, if we are not careful and learn form it.

John Cleese, during an interview in 2008, was asked his opinion on Sarah Palin.

Cleese broke out in laughter. He then said, she was very good at being a "parrot"; that she delivered her speeches very well, she must have an incredible memory, with an itinerant "Ah, shucks" thrown in here and there. But that it was unbelievable that she had been asked to be the vice presidential nominee.

Cleease went on to say that "Monty Python, could have written this" situation; and, "I'm sorry Michael Palin, but you are no longer the funniest Palin around". He was speaking to the age and health of McCain, put up against Palin one day, possibly having to run the most office of the most powerful country in the history of the world.

How was it possible Republican party? What the hell were you thinking? I understand the concept of including something to gain attention, to get people to like something, to feel attracted to something. But, come on!

Christopher Hitchens said that people should have not only refused to vote for McCain, but also all Republicans down the line in a show of force; thereby telling the Republican Party that "we're just not that stupid, so stop treating us as such."

But alas, America chose not to. They didn't take up the banner to fight against the belief that they truly are ignoramuses. Luckily, the opposing party, had a candidate and a situation that was timely and needed, in order to turn the World's opinion of who we are as a nation, back around and at least give us the chance at another look from the people we share this world with. And luckily, they won.

Luckily. Now that IS sad, that luck should have anything to do with a choice between Palin and Obama. McCain? Yeah, he was in there somewhere. But this was what it actually came down to, this was what the Republican party set up.

And luckily, they got what they planned, nothing.

Here, watch for yourself, its quite entertaining:
Cleese on Palin
I so love listening to people not from America talking about us, it can really put you in your place sometimes.

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