Friday, August 6, 2010

King Tut's chariot needs vehicle ID Number in New York?

Have you ever had to deal with some stupid city official, be it a cop, a teller at the DMZ, or some ridiculous city administrative assistant that you were trying to get help from, but all they would do is spew nonsensical process, rules and laws at you without any consideration for either you as a person, or reality as an occurrence?

This has to be the stupidest news of this very new Month:

"One of the most exciting finds at the glittering King Tut exhibit is a simple wooden chariot. Even 3,000 years ago there was no gold leaf. The chariot's charm is it appears to have been driven by the young king. It did hit a bump on the road when it arrived in New York. When traffic officials discovered the truck carrying the chariot classified it as a vehicle, they demanded a vehicle identification number. Problem solved though by the time it was unveiled yesterday." -- NPR

Oh my God, ha ha, you have to be kidding me! People are laughing at this? This really isn't very funny. Once they realized that this was a museum piece, that should have ended it. Even if that didn't put an end to it, once someone said this was the chariot of King Tut, that should have ended it.

It actually seems to me that really, really, someone should be fired over this, over wasting valuable city funding, on wasting even a second extra on such a completely stupid issue. Who, in the world, really, would worry about a 3,000 year old vehicle needing registration?

This is simply the worst of Bureaucracy. Or maybe I should just think...only in New York?

For more detail on this antique including some info on the New York foolishness:
A chariot’s long road from ancient Egypt to Times Square from

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