Tuesday, August 10, 2010

North Korea says its ready for dialog and war. How about War?

Pyongyang says that in response to the US and South Korea military exercises, spawned because of the North having sunk a ship of the South, that they are ready for dialog or War. I'm starting to think, we should remove the government of North Korea. Why?

Because, they are deluded, far beyond 99% of all other governments in a way that is severely damaging to their people, they are a threat to the local region, the are becoming a threat to the international regions, and it is just wrong to allow a government like that to exist. If we are willing to take out a Saddam Hussein, if we are willing to try to help work out the problems in Afghanistan, North Korea would seem a viable option too.

We don't, we won't, try to help a country if they are not in a state where we can do some good; they would need a viable governmental structure to allow setting up a reasonable alternate State to run things. We made that mistake in Somalia and don't plan to do it again any time soon.

What gets me so annoyed, is seeing countries where the government is far beyond the pale on treating its people poorly. When people are dying in a country of starvation, when they are being killed systematically by their own government, THEN is the time for not just the United States to step in, but the entire world.

If you ask me, Israel should be leading this charge for the world. As much as they have complained (and for good reason) about the Holocaust, and all their pandering about "never forget, never forget", it seems to me, they have forgotten plenty too quickly. Perhaps they don't have the resources financially, but they should have the moral resources because of their own past experiences, subjugation and constant attempted annihilation, throughout history.

I've never understood, having grown up hearing about their historical plight year after year, why they aren't the moral center of the world. Yet I hear things about their issues with the Palestinians on a constant basis that makes me wonder, what in the hell they are thinking about. OK, I don't want to get into a big diatribe on Israel, I never do, nobody does, but that's another matter.

My point is, someone, should be leading this charge and I'd like to know why it should be the US? But, I don't care. Someone, should start doing something about the bully governments in the world. Should we invade Iran? No, I really don't think so, they have a viable country, screwed up as it is. These church and state countries, need to grow up, wise up, and put an end to this.

But North Korea, is a different kind of animal. Where Iran walks a kind of line, North Korea stepped over that line a long, long time ago. I don't really think we should go to full out war with them, but some action should be taken to destabilize this paranoid regime until the fall and their people can start to live actual lives in a fairly free and open society. Something that should be a right, the world over by this time.

Where do we get a pay off in all our cavorting around the world blowing things up? In the future. We need to calm this world down, to systematically eliminate the leaders and governments that are keeping their own people, and thereby, all peoples, down from growing into a vast economy of good living.

Case in point: the Niger River yearly oil spills need to be ended. These spills are said to be, by Amnesty International, to be the size of an Exxon Valdez oil spill, every year, for the past fifty years! With no clean up yet. The $600 million dollars that region has gotten from the oil companies deal of 40%/60% in favor of the Niger government, with those proceeds having never made it back to the region affected by the oil production by those foreign companies, has all or mostly gone into the pockets (that is, most likely, Swiss bank accounts) of those charged with the protection of their own people.

I will never understand how you can be put in charge of protecting a country full of people, men, women, aged, children, handicapped, and then take advantage of them. Those government officials should be called to task by the World Court and held accountable. The people who have died from this catastrophe, from this outrage, should be tallied, and murder charges brought forth on those Government officials.

But then, even they, are not to find their special place in a Christian's Hell, like the government of North Korea.

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