Thursday, August 19, 2010

Abusive Satanic cults. Only in Germany, right? Best to hope so.

Ever see, Rosemary's Baby? Cult takes over husband, he helps his innocent wife to become impregnated by Satan, she bears, I suppose, the AntiChrist? Think all that is Baush prattle? Well, perhaps the supernatural elements, but people being evil has never been far fetched.

It would see that in Germany, there is a strong sect of delusional Satanic inspired criminals who have raised their daughters into a ridiculous cult with prostitution, murder, sacrifices, etc., etc., etc. Sad and predictable.

A woman named Laura, who was born into such a world in the Muenster region in western Germany, has come out and told her story. She tells of trying to be seen by the public as normal, while secretly living a life of cult pressured abuse, all supported by her criminally abusive parents. These are the kinds of things that can be hard to prove. Are they unbelievably criminal? Is their daughter, insane? No one ever wants to get involved in these things without hard proof. And one might suspect, they are very careful not to leave any laying around.

Alfons Strodt, capitular in the Catholic Diocese of Osnabrueck, has helped ex cult members. "In the beginning, I had to process all of this alone," he said. "People would tell me to stop making up such stories.

"I'm grateful that our bishop and the vicar-general now believe me and realize that it is an issue that can no longer be kept under wraps," he said. "Now, the victims can get some of the help they need."

For a more complete account of this story, see the Deutsche Welle, August, Friday the 13th, 2010 article

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