Friday, August 13, 2010

Christopher Hitchens being waterboarded

I think Christopher Hitchens is a breath of fresh air in a world consumed with Religion and confused thought (not to confuse the two, I refer to them here only as separate elements). I think Hitchens is a clear, precise and logical thinker. We need more of that around the world.

However, his professing the stupidity of religious thought, as magical thinking, etc., has given him a great following of religious people who either hate him, or pray for him, but at least expect him to most likely, one day expire and burn in Hell for all eternity.

In that vein, if you are one of those who really do not like him and wouldn't mind vicariously watching him go through a miserable experience, I offer you this:

The Water-boarding of Christopher Hitchens.

Now that you have that in your mind, I'm not sure if you can empathize the miserable, horrible experience of this form of "benign" (?) torture. A form of torture the US has historically denounced for American citizens and in recent times has indicated as an acceptable form of torture for us to engage in.

Anyone who has ever had the experience of nearly drowning, would appreciate how horrible this tactic is, but you would also have to accept that this is even worse, because of how they go about it and having an absorbent towel placed on your face.

I agree we should take somewhat extraordinary measures in tracking down terrorists. But we at least need to understand what that means and therefore, be and feel responsible. Is ignorance an excuse?

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