Friday, August 20, 2010

"Hey, Ayatollah, leave us kids alone" A New Pink Floyd Song Rendition

Brothers Sepp and Sohl make up the Canadian duo Blurred Vision, avoiding using their last names for obvious reasons and ties to Iran, have updated Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" for the purpose that it was always meant for, as a protest against incorrect use of authority. And now, youth in Iran are downloading, passing along to one another and its become a rallying cry for freedom, both political and intellectual. This song has given strength to millions the world over regarding their being under foot of oppressive parents, and governments.

Much in line with his and the band Pink Floyd's Humanitarian efforts over the years, bassist Roger Waters, who penned the song originally in 1979, has given this good blessings on their use of his song. So, they are free to push ahead on a very cool adventure.

When NPR's Guy Raz asked if the duo would ever perform the song with Pink Floyd — in Iran, the brothers said they'd be happy to, if it became politically feasible. In fact, they say Iran can be thought of as a birthplace of rock and roll.

I think that's stretching it a bit. But I appreciate where they are coming from, and I certainly bow to the elements of R&R that is owed to this ancient culture, of those who would "roam the ancient lands, and drink wine, and speak poetry and sing, surrounded by women."

Here's to them. And here's to hoping no one tries to kill Sepp and Sohl for only doing what governments should do, care about their people and give them the freedom to be happy and live full rich lives as they decide is appropriate. The world needs these kinds of inspiring anthems.

You go, Kids!

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