Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why we believe in myths

 Why do we believe in myths?

I just always thought they went along with Jerry Springer, beer, pretzels, twinkies and teen pregnancy. You know, all American stuff.

But apparently, there is more to it than that. Who knew? Right?

Well (again, apparently), Cecilia Beltran and her intellectual hero, Joseph Campbell, knew.

"TED - which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design - offers a series of cutting-edge conferences focused on "ideas worth spreading." This has spawned related, independently organized events under the rubric, TEDx.

"Cecila Beltran, a member of the JCF Mythological RoundTable® Chapter in New York City, describes the background that brought her to the TEDxEast conference on Interconnectivity:

When I was a creative for some of the top advertising multinationals in southeast asia, I began to suspect that nobody really knew what a big idea was. I was largely entrusted with pharmaceutical accounts as a creative because they saw that I actually enjoyed perusing through thick raw data of medical research. I would frequently do projects relating to brain development. It was this background that gave me ability to recognize the similarities of the Kabalistic diagram with certain brain functions.

"More than a decade in advertising where I learned to use metaphors and symbolism to motivate action through ideas, an unusual religious background, and my medical research mindset all came together in my discovery of the parallels between brain functions and certain key themes that recur in myth, and I began to recognize them everywhere I went. I began to put these discoveries in writing and made it my life work. I now live in New York and frequently  participate in the Mythological RoundTable® discussions at the Mythology Café."

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