Friday, December 10, 2010

Are UFO's real? Actually, there is little doubt about it.

I just watched this nearly two hour video of legitimate people testifying about UFO sightings.

This, is not a joke. I've waffled on this for years. I don't believe aliens are cruising around, or we would have seen them more actively. However, its hard to dispute this kind of testimonies. And so many, and at such varied levels of security, professionalism and credibility.

Have you ever thought about, if there are really UFO's, how come people who would know, don't come forward and speak out about it? Well, now they have, since 2001, through this project. In the intro, they say that the past couple of President's have been kept out of the loop. I would like to know who was the last President to be IN the loop and did he have something to do with future Presidents or administrations being kept OUT of the loop?

After all the credible testimony given, two things stood out. 1) that of all the tens of thousands of alleged reportings and sightings, only one needs to be true, to eliminate the contention that none of this is true. And, 2) that for all those individuals that have signed government documents stating that they cannot speak out on this due to national security issues, if these are illegal operations that are not constitutional, and this group claims to have studied this in depth with legal council, then all of those restraining documents are null and void and no legal repercussions can be initiated against those individuals.

How fun is that?

Here, are those videos, from the UFO Disclosure Project, The Disclosure Project's Conference, May 9th 2001 at the National Press Club:
Now, if you watched that, it all sounds pretty credible. Then, watch the video below and well, okay, he gets pretty out there. However, its still possible as with a crazy person who sees a murder and tries to report it, that even if there is some degree of delusion, insanity, or charlatanism, there are a lot of credible people that may have something we should be paying attention to. If nothing else, its great fun.
If that last one gets you down, watch these:>Barack Obama UFO. Yes, he may be a bit out there, but that doesn't mean he's wrong. Who knows? But, being aware, is more powerful than not being aware of what is going on around you. Maybe its all nonsense. Maybe not. But being informed is better than ignoring it completely, because... you never know.

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