Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Weekend Wise Words

Merry Christmas!

I'm so sorry if you are not into Christmas. Its a fun thing. It doesn't have to be all about Jesus, if you're not Christian. I mean, I'm not. I celebrate Christmas. A secular one, but I still call it Christmas, because, well, it is.
I know that Christians want that Christmas be only about Jesus. They are welcome to that. But if you are not Christian, I think even Jesus would say, just don't worry about it, enjoy the festivities, enjoy your loved ones, enjoy giving to one another. Enjoy Peace.

Give to one another. Enjoy one another. Love one another. Give Peace to one another, and therefore, to yourself. Think! Reflect. Spend time with the positive in Life. Celebrate being Human and being alive.

Just remember, no matter what Christians say, Christmas really isn't just all about Jesus, nor Christianity, nor the Pope, not religion at all, truth be told. That's what people have turned it into over the millennia. Christmas is about the feelings behind the holiday. Intent, action, caring. Its about what matters in life, a chance to step back and look at that, examine it, and live it out. Religious leaders would have us make it all about them, or God. But its really about everything, and that's what all religious texts propound upon, though they put it out as all about God, or his leaders, or their "chosen" people.

But its really about you, and your relation to yours and higher states of being. Religions are always trying to put out there that you have to have this or that thing to commune with their God, sounding a lot like Wall Street advertisers over the millenia; you have to go to church to commune with God, you need this magical underwear, you need this book, that robe, a rosary, whatever. But really? Any real God, would only require your attention, your care, your trying and your doing.

It reminds me of my writing. I used to be afraid to write. Then a college English professor told me to just write, don't worry about the rules. And I've been enjoying, loving writing, ever since.

I am a student of the Buddha Dharma, what some would call being, in that Western terminology, a Buddhist. I was raised Catholic, but found it lacking in so much in life, in being so founded in doctrine and many things I found that to me, were anti Jesus.

So for many years I said that I was not Catholic, not Christian, in fact in many ways, I was Anti-Christian. I felt I was a "Jesuit" (not to be confused with the Catholic Jesuit Preists and their beliefs). I believed in Jesus, in what that man, Yeshua, had to say (which is, as I understand it, actually closer to Jesus' real name, you see).

Jesus was also not born on December 25th, he had no blond hair, no blue eyes and looked nothing like Jeff Chandler, or most pictures of modern day Jesus that I've seen.

Jesus had said that God is good, like one's father; not angry, not a jealous God like the ancients believed; those ancients being at that time, most religious groups and the multi deity religions.

So, let's simply celebrate what a cool guy, or if you will, God, named, if you will, Jesus, had to say, and on December 25th, if nothing else. Or skip it and go the secular Santa route, for perhaps even Jesus would say:

"Hey, that's cool. Just live life like it's worth living and be kind to one another. Focus on what is good and best in life. And the world will still be a better place for it, even fi you doln't believe in me or what people have claimed I professed. Just don't get stuck on the little things, like doctrine, church, leaders who have lost sight of what is most important. Religions always push their beliefs, but push what is important.Do it for me."

And so, I wish you all, a very Merry Christmas!

But okay, if you insist, Happy Holidays to you, too!

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