Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kids and exercise

I read two articles by Jeanne Faulkner. They were good articles, offering helpful information about exercise related to Martial Arts ("Getting fit with Martial Arts") and children ("5 Must-Do-Sports for Kids").

I noticed two glaring and connected issues related to both articles. Interestingly enough, they both had to do with in the former, not mentioning the Martial Art of Aikido as an option, and a better option really, and not mentioning Martial Arts in the latter article.

In the children's article she opens by saying:

"Your child will survive without ever playing lacrosse, football or hockey, but kids who can't swim, bike, hike, walk or boat safely might not. They'll also miss out on a lot of summertime fun if they lack these basic sporting skills."

This is a good lead in and is true. But there are two things that eduction tends to shy away from in what is considered necessary to the proper development of a
youth: art, and protecting yourself. Another is how to live, but that is more a High School issue and I'll let that one lie for now.

She has a point about football and other sports won't save your child's life but not being able to swim, or boat, can be deadly. Hiking, walking and biking, area also good basic skills to have, although one could argue that walking just comes kind of, oh I don't know, naturally? But she's not talking about the skill of walking, rather knowing the legal and common sense rules like walking on sidewalks, using intersections, street lights, etc.

The one thing that is missing, is consideration of the school yard bully. Not the concern they once were, when one is about they will find a way to abuse those less annoying.

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