Monday, December 13, 2010

Glenn Beck - loser extraordinaire

Rush Limbaugh's illegitimate child, Glenn Beck, claimed last Monday, 12/6/2010, on his radio show:

"What is that number? What is the number of Islamic Terrorists? One Percent? I think its closer to ten percent, but [I'm an idiot so don't listen to me]...the rest of the PC [personal computer?] world will tell you, "Oh, no" minuscule." He has also said of his ideas that he is "restoring history"; more like, taking us back, kicking and screaming, into the 1950s and who, really wants to revisit that nightmare? He also adheres to the benefits of being self-taught. All well and good, but too easily does one get off on tangents, learn extraneous and unimportant things, and turn, basically, into a moron. Not that you can't be self-taught, but it bares a warning and works best for those of above average intelligence. You see, that's WHY universities were created in the first place. Want more? Check this NPR article out.

GB is closely aligned with the John Birch Society although maybe he doesn't even know that, using his form of pseudo history. And if you are offended by this, find another blog. Birchers have been a bane on society for decades, since its founding in 1958 by Robert Welch his publishing of, The Politician. Anyway, back to our friend, Glenny.

Really. 10%? Of all Islamic/Muslim people?
Glenncarin Glenn Beckin'
Using Fareed Zakaria's math (in using Glenny's statement), on his Sunday show, Fareed found that there are 1,570,000,000 Muslims in the world. x .10 = 157,000,000 Muslim terrorists.

Glenny is wondering why this is getting no media coverage. I have to agree with Fareed. It is total nonsense.

The US Department of State says that in 2009 there were approximately 11,000 terror attacks worldwide. This includes terrorists that have nothing to do with Islam, and war zones, which really aren't terror attacks as they are in a war zone. Now consider it takes one hundred people to plan each attack, where in reality it took only a few, but for the sake of Glenny's argument, okay, we'll be generous. So, that would be 1,100,000 active terrorists in 2009.

But Glenny's figures would be one hundred and fifty times higher than that. Fareed asked terrorist expert and CNN's National Security Analyst, Peter Bergen about Glenny's figures. He said, "Beck's estimate is off by 1,000%." And, that its more like 0.01% of all Muslim's are terrorists OR insurgents.

Glenny's producer sent out a disclaimer saying that his statement was including also all those who were advocates of terrorism as also being terrorists. He said Beck was using the dictionary term which indicates that a terrorist is "a person, usually a member of a group who uses or advocates [or support] terrorism."

Fareed went on to say that, "Of course, the FBI and the State Department and most other organizations define terrorists in the more commonsensical, sense that they are well, terrorists, but never mind." Meaning by this, that a terrorist, is a terrorist; that is, one who commits acts of terror, is labeled as a terrorist.

After all, if in this country, someone says, go kill Jack, and someone kills Jack, they charge the murderer, not the speaker. We are after all, responsible for our own actions, over that of our speech, or worse, someone else's speech. Something, that in Glenny's case, is simply too bad. Though, I do not think he should be charged with a crime, it would be nice to see him taken off the air. Other people have lost their jobs, or shows on TV or radio for, in my opinion, much less.

What would it be like, if we had more intelligent talk radio, rather than so much banter and nonsense? Perhaps, when people voted, or spoke out, it would raise the consciousness and quality of life, of our entire country and therefore if even in some small way, the world?

P.S. you know? I realize some may find what I had to say as disrespectful. But, I've known guys like Beck and they're complete Asses. They come across even nice in public, but dig into their brains and you find oatmeal, mixed with kitty litter. This is the difference between a university degree, studying directed studies, and guess what, you're supposed to do studying outside of your curriculum. And as for Beck's comment about a college type not knowing something he brought up, I'm willing to bet, there's a lot more Beck doesn't know but he doesn't discuss that. As for self learning degrees, you lack much, even though it appears you learned a lot, because you learn a lot that isn't necessary, you don't build upon your studies properly, and you end up looking smart but talking junk. I've seen it time and again. Its insidious, because you look knowledgeable, but you can be worse than useless as you waste people's time, and you lead people and yourself, down useless pathways. No, this is not true of everyone, just most.

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