Thursday, December 16, 2010

Princess Liea an alky? "Wishful Drinking" on HBO tells all

Carrie Fisher's one-woman-show titled, "Wishful Drinking", is now appearing on HBO.
Carrie Fisher (LA Times)
If you have any curiosity about what the woman who played Princess Leia, this is the show for you. She is famous the world over, among other things, for her role in the Star Wars franchises that began in the 1970's; and for her appearance in a certain sequel of the original, by appearing in a slave costume as slave to "Jabba the Hut", a nasty bulky, disgusting character, which lead to her being THE fantasy girl of nerds everywhere for the following decades. She has had a fascinating life few of us would want to experience. But it makes great fodder for her show.

In the show, she explains her birth, birthright and birth nightmares. As well as the history of a piece of Hollywood that included among others, Liz Taylor (whom her father left her mother, Debbie Reynolds for) and her one time husband, Paul Simon. Its funny, poignant, heart breaking and entertaining, and highly recommended.

"Wishful Drinking" show HBO web site.

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