Wednesday, December 1, 2010

China's dream: Finally, a unified Korea

It would look like leaked documents and in interviews, China would be able to deal with a unified Korea.

Is it possible? Does China look forward to a solidified Korea once Kim Jong Il drops dead and should the country fall apart?

I don't think there is any doubt, that if North Korea should crumble, China would be overjoyed that there could be a single Korea. After all, North Korea has been a thorn in the world's side for some time now. China has had to deal with this ADHD country for some years now. They have had difficulty controlling the Kim Jong family and the out of control military matters on their borders.

One would have to consider that China, if they feel this way, which it appears that they do, has to also be working actively toward the fall of North Korea and a unification plan to follow shortly thereafter. That, is simply how things work. Country's build plans toward possible eventualities, and that, is a very plausible scenario. I would also suspect that the new leader, would prefer to have a normalized relationship with the world, considering his propensity for parties and fun. His only problem, is the other leaders of the party and the military who wouldn't want to lose their power.

So, its probably best, that these leaders either sign on to the eventuality, or disappear from their beds in the middle of the night.

The people of North Korea, especially, those in charge now, need to be making plans, not unlike those military leaders of the Nazi regime did back during WWII. Replace your unstable top end government with one that will allow you all...ALL, in the country to start having food, jobs, and holidays filled with fun and not tripidations.

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